favorite tv showsI am a big fan of high-quality tv shows. I love captivating tv shows more than I enjoy movies. If I had a choice to spend two hours watching a new movie or spend a few days watching good tv shows, I would definitely do the last thing. There are several reasons why I think that tv shows are far better than films. First, only tv shows let its characters develop to the fullest extent. A two-hours long movie is not technically capable of expressing its characters. Also, while watching good tv shows, you get seriously attached to its heroes. 
If you look up the Web, you will find thousands of different tv shows. I think that your whole life won’t be enough to watch all the tv shows that exist in this world. What is more, I think that only a few tv shows are true masterpieces of art. Other low-quality tv shows are time-wasting, boring, and dumb. In my next blog post, I will tell you about some of the worst tv shows that exist on the Web. Right now, let me give you a list of my favorite tv shows that I really adore. 


money heistLa Casa de Papel (House of Paper, Paper House) – Money Heist (its official English name) is a Spanish tv show produced by a talented man Alex Pina. Money Heist is the most popular non-English tv show watched in the USA. Originally, made in Spain Money Heist consists of only one season with 15 episodes. When Netflix bought copyrights to broadcast the show in the USA, the company divided these 15 episodes into 30 episodes thereby making two seasons. Further, Netflix made a money-agreement with Alex Pina to produce the third season of Money Heist. Alex Pina will be director of the third season, and it will be exclusively broadcasted on Netflix. La Casa de Papel is a story of different people attempting to rob Spain’s. This robbery will be organized by a chess-player named ‘Professor’. 


The quality of the show is truly impressive. It far better than many popular American tv shows which are trending nowadays. Alex Pina is a very gifted director. All the sound effects and soundtracks are well-chosen. While watching this tv show, you will have a feeling of watching a real masterpiece of cinematography.


I really like tv shows about anti-heroes, criminals, fugitives, robbers, antisocial personalities, and other villains. However, I found that the majority of today’s shows are about ‘good guys’. In addition, I found that there are only two American tv shows about robbers. La Casa de Papel in one of these shows. The second show is a show made in 90ies which are not worth your time. Thus, American tv show makers produce typical tv shows such as True Detective, The Wire, and etc. There are only a few tv shows about ‘bad guys’. 
Money Heist is a good tv show about ‘bad guys’ who attempt a crime against their society. This is really bold, provocative, and brave. In fact, only truly strong personalities can rebel against whole societies. These are tv characters I really like – provocative, brutal, brave,  and cold-blooded. 


Nowadays, there is a lot of tv shows where characters are talking too much. I think that dialogues are necessary only when they express and show important things. Otherwise, unnecessary dialogues and discussions in a tv show only waste your time. When I see that a tv show is mainly about talking and not action, I just stop watching it. For me, such shows are not interesting.

Money Heist is an action-packed tv show. In the tv series, there is no a single dialogue which is not linked to the main plot of the show. Thus, the show is very captivating. Main characters of the shows are always in danger of being killed or arrested. While watching it, you are always worrying about them. You can never relax while watching the show. Constant danger and risk make the show captivating. These elements are crucial to make tv series attention-grabbing. If risk and danger lack in a motion picture, I will easily lose interest in it.


As I have mentioned before, the robbery will be masterminded by a professional chess player named ‘Professor’. He will predict every meticulous action of police and even robbers. He will always have several plans A, B, C for everything that might arise during the robbery. This is not a typical robbery made by dumb criminals. 
Finally, if you haven’t watched the show yet, you should do it as soon as possible. You will enjoy every single minute of the show. Money Heist is a true masterpiece of art. 


breaking badBreaking Bad is another awesome tv show I was watching last year. This tv show is included in the Guinness book as a tv show with the highest rating ever. Even though Breaking Bad is not a new tv show, it is still tremendously popular.

A chemistry teacher discovers that he has cancer. What is more, doctors have already predicted how much time there is till his death. This condition makes him rethink his whole life. In the result, he decides to produce methamphetamine to leave some money for his family. To fulfill this plan, he collaborates with one of his students who is a drug addict.

The plot is very interesting and captivating. The unique storyline of Breaking Bad made this show that popular. Breaking Bad is one of my favorite tv shows. If you haven’t watched it, you should do it. This life is too short to be preoccupied with things that do not deserve your attention. Breaking Bad is definitely worth your time.


bansheeBanshee is a tv show that is not as famous and popular as Game of Thrones and other hyped tv series. However, I can self-assuredly tell you that Banshee is a much better tv show than GOT. There are still a lot of people who don’t know that this tv show even exists. When they fin and watched, they get astonished by the show.

