best hostorical booksHistory was always attractive to curious minds. I am one of those bookworms who are eager to learn as much as possible. History is one of my favorite subjects. I devour books on ancient, medieval, and modern history. Also, I love reading autobiographies and biographies of famous and infamous personalities. When you read about a person, you will learn about the society he was living in. Therefore, I decided not to separate biographies from historical books. Hence, in this section, you will find loads of books dedicated to famous personalities whose lives I was so glad to read about. The current blog posts will be regularly updated. As soon as I read a historical book and I find it worth to recommend, you will find the book in this article. I will usher it with a brief review so that you will be able to discover its jewels by yourself.



pablo escobar storyI was not able to put the book down. ‘THE ACCOUNTANT’S STORY’ is written in simple English. Nonetheless, its story is so captivating that it will fully devour your attention. This is what exactly happened to me. ‘THE ACCOUNTANT STORY’ is a book written on the basis of Fernando Escobar’s narrative. Fernando Escobar is a brother of the late multi-billion drug lord Pablo Escobar. Fernando Escobar told the real story of Fernando Escobar to a famous writer David Fisher. Probably, the story was told during Fernando Escobar’s prison sentence. Otherwise, David Fisher got the story when Fernando was already released home. I have no exact information about it. However, you can be sure that this book was written accurately as it was told by Fernando Escobar.

Fernando Escobar is a brother of infamous Pablo Escobar. While Pablo Escobar was running the Medellin Cartel, Fernando Escobar was the main accountant of the cartel’s money. Actually, Fernando Escobar was the right hand and the closest person to Pablo Escobar. In ‘THE ACCOUNTANT’S STORY’, Fernando Escobar tells about their early childhood, teenage, adolescence, and adulthood. I found loads of different facts about Pablo Escobar that are still unknown. This book gives a detailed explanation of Pablo’s personality, his inner world, his motivations, and ambitions.  Mass media is mainly controlled by governments. No need to be in awe, when governments mislead their citizens by giving wrong information. This is what happened in the case of Pablo Escobar. The large government propaganda made him look like the devil. ‘THE ACCOUNTANT’S STORY’ shows the real personality of Pablo Escobar. You will definitely change your opinion of Pablo Escobar when you finish reading this book.



god's bankers‘GOD’S BANKERS’ is a spellbinding historical masterpiece written by Gerald Posner. Gerald Posner is the author of eleven books, including New York Times bestsellers and one finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in History. Gerald Posner is a regular contributor to NBC, the History Channel, CNN, FOX News, CBS, and MSNBC. The author says that he started collecting information for the book in 2005. I have no exact idea of when the book was published. Nevertheless, I am absolutely sure that it required several years to gather that much information. As for the bibliography mentioned in the book, the author has studied and analyzed hundreds of historical books to express the topic as profoundly as possible. My hat is off in front of Gerald Posner!

‘GOD’S BANKERS’ tells readers about the history of the Vatican’s finances. The story begins from the 20th century. The author decided not to mention medieval financial operations of the Vatican for unknown to me reasons. It is not my critics. This astounding intellectual masterpiece cannot be criticized. ‘GOD’S BANKERS’ is a big book. The book is massive because it is packed with huge volumes of information. Gerald Posner explored financial operations of the Vatican in meticulous details. As I remember, one of the most prolific Vatican’s bankers Bernardino Nogara managed to increase Vatican’s wealth up to 2 billions of dollars. That was in 1930-1950. The Vatican’s wealth was always increasing. Nowadays, specialists say that Vatican is the wealthiest organization in the world. This claim might be absolutely correct if we take into account all historical monuments, paintings of famous medieval artists, secret artifacts, gold, and ancient books. The Vatican is tremendously rich. Unofficially, Pope is one of the wealthiest people in the world.

Although ‘GOD’S BANKERS’ is dedicated to the financial world of the Vatican, throughout the book, you will see the history of the whole 20th and 21st centuries. The book is tremendously informative. This book will definitely satisfy intellectually avid minds. I highly recommend ‘GOD’S BANKERS’.



mysteries of the vaticanWhy is that the Vatican so greatly popular? Writers write books about the Vatican, film directors make films about the Vatican such as ‘Angels and Demons’, and many others. Discretion is the main factor making the Vatican so popular and mysterious. Even CIA does not have access to Vatican. Nobody monitors financial operations of the Vatican. Money-laundering in banks of the Vatican became common nowadays. What is more, the Vatican has huge archives of secret materials such as unpublished encyclicals, documents, and mail. The Vatican is a city inside Rome. Rome is a city itself. Thus, Vatican is a conclave. In most cases, government officials and leaders have access to any religious institutions and buildings. This is not the case in the Vatican. Even Italia’s president and agents of Italian special services cannot access the Vatican. Total discretion is what the Vatican is nowadays.

In the ‘DARK MYSTERIES OF THE VATICAN’, Haul Jeffers has mentioned some of the most notorious events, rumors, and accidents that have a connection with the Vatican. In other words, ‘DARK MYSTERY OF THE VATICAN is a dark history of the Vatican. In the book, Haul Jeffers mentions connection of the Vatican to money laundering, anti-Semitism, cooperation and official approval of Nazis, The Vatican’s ignorance towards genocides, Pope Pedophiles, and many other things. ‘DARK MYSTERIES OF THE VATICAN’ is a short history of the noble organization with its hidden and secret sides. I enjoyed reading this book.


Written by BAHTIYAR