Hello, everyone! My name is Bahtiyar. I am a businessman and online entrepreneur, a writer and blogger, perpetual traveler and international man, finances specialist and successful investor. I am professional in the online business sphere. I have been engaged in almost every online movement that exists on the Internet. Most of my online enterprises were successful. I have made six-figure revenues by making business online. I am also a big fan of international travel. Traveling is my life. I never forget to develop my intellectual, spiritual, and mental worlds.

I launch this blog with the intent to share my knowledge, give you some useful and helpful tips on the subjects that I am good at. I am the successful online entrepreneur who has made tons of money launching different online companies. Thus, I have a good experience in this sphere. I have loads of information and experience that I will share with you. I have a great knowledge in diverse types of sciences such as geography, history, ethnography, psychology, foreign languages, literature, and many other fields. I am eager to share my knowledge with you and enrich your spirit. I have also traveled a lot. Traveling is the best tool that is capable of changing our worldviews, ideas, and values. So many things happened to me during my journeys, and I want to share my experience with you. 

I am new in blogging. I have never blogged before. I was preoccupied with many other things and I had no a single thought about blogging. Actually, I planned to dedicate my blog to travel. I thought that my blog will be a simple but a unique travel blog where I would post articles about my trips, and share travel tips with my readers. In result, I realized that I am too universal personality, and therefore, I decided to make my blog absolutely universal. As you see, I write about four different things. They are money, travel, personal development, and everything that has some relation to sex. But the main niche of my blog is traveling. We can state that my blog is a travel blog with additional information that helps us to travel. We need money to travel. It is a clear fact. For that reason, I give some financial recommendations on how to build your passive income. Personal development is obligatory for every individual who respects himself. I have written several posts dedicated to sex travel. Let me clarify again, the mainstream of my blog is traveling. 

I am very communicative and open-minded person. I love all people regardless of their race, nationality, or citizenship. Blogging is a great tool to build new international communications and friendship. I am open and ready for new acquaintances and friends. 

You can also send your letter directly to my email:  bahtiyar@bahtiyar-world.com

Thank you for visiting my blog !