Banshee is a story of an ex-convict, who by the help of lucky circumstances, becomes a sheriff of a fictional city called Banshee. Through the series, the main hero deals with different villains, corrupt cops, and criminals. Through the whole tv show, none of ‘bad guys’ will be arrested. The ex-convict kills everyone who deserves death as a punishment.

I am so sad that there is no continuation of this amazing tv show. There are only 4 seasons of Banshee. I have watched all of them. The tv show definitely worth your time. You will enjoy your day while watching this groundbreakingly astonishing tv show.


sons of anarchySons of Anarchy is one of the most popular tv shows that were ever broadcasted on TV. The tv show is about a gang of bikers who sell weapons on the black market. Throughout the show, you will also see them involved in the porn business. They deal with different gangs such as the Mayans, and Mexican cartels. There is also a lot of family drama in the show.

I really love tv shows about really ‘bad guys’. If you want to watch a tv show about fair criminals who have their personal moral code, Son of Anarchy will surely satisfy your cultural interest. The gang lives in a fictional city called Charming. In the city, police have only formal power, and they rarely interfere in businesses of the biker club. In fact, the gang rules the whole city.

Sons of Anarchy is a type of tv show you will be passionately devouring from day to day until you finish watching the last episode of the last season. I really loved this tv series. There are no stupid and meaningless dialogues in the show. When you see someone talking, this will happen only if their words are linked to some important events in the tv show. This is a much watch tv show.


vikingsThe Vikings is the best historical tv show I have ever watched. The show is very realistic, bold, bloody, brutal, and tough. In the tv show, you will see a story of Ragnar Lotbrok, who was the most significant personality in the history of Vikings. Tv series tell about Ragnar’s victories and defeats. In the fifth season, the storyline is emphasized on the life of Ragnars’ sons. The sixth season will be aired on November 29th, 2018.

As I told you before, I really love tv shows about bad guys. Vikings are very bad guys. They never forgive their enemies. I loved the way they get revenge. The bloody eagle is their favorite way of killing enemies. This show is a must watch motion pictures. If you love brutality, toughness, blood, and rough battles, you will surely enjoy this awesome tv show.


spartacusSpartacus is another absolutely awesome tv show everyone should watch at least once in a lifetime. I have watched a lot of films about Spartacus. However, none of them were as catchy as the tv show. 

Spread into several seasons, Spartacus will tell you a lot about Ancient Rome, gladiators, Roman emperors, and ancient slavery. The tv show is very bloody, tough, and action-packed. Also, I found a lot of wisdom in the tv series. The problem of predestination is a hidden message in Spartacus. Even though Spartacus wanted a calm life with his lovely wife, he couldn't get it since he had another destiny. Predetermination was something that Spartacus couldn't escape.


prison breakPrison Break is loved by millions of people around the globe. This is a kind of show you won’t be able to stop watching. There is no boring and annoying drama on the show. If you love action, Prison Break is all about action.

If this is the first time you are hearing about Prison Break, then, you must be living on another planet. The tv show is enough old. Two brothers are locked in prison. One of the brothers will be executed soon. The second brother has to mastermind a prison break to save his brothers’ life. The storyline does not end when the prison break is fulfilled. Throughout five seasons, Michael Scofield, who is the main hero of the show, will escape from three different prisons: US prison, Panama prison, and a prison in Yemen. This show is really great!


resurrection ertugrulResurrection Ertugrul is an Asian Game of Thrones. Nowadays, this show is trending everywhere. Even though decorations are poor and cheap, the storyline, constant danger, and risk will keep you captivated through all the seasons of the show. Ertugrul, who is a father of Osman, the founder of the great Ottoman empire, is an extremely charismatic personality.

In the beginning of the show, you might think that the show is cheap. This should not make you turn off the show since it needs some time to develop. To be honest, I don’t really know about the budget of the show. I am sure they haven’t spent millions of dollars per each episode. Nonetheless, I think that this show is a far better thing than Game of Thrones, WestWorld, Deadwood, Godless, and other tremendously expensive but meaningless and boring tv shows.


kosemI haven’t watched the show about Sultan Suleyman since I don’t like Halit Ergenc. He is not that handsome to get my sympathy. However, next seasons of Muhtesem Yuzyil which are telling us about Sultan Ahmed, Sultan Osman, and Sultan Murat are played by very handsome men. I began watching Kosem because there was nothing that could repel my interest in the show. Further, I got attached to the characters. Then, the catching storyline didn’t let me abandon the show until I finished the last episode of the last season.

Kosem is a very expensive and well-decorated tv show which features famous and very talented Turkish actors. All Sultans of the Ottoman empire had different personalities, habits, and inclination. This tv show represents all of them in a meticulously accurate way. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.