bodybuilding willBodybuilding is a life-changing sport. It is more than a simple sport for me. For me, bodybuilding is a lifestyle. At the same time, I do not worship my body. It is really dangerous when a person becomes a slave to his own body. I do not participate in bodybuilding competitions. It is a mere hobby for me. When I look at my life when I was not training, I see that a lot of things have positively changed after I started visiting the gym. There are many reasons why this wonderful sport positive change lives of people.

If you are not in bodybuilding yet, you should definitely join our team. There are many benefits you will get from this sport. You will even become a more financially successful person. Bodybuilding will boldly affect all spheres of your life. I have already written a good blog post describing some of the most prominent benefits of bodybuilding. A lot of time has passed since I posted that article. Nowadays, I have more experience and knowledge. Therefore, I decided to write a thorough blog post on how bodybuilding will change your life.


healthy foodBodybuilding's health benefits are obvious. Regular training in the gym will improve your immunity. You will be less prone to flue, cough, cold, and other common problems. What is more, the regular stress put on your joints will make them stronger. Due to a balanced bodybuilding diet, your bones will get a lot of calcium. Calcium will strengthen your bones.

Endocrinological benefits of this sport are also very prominent. Your hormones will be balanced. This, in turn, will improve the overall quality of your health. In addition, regular training in the gym will prevent such health problems like osteoporosis, varicose veins, diabetes, and many other widely-spread diseases.


It is widely known that weightlifting releases dopamine. In its chemical structure, dopamine very similar to morphine. No wonder why you feel euphoric in the gym. Dopamine is the main neuromediator that is responsible for the sense of happiness. When there is a lack of this neuromediator, a person will sink into a deep depression.

I feel absolutely happy in the gym. When I am training, there are no problems nor stress anymore. A huge release of dopamine and endorphins makes me feel emotionally satisfied.

Sometimes, we think that our happiness is dependent on our financial status, popularity, success, fame, love, and many other things. In reality, your happiness is fully dependent on such neuromediators like endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. Therefore, if you want to be happier, start lifting weights in the gym to raise your dopamine level.


It is well-known that regular training increases testosterone levels in long-term. Big spikes of testosterone after such heavy exercises like bench press, barbell squats, and deadlifts are temporary. A 300% spike in testosterone straightly after a heavy set of a compound exercise does not last too long. Usually, its duration is not longer than 20-3- minutes. At the same time, regular training increases testosterone levels in long-term too. However, its spike won't be as high as 300%.

Testosterone is the hormone that makes you self-confident. When a person lacks this hormone in his bloodstream, lack of self-confidence will come too. You already know that being self-confident is crucial for success in all fields of your life. Success in your business, personal life, sport, and all other fields of your life is majorly predetermined by your self-confidence. Become a bodybuilder, and you will become a more self-confident person.


self-confidentWhen you do not load your psyche with some physical and psychological stress, it becomes very weak and vulnerable. To strengthen your psyche, it is necessary to get your psyche stressed. In this case, it will build up immunity against difficulties in your life.

None of us live in a perfect world. Our life is filled with negative things and evil. We should not look at the world through pink glasses. We all face problems and difficulties. Regular training in the gym will make your psyche steadier and stronger. This will benefit the overall state of your psychological health.


No doubts, a muscular man is much more attractive than a man without any muscles. Muscles is a sign of masculinity and manliness. Instinctively, women understand that muscular men have a lot of testosterone in their blood. More testosterone means more sex drive and better sexual performance in bed. Therefore, women are attracted to muscular men.

After a few months of regular training, you will notice significant changes on your body. Your muscles will become toned, larger, and fuller. They will start growing. Your clothes will look better on your body when you build some muscles. Thus, bodybuilding will improve your attractiveness and seductiveness.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.