balenciaga arena high sneakersA few days ago, I received my red Balenciaga Arena High sneakers from Amazon. It cost me nice money. However, I definitely love what I have bought. These sneakers are definitely the best shoes I have ever had in my life. Even though my shoe size is 43 EU, this time, I ordered 44 EU. I am getting bigger due to my training. Sometimes, my feet get larger. Therefore, I strive to buy shoes that are one size bigger than 43 EU. 

These sneakers arrived very fast. It ideally fit my feet. These Balenciaga Arena High sneakers are available in different colors: white, black, red, and blue. I love wearing red shoes. Hence, I decided to order red Balenciaga shoes. The red color is very provocative and bold. Only truly self-confident people wear deep red shoes. I am too self-confident. This is why the red color suits me very well. Also, I love attention. Let me write a short, but very comprehensive and helpful review. 


These Balenciaga Arena High sneakers are definitely the most stylish sneakers available on the market nowadays. These sneakers are more stylish and glamorous thank Kanye West's sneakers. Balenciaga Arena High sneakers are the best among all Balenciaga shoes.

You wonder why they are called High? Firstly, you see that they are enough high. These are not moccasins, nor loafers, they are really high. Secondly, these shoes have a high platform. When you wear them, you will add approximately 3 cm to your height. These sneakers look great with jeans and sports pants. They do not suit for classic trousers. 


Balenciaga is a well-known luxury brand that makes premium clothes. While buying authentic Balenciaga clothes, you don't have to worry about quality. You always get what you pay. Since Balenciaga is a very expensive brand, you will always get the highest quality of clothes. 

balenciaga bagBalenciaga Arena High sneakers are made of top-quality leather that will last for a long time. The sneakers come in a white box. Also, I found a white branded bag inside the box. This is the box you cannot put the sneakers in. However, you can use it for other things. 

These Balenciaga Arena High sneakers cost me around 500$. Of course, it is expensive. Nevertheless, you need to pay for exclusivity. If you want to be one of a kind, you will need to get only VIP things. Quality always costs a lot. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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