in paradiseFirst of all, I do not claim that I will enter to paradise. Nobody knows about that. Paradise is not a concert or a show where you buy tickets. You cannot guarantee yourself entrance to paradise, and therefore, we can only hope to be there. This post is different for the articles –published on my blog. While writing it, I will free my imagination and fantasies. Paradise is the place where everything is possible. There are no physical, mental, and other types of limits in paradise. Thus, we can imagine everything we want. Ask yourself about the things you would like to do in paradise. I think every person would have a unique list of the activities he would like to do in paradise. People are different, and consequently, our preferences and intentions are absolutely diverse.

Check out my list of the things I would like to do in paradise. 


Paradise has no restrictions, and therefore, its citizens can do whatever they want and wish. Time traveling is one of the things I would like to do in paradise. I would travel to the past. If there were dinosaurs on our planet, I would like to visit that time. I’d prefer time travel to Spartacus, Achilles, Cesar, and meet with many other famous personalities. I would travel in all centuries and witness all the famous events that happened in history. I’d like to witness famous tragedies that happened throughout our history. 

I think that all people would like to time travel. It is extremely interesting and exciting. It may be pleasurable to read different historical books.  Witnessing those events by your eyes is more pleasant.  


Many people dream to fly. Flying is definitely one of the most pleasurable activities. Unfortunately, we don’t have wings, and therefore, we can fly only by using a parachute. However, even this type of flying is unforgettably cool. I’d like to fly in paradise. It is said that paradise is tremendously huge. Thus, we’d have a lot of space to fly as much as we want. In paradise, you do not need any means of transportation anymore. Cars, trains, buses, and planes are not necessary anymore. In paradise, everything you imagine in your mind becomes real and true. So if you want to fly without wings, you can do that. 

I am sure that many people would like to fly in paradise. I am not alone with this wish. 


I wanted to specify the time in this heading like “every day” or “every night”, but time does not exist in paradise. There are no years, no months, no days, and no hours in paradise. In paradise, you may enjoy your favorite activities as much as you want without thinking about time and other earthly concepts. In paradise, I’d love to invite millions of different women to my mansion and make sex with all of them. I might make sex with each of them one by one, or I’d like to have a huge group sex with all of them. I am sure that every man has the same dreams and imaginations. Sex is the most pleasurable thing that exists in our life. Sex exists in paradise too, however, in paradise, the quality and volumes of sex are much higher. In paradise, a man is given a huge power and strength, and consequently, he can make as much sex as he wants. 


In paradise, I’d like to have a personal access to hell. I would visit hell as frequently as I wished, and see how my enemies are suffering there. I would come closer and tease them. I would also invent my personal methods to torture my haters in hell. Sometimes, I’d like to punish them myself. Punishing your enemies is one of the most pleasant types of pleasure. Usually, when we see that our enemies are having problems, we become happier. Therefore, to be happier, I’d like to see sufferings of my enemies. 


Being physically invisible is one of the dreams many people have in their mind. There are so many things you might do if you are invisible to others. Most of the men would love to do many naughty things of they are invisible. Visiting female showers, saunas, and other women places are some of the activities naughty boys would do if they are invisible.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.