regal cardFor a long time, I have been searching for a universal card that could make my travel more pleasurable. Moreover, I was looking for a card that could provide me with an elite travel status. Right now, I am not talking about cards such as American Express, Visa, Master Cards, and etc. My objective was to find a luxurious card specially established for international travelers. There are only a few of such cards in the travel market. Most of them do not worth my attention. To be honest, my explorations were very long. For several months, I was striving to find something unique and exclusive that could make my travel experience unforgettable. 

A few days ago, I had a conversation with one of the famous perpetual travelers. The man is a millionaire who has been traveling the world for a very long period of time. Thus, I was sure that he knew something that was definitely unknown for me. Knowledge and experience come with time, and therefore, I am sure there are loads of people whose recommendations and tips I should pay my attention at. My interlocutor was a man who belongs to the type of travelers who travel in a luxurious style. It was very interesting for me to talk to him because I am also a fan of exclusive travel. Word by word, I was asking him about the services and tools he uses to make his trips more enjoyable and comfortable. I learned everything about his favorite hotels, airlines, car rental services, and many other things. Since I was interested in the best universal travel card, I asked him about the card he uses to travel the world. That question was the most beneficial for me. I found that he uses Regal Card in his international journeys. I gave him a few questions regarding Regal Card. I asked about the benefits of the card. The man gave me a very positive feedback regarding Regal Card services. He suggested me to buy it because he thought it to be the best travel card in the world. The traveler told me so much beautiful words about Regal Card that I was truly amazed. He was using Regal Card for several years and told me that the card helps him to solve all the problems in his international tourism. The card provided him with an exclusive access to almost 1000 luxurious lounges around the world. Moreover, with Regal Card, the traveler had discounts in nearly 300 000 exclusive hotels of the world. His word interested me very much. I decided to explore the card myself. When I got home, I opened official website of Regal Card. I read all the information about the travel service, and I found out that Regal Card is definitely the best travel card that exists in the world. I made a few comparisons and reviews with other cards similar to Priority Pass, and I got assured that Regal Card is an absolute leader in the travel world business. I immediately ordered myself the card. I am satisfied by my choice. I always strive to choose the best things existing in the world, and Regal Card is exactly the most suitable option for my capricious elite demands. I am very proud of having this card in my wallet.

I wanted to write this article for a long time since I love Regal Card very much. I am sure this post will be one of the best articles on my blog. When you love a product you are writing about or reviewing, the material will be always tremendously gorgeous. Below, I will give you a full review of this awesome travel card. First of all, let me tell you about my impressions. Usually, when I look up different products on the Internet, I will consider for a long time whether to make a purchase or not.  It might take me several hours or even a few days in order to make my final decision. With Regal Card, I had an absolutely opposite situation. After a few minutes of being on its website, I immediately bought the card. Benefits and advantages of Regal Card are obvious. 


airport loungeRegal Card has the largest network of luxurious lounges around the globe. With Regal Card, you get an exclusive access to over than 1000 elite lounges in almost 400 airports around the globe. All of spend some time in airports. While being there, you have two choices. You may either sit and torture yourself on uncomfortable airport chairs or roll in VIP lounges. So what options do you prefer to choose? I select the second one. Travel might be both enjoyable and annoying. It all depends on the way you travel. I love spending my airport time in leisure, and therefore, having an access to exclusive lounges is a good opportunity for me. With Regal Card, you will escape stressing crowds of international airports. Having Regard Card in your wallet will let you enjoy all the amazing services provided you in the world’s most extravagant airport lounges. These lounges offer you delicious food, drinks, free Wi-Fi access, free SPA services. While waiting in an airport, you may take a relaxing shower. And of course, all the lounges have a good collection of different magazines and newspapers. 

