affiliateAffiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online businesses on the Internet. If you look up the income sources of different bloggers and online entrepreneurs, you will find out that the most portion of their income comes from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion online business. I don’t know anything more effective to monetize your website than affiliate marketings. Displaying different ads and banners may be very profitable, but online marketing is more effective. 

What do you need to start your affiliate marketing? You may launch it even if you don’t have a website. If your facebook, twitter, or any other social network pages have a lot of traffic, you can start your business in this field right now. Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to generate online income. Having a good website with original content will be a better option for.  Ther are thousands of different affiliate networks that are ready to cooperate with you. 

If you want to make six figures online, affiliate marketing will certainly fulfill your dream. You will need to choose the right affiliate programs and start your business right now. I have already told you that you web resource should consist of a good content and have a huge traffic. Otherwise, you won’t make even a single cent from affiliate marketing.


Affiliate program is an agreement between a company that advertises its products and a publisher who provides it with a resource where the products will be promoted. The advertiser does not pay anything for advertisement. Instead of it, he gives a share of every sale to a publisher, when a buyer referred by him buys something. It is very simple. You will need to place links or banners on your website, and every time, someone referred by you buys something, you will earn a good commission.  

If you have a web resource, you can start affiliate marketing right now. If you are new in this businesses, it may be very difficult for you to choose the right affiliate network. I understand your situation because I also have been on this occasion. Ther are hundreds of different affiliate networks that suggest you very profitable deals, and therefore, it becomes too complicated to make the best choice. However, there are always leaders in every business sphere. There are a couple of affiliate networks that are the most trusted and the most profitable on the Internet. I have prepared the list of these networks with the detailed review that will definitely let you make a good decision. 

1. CJ Affiliate by CONVERSANT

This company was known as Commission Junky. Now they have simplified and shortened their name and call themselves as CJ. Yeah, it is simpler and easier to memorize this brand name. CJ affiliate is internationally recognized and one of the most famous affiliate networks in the world. Millions of publishers around the world use CJ Affiliate to build a regular passive income. 

CJ Affiliates is one of the most respected and oldest networks that exist on the Internet, and therefore, people around the world prefer cooperating with it. It has been mentioned by Forbes as one of the best 500 organizations and online retailers.

CJ Affiliate is very attractive for publishers, since its commisiions are very high. Some of the most significant disadvantages of CJ Affiliates is that sometimes, you won’t be paid on time. Do you make business on Amazon? Sometimes CJ’s payouts may resemble to Amazon.  Next month you will receive the amount of the money that you earned this month. However, it is not too bad if you earn somehitng. 

You should be aware of the fact that being a new publisher is not an advantage in affiliate business. All networks want to provide their advertisers with good publishers, and therefore, your website will be carefully scanned. If you have nonoriginal, stolen content,, your application may be declined. CJ affiliate is a serious network, and therefore, pay your attention to the quality of your traffic. Do you know what does the quality of traffic mean? 60%  traffic in the Internet is generated by bots, and consequently, never buy your traffic. Organic traffic and traffic from social networks is the best. These types of traffic are 100% real and you will definitely have good conversions. In the beginning of your business, you won’t be satisfied by the amount of traffic you have on your website. Some people may advice you to buy it. I advice you not to do it. Paid traffic is very expensive and it does not give you any results. Sometimes, you may spend a lot of money on your traffic and your bounce rate may be 80% or 90%. Do you know what does it mean? It means that you bought bots. You paid your money for unreal traffic. This what usually happens when you buy traffic. Make sure that your website has original content and good traffic. Thus, you may hope that your application will be approved by CJ Affiliate.

The interface of CJ Affiliate may be a little bit sphisticated. However, it is a usual thing and after some time you will get familiar with it. Do you remember the moment when you saw your WordPress dashboard for the first time? I bet that you was a little bit confused. It took you some time to get familiar with it, and now, you are using it like a pro. The same thing will happen to you when you see your CJ dashboard. Be confident and patient. 

What I like the best at CJ Affiliate is their awesome customer support. I do not know any other networks that have the same support. You will always be able to reach an agent via email or a live phone call. As I have mentioned, this company is very serious, and as a result, they care about the support they provide to their partners and customers. 

Do you think that you will need to pay something in order to join this awesome affiliate program? No, you won’t pay a single penny because it is absolutrely free. If your website is good enough, you will be approved. 

2. ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the most popular affiliate programs on the Internet. It is admired and praised by millions of online entrepreneurs around the world. This  network has a multitude of significant advantages and positive sides. Let me tell you about some of them. You will surely want to cooperate with this network. First of all, ShareASale is one of the biggest affiliate companies on the Internet. It is a huge warehouse that consists of more than 4,500 affiliate programs. ShareASale gives you a huge variety of different options and you will definitely find yourself whatever you want. 

ShareASale is also one of the most serious affiliate networks in the cyberspace. They do not have specific requirements to a website but they pay attention to the quality of your content and traffic. 

3. Rakuten Affiliate Network

Rakuten Affiliate Network was called LinkShare. This network was internationally recognized to be the best affiliate network during a long period of time.  

Look at some of the features Rakuten offers its publishers.

•  Handy reference materials and video tutorials on our website

•  •Monthly newsletters with tools, insights and promotions

•  •In-person training provided at international publisher university sessions

•  •Platinum-status publishers receive consultations and early access to new technology

These tools may sound very attractive. 

These are the best affiliate networks in the Internet. I use them and I can assure you that I am satisfied with my choice. There are dozens of other affiliate networks in the Internet. However, I won’t suggest them because I have not tested them yet. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.