Welcome to Bahtiyar World, my personal blog where I write about everything from travel, psychology, philosophy to online business, financial investments, and other stuff. Before telling you about myself, let me thank you for visiting my blog and being interested in my personality. I really appreciate this. Keep visiting my web platform and you will definitely become more successful in business, life, relationship with people. I regularly publish very useful blog posts on really beneficial topics such as personal development, travel, psychology, philosophy, online business, self-consciousness, sex, different sciences, and many other topics. I very glad to see thankful emails from my regular readers. I am really satisfied when they say that some of my recommendations and tips improved their life. Positive feedback from my readers motivates me.  Ok, enough talking. Let me finally tell you something about myself.


Bahtiyar - Bahtiyar WorldMy name is Bahtiyar. This is a Persian name that is highly popular in Turkey, Iran and is some Central Asian countries. When we translate ‘Bahtiyar’ from the Persian language, we will get the following meanings in the English language: ‘lucky’, ‘happy’, ‘fortunate’, and other similar meanings. There are loads of tribes, rivers, mountains, and historical place named Bahtiyar in Iran. Actually, Persia is today’s Iran. If you are a Western person who has not traveled much to Non-Western countries, I guess you have never heard the name Bahtiyar in your life. If this is your case, congratulate you with new knowledge.

As for all people around the globe, my name is the most favorite word for me. I love the way ‘Bahtiyar’ sounds. ‘Bahtiyar’ sounds for me like the most captivating song in the world. This name suits me very well. If my destiny has made a lot of mistakes in my life, I can surely say that it did not make a mistake while predetermining me my name. Of course, there are a lot of Bahtiyars around the globe. However, I am undoubtedly the most gorgeous, seductive, talented, and famous Bahtiyar in the world. Ok, enough narcissism for the nearest five minutes. Let me tell you who Bahtiyar is in real life.


Dautov Bahtiyar - Bahtiyar WorldEveryone choose a profession that suits his physiological, psychological, and genetical inclinations. I am a very independent and naughty person. Therefore, I am THE BOSS of my life. I make business globally. I never work. Actually, I hate the word ‘work’. What I love is ‘make business’, ‘make a profit’, ‘make cash’, make money’, and other similar words that represent passive income. Yes, passive income is what I really adore. I make money even when I sleep. Also, I never bother with physical business. The online world is my sphere. On the Internet, I am like a shark in an ocean.


Global Bahtiyar - Bahtiyar WorldSuch things like patriotism, nationalism, and other terms related to a particular place or a group of people are absolutely unknown to me. I am the biggest antonym of patriotism and nationalism. Since I live and move globally, I am a citizen of the world. My motherland is a place where I am fully satisfied. My place of birth does not mean anything to me since I did not consciously choose it. As I said, if a country satisfies my financial, cultural, intellectual, physical, and sexual interests, then, that country if my homeland and motherland. This is my philosophy. On my blog, I make a great propaganda of cosmopolitanism.

Global’ is the most favorite word of Bahtiyar. I love thinking, making business, traveling, having sex, and living globally. If ‘globally’ is not in the end of a sentence, then, this has no relationship with Bahtiyar. ‘Global’ is my nickname.


Bahtiyar Playboy - Bahtiyar WorldI have no children, no wife, and I am not planning to get married. For me, family-life is a heavy anchor that will spoil my life. I am always in motivation. I travel from a country to another destination. I always find hot and passionate women wherever I go. Playboy lifestyle is the most suitable style of living for me.

I write a lot about sex on my blog. I really love this topic. I can openly talk about different sexual aspects and topics. At the same time, I cannot say that sex is the most important aspect of my life. Actually, I love money more than sex.


Bahtiyar - bodybuilderI am not a professional bodybuilder. I do not participate in bodybuilding competitions. For my bodybuilding is my hobby. At the same time, it is my lifestyle. I cannot say that bodybuilding is a sport for me. No, it is definitely a lifestyle and I really love it. I pay deep attention to my body. I am still in the bulking phase. When I feel that I have built enough muscles, I will start cutting to get shredded.


Dautov Bahtiyar - Bahtiyar World.I have already published several books on business as well as a few novels. I also have some drafts on my PC. This type of business requires a lot of dedication. I am too naughty to fully devote myself to a writing career.

I love blogging more than writing books. On BahtiyarWorld, I regularly publish different articles on diverse topics. I love doing. When I have some interesting thoughts and ideas, I always write on my blog. Inspiration does not come every day. Therefore, I write only when I want to write something. I don’t have a regular writing regime and other similar stuff. Hence, blogging is a very pleasurable activity for me.

Let me transform this narration into a more practical Questions & Answers form.


I am mixed. I have three different nationalities in my blood. My mother is a pure Uyghur woman (her father and mother) are pure Uyghurs. My father’s father is purely Uzbek, and his mother is Russian. Thus, I can say that I am 50% Uyghur, 25% Uzbek, and 25% Russian. How do I feel? I have no racial nor national self-identification. I am a citizen of the world.


This is one of the questions I hate. I never answer this question. I dislike it. I am still young, beautiful, and sexy as you can see. My physical and intellectual forms are more important than my age. Next question.


I live everywhere around the world. Today, I am in Southeast Asia. Tomorrow, I am in Europe. Next week, I am in Latin America. I am a global person. I am a perpetual travel. I never stick to a single geographical destination for too long. 


I get money through different sources of passive income. Mostly, these sources are based on the Web. Thus, I make money wherever I go. I make money even when I am asleep. If you want to leave your job and travel around the world – MAKE PASSIVE INCOME! Online business is the best source of passive income.


Actually, I don’t have a particular food that I love more than other food. I am a bodybuilder. I eat five or six times a day. I stick to 4K calories a day. Calories, amount of proteins and carbohydrates are more important for me than a taste of a particular meal. I love meat, fish, chicken, pizza, different salads, macaroni, and of course, I am a great fan of tasty mass gainers and protein shakes. 

Finally, I think this is all you need to know about. I have told you even more than you wanted to know about me. Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope to see you again! Do not hesitate to contact me whenever you wish!