When you buy Regal Card, all the benefits of airport lounges will be available for only 25$. With Regal Card, you never pay more than 25 $ for a visit. You can also invite a friend for 25 $ as well. It is a tremendously low cost for all of the above-mentioned services. If you do not wish to tire your soul in crowded airports, Regal Card will satisfy all of your demands. 


hyatt plaze hotelRegal Card has contracts with more than 300,000 high-quality hotels around the globe. With Regal Card, you get up to 40% discounts at all of the hotels Regal Card has cooperation with. Moreover, having Regal Card will let you have free breakfast, suite upgrades, late checkout, and many other travel perks.  Some of the hotels are Shangri-La, Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, Waldorf Astoria, Sheraton, W Hotels, and many other well-known hotels of the world.


yachtRegal Cards provides its members with infinite travel advantages. Regal Card was specially established for frequent travelers, and therefore, it covers all aspects and spheres of international travel. I found it unnecessary to describe all the services in meticulous details because it will be a too long narration you are not prepared for. Here is the list of travel benefits you will have if you get Regal Card.

GroundLink: Limo Services

Affordable and reliable black car service for frequent and business travelers; GroundLink makes the booking, tracking and paying for car service rides seamlessly.

Complimentary 1 Year Award Wallet Membership

Keep your air, hotel, car rental, and credit card loyalty programs and rewards organized online. Members enjoy a 1-year membership free of charge.

Passport And Travel Documents From CIBT

CIBTvisas provides Regal Card member with an effective and streamlined process to alleviate the confusion associated with travel visa and passport processing.

ExpertFlyer: Pre-Flight Information

Want to upgrade to Business or First Class, have lots of miles but can't figure out how to use them, or simply need airline information, can help.

JetSmarter: Private Jet Services

Gain complete access to the largest private jet marketplace in the world.

Inspirato: Luxury Vacation Club

Experience the ultimate luxury vacations on a beach, mountain, and metropolitan destinations around the world.

Mileage Redemption Assistance

Get the most out of points that you've earned with professional award/mileage redemption assistance.

Instant Avis Preferred Plus Elite Status

With this by-invite-only elite status, you gain access to high-end services and some of the finest vehicles in the rental car industry.

Annual Travel Insurance Coverage

Never fear the unexpected with Regal Card Travel Insurance via Seven Corners.

Expedited Passport And Visa Services

New passport, passport renewal, child passport, and more. All in two weeks or less, as fast as 24 hours.

Club Sportiva: Luxury Car Services

Choose from a multi-million dollar fleet of the finest vehicles in the industry for the ultimate car rental/tour experience.

Up To 40% Off Business And First Class Airfare

Get the white glove service and make your next trip a breeze? Booking first or business class? Save up to 60% on your next flight.

Country Walkers : Guided Walking Tours

Savor unique and creative travel experiences that immerse you in the culture, cuisine and daily life of destinations around the world.

These were some of the travel benefits provided to the members of Regal Card. I have not listed even a 1% of all of the benefits a traveler obtains with Regal Card. You can get acquitted with them on the Regal Card’s official website.


Today, Regal Card offers two pricing plans:

NAVIGATORS CLUB – $99 Annually

10 free lounge passes – NO

$25 fee per lounge visit – YES

$25 guest visit fee – YES

Dining & Spa discount program – YES

Travel Benefits program – YES

PILOTS CLUB – $249 Annually

10 free lounge passes – YES

$25 fee per lounge visit –YES

$25 guest visit fee – YES

Dining & Spa discount program – YES

Travel Benefits program – YES 

The only difference between two plans is that PILOTS CLUB offers you 10 free lounge passes. Thus, it becomes more actual to buy yourself PILOTS CLUB membership. With NAVIGATORS CLUB membership, 10 lounge passes will cost you 250$. Add 99$ to this amount, in the result, you will pay 349$. It is cheaper for you to buy PILOTS CLUB membership. Anyway, your choice is up to you. Both of the plans are tremendously cheap. There is no a single universal travel card that could be available for such a low price as Regal Card.

Finally, Regal Card is the best service available for frequent travelers today. I have made my personal researches and investigations, in the result, I made a conclusion that Regal Card is the best option and solution for the people who love elite and luxurious travel.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.