germanYou may have already heard lots of words, opinion, and thoughts about German. First of all, let me tell you that I do not know The German language. This language is not included in the list of eleven languages which I am fluent in. I tried to study German but I gave up because I have no motivation to learn it. I do not have a natural and esthetical inclination to this language. I do not think that it is a beautiful language, and surely, this language does not fit my personality. I like more emotional and passionate languages. I am a fan of the Portuguese, the Spanish and the English languages. These languages sound like a music for me. However, we should never underestimate this language. I hope my words did not discourage you from learning this awesome language. I am a great fan of foreign languages but I am not in love with German. I may not need it for several reasons. On the other hand, there are loads of significant factors that make German an obligatory language in the 21st century. There is a multitude of reasons why you should learn it.


German is the most widely spread language in Europe. The main reason of it is that German population is the largest in the whole Europe. There are nearly 84 million German people in Europe. Thus, this language became the most spread language in that area. The German nation is the most populous in Europe. German is an official language in Austria, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. German is a native language for loads of people who live in some parts of Poland, Czheh Republic, Romania, Russia, eastern France, northern Italy, the Netherlands, and eastern Belgium. As you see, German is widely spread in Europe. If you know this language, you will feel yourself very comfortable in Europe. The German language is a native language for millions of people. 

This practical language can give you an ability to communicate with more than 130 native speakers around the world. German is considered to be the 3rd most popular language taught in the world and it is the second most popular language in Europe and Japan.


Germany has the 3rd biggest and strongest economy in the world. This country is considered to be the strongest country in the whole Europe. Germany is number one exporter in the world. In 2007 it exported different good to the USA which had a net worth of 940 billion USD. Germany’s economy relies on its export. It is one of the leading car and machinery manufacturers in the world. 

The person who is fluent in the German language will find a lot of career opportunities in this country. Have you ever considered about the reasons why so many people from different countries of the world and Europe strive to live in Germany? The main reason for it is the ability of Germany to give its citizens great career and business opportunities. 

Knowing the German language may be very advantageous if you plan to live in this wonderful country. Learn the German language and enjoy all pleasures of your life in this awesome place. 


The strength of Germany’s economy provides its citizens with infinite business opportunities. German 
is the most spoken language in whole Europe. People who are fluent in it, are highly appreciated and welcomed in all possible business fields. Famous companies like Daimler, Lufthansa, BASF, BOSCH and BMW are always open and ready for international business cooperation. If you are a businessman who understands benefits of International business, you won’t lose this chance. Germans are very concrete, honest, and punctual people. It is a great pleasure to make business with them. The German language will break a language barrier between you and your potential business partners. This language may be extremely profitable if you use it correctly.  


German women are very open-minded and passionate. It won’t take you much time to seduce some of them. All you will need is just to make some efforts and use the tips which I give in my blog posts. Drinking beer in Germany is a tradition of German people. Women in Germany are fans of drinking, and therefore, you may always use this custom in order to relax your potential mistress. Being fluent in German will simplify this process for you. Give her some beautiful compliments in German, share a couple of beer bottles, and you will have a great success. Germany is one of the most sexually liberal and unprejudiced countries in the world. LGBT is very popular in this area. Your sexual preferences will be unquestionably satisfied in this wonderful country. Remember that your success will depend on your communicational skills, and knowing a local language is one of the most important factors in these types of activities. 

I think you have heard about the German pornography. Yeah, Germany is a motherland of porn. This fact may tell you many things about the German mentality. Germans are not conservative as other nations, and therefore, your life in Germany won’t be boring. You will always be able to find someone to satisfy your sexual desires and needs. Learn the German language and everything will become simple.



As you see, a section of my blog is dedicated to traveling because I am a fan of traveling. I think that traveling is the most wonderful thing that we have in our life. During your trips, you will encounter travelers from different countries of the world and you will definitely meet some German travelers. Why am I so sure? German people are very hardworking but they are also very hard at playing and enjoying their life. Germans know how to carry out their vacations. German people spend 3 of every 4 vacations abroad. They visit different continents and countries of the world. In 2007 Germans spent nearly 91 billion euros traveling around the world. The German nation spends more money traveling than any other nation in the world.

If you are involved in the travel business, this information may be very usable for you. Learning the German language and teaching your staff may be remarkably profitable for your business. Germans are regular travelers and they spend tons of money enjoying this hobby. It is necessary for a person who involved in a travel sphere to be multilingual. Being fluent in the German language is necessary if you will deal with German tourists.


I have dedicated several articles in order to explain how important is online business nowadays. Its significance is growing day by day. Online business has become more profitable and effective than a physical one. Millions of people prefer shopping online and have already forgotten about wasting their precious time by visiting different physical stores and boutiques.

If your business activity is carried out on the Internet, you need to know who your potential customers are. Germans are very active Internet users. They do not only use it, but they play a major role in the International online business. Germany has nearly 8 million domain names registered and its top-level country is the second most widely-spread domain extension after .com.

If you have an online store or your web resource provides people around the world with different online services, you will need to know that most of your customers will be Germans. You will need to know their language and teach your staff in order to satisfy German clients. Do not underestimate the importance of the German language. Its has a great significance in the online sphere, and therefore, you have a great reason and motivation to learn the German language.


Germany is rich in its unique and unrepeatable culture. Architecture designs in Germany are outstanding. You won’t be ever able to find something that may resemble palaces and gothic buildings in Germany. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Germany is famous by its writers, artists, compositors, philosophers, scientists, politicians, musicians, and other extraordinary personalities. Let me give you some famous names:Thomas Mann, Hermann Hesse, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Franz Kafka, Kant, Marx, Hegel, Nietzsche. This is a drop of famous people in a huge ocean of genius people who lived in Germany. Their artworks and masterpieces are safe and you may enjoy them in the German language.
If you are fluent in German, you will be able to read books of famous German writers in its original. We should never compare the original version with a foreign translation. These things are uncomparable. A translated version cannot fully express the meaning of a book. It is necessary to keep in mind that there are some words in a foreign language which cannot be translated into other languages. German is a very ancient language with a great culture and history.

If you are a delicate person who loves arts and literature, you have a reasonable motivation to study the German language


Written by BAHTIYAR