iphoneI have never been iPhone fan. Today, I use an awesome Sony Xperia smartphone. I am very satisfied with the phone I am using. What is more, I have never had iPhone. Nowadays, iPhone 8 and iPhone X are trending. Even if I had a lot of spare money, I would never buy myself iPhone. There are a lot of reasons why I think that buying iPhone is the worst idea you can have while choosing yourself a new smartphone. 

I am sure that iPhone's fame is mainly hyped. Powerful branding and marketing strategies make magic. have you ever wondered why OREO is so popular. A few days ago, I Googled about OREO. Basically, there is nothing special in this product. Its fame comes from well-thought marketing campaigns. iPhone is OREO in the world of technologies. There is nothing special in this smartphone, however, it is tremendously popular due to professional marketing and branding. 

As I have already told you, I have never had iPhone. Moreover, I have never had an urge to get this smartphone. In addition, no matter what technologies and features new iPhones will have, I will never buy myself iPhone. In this blog post, I will tell you about the main reasons why you should never buy yourself iPhone. 


iphoneMy five years old nephews and nieces have iPhones. Go to any street around the globe, take a stone, and throw it somewhere. You will see the stone hit someone who has iPhone in his pocket. Everyone has Apple phone. It is the most used smartphone in the world. This is the reason why I will never approach this phone in my life. 

Everyone wants to be unique. We are different. All of us possess unique and unrepeatable characteristics. These features are physical, psychological, mental, and spiritual. We love our individuality. When I buy myself something, I will always try to choose something unique and rare. We always want exotic and exclusive things. 

Rarity is what makes a thing prestigious and precious. If there is something in abundance, its price becomes very low. For example, how many people around the globe have personal air jets and yachts? I bet less than 0.1% of the world's population possess these things. Others cannot afford them. This is why private jets and yachts are considered luxurious and prestigious. If every student had a yacht, this sea transport would become a common thing. 

I say that owing iPhone is not prestigious. Even though it is not too cheap, every school student has iPhone. As I told you, my nephews, who go to kindergarten also have this smartphone. Thus, if you are someone who values status and prestige, you should stay away from iPhone. This is not a VIP class smartphone. iPhone is a mainstream thing. 


apple iphoneI really dislike iPhone's design. It is so simple. I don't like its size. It is too small when compared to Samsung's and SONY's smartphones. I also hate iPhones rounded edges. It is so simple.

If you love esthetic beauty and elegance, iPhone is not something that might satisfy your needs. This phone has a minimalistic design. There is nothing gorgeous in this smartphone. LG's and even VIVO's phones look much better than iPhones. iPhone is not beautiful. Therefore, I recommend staying away from this mobile device. 


apple phoneI have not used iPhone. However, I have read and heard about different restrictions iPhone users face. For example, you need to use iTunes to transfer files from PC to your Apple phonee. Secondly, you cannot download mp3 and other files from third-party sources. What is more, there is no a big choice of apps for IOS. Most of them are not free. This is why I say that Apple phone restricts your technical freedom. 

I am using SONY EXPERIA on Android. I have never paid even a single dollar for an app. 99,9% of Android apps are free. I can do whatever I want with my phone files. I can transfer them to my PC or vice versa. I can USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi to transfer and exchange files on my smartphone. Sony does not restrict my tech freedom. I can use whatever internet browser and apps I want. I can download files from any Web sources I wish. With Apple phone, you will never have such a great tech liberty. 

Finally, don't be a ship who follows mainstream things. If everyone runs to Apple store to get a new iPhone, don't follow them. You should have your unique opinion and opinion. Think individualistically. Don't let marketers fool you. I will never buy myself iPhone. If I get one for free, I will definitely gift it to someone. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.