online paymentsPayPal is one of the most popular online payment systems in the world. This company has loads of fans and tons of haters who hate this company for some of the following reasons:


PayPal takes high fees for every transaction you do. If you sell something on eBay and your buyer sends you the payment to your PP account, PayPal will take fees from the net amount of the received money. Every financial operation within PayPal is not free. You will need to pay. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of PayPal.


When you deal with PayPal, your money is always under a high risk. PayPal may suddenly limit the access to your account or freeze your money for 180 days. There are loads of people who have already lost their money with the help of PayPal. You may look up this website


Paypal has one of the worst support services in the cyberspace. There is no a live chat. If you send them a message via message center, they may send you a standard template or you may wait several days to see the answer. PayPal customer support never resolves your problems. They always refer to their system and they never care if their system made a mistake by limiting your access.

There are many other reasons why people look for other alternatives to PayPal. Customers want to be ensured that their funds are safe and they can always use all options of a particular online payment service. PayPal will never guarantee you this.

Let me tell you about one of the best online alternatives to PayPal.


I am a fan of Amazon because I like their customer support service. You can always have a live chat or you can call someone at Amazon and resolve your problems. One of the major reasons why Amazon is successful is their good customer support policy.

Amazon payments is an online payment service that allows its customers to pay for purchases on other websites by using their account. Amazon customers simply store their credit cards and shipping information in their Amazon Payments account and then can checkout without having to enter payment information again on websites that accept Amazon Payments.



You can use Amazon Payments for free. Amazon does not take any fees for your transactions  


Their system is absolutely adequate and you won’t have any risks with this online payment service. Your money won’t be held without any reasons as it usually happens on PayPal. There is no risk that your account will be suddenly limited or even suspended as it often happens on PayPal.


Amazon is highly appreciated and respected around the world. It always provides customers with the best support. If you have any problems with Amazon Payments account, you can contact the support group and your problems will be resolved in a few minutes. There is no need to wait several days as it happens on PayPal. Usually, PayPal requires you to submit particular documents and you need to wait until the review process is finished. Amazon does not want its customers to suffer and therefore it always gives the best service ever imaginable.


I highly recommend using Amazon Payments as the best alternative to PayPal.

Written by BAHTIYAR
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.