international travelTravel is adorable by millions of people around the globe. Every year, billions of dollars are spent in the travel industry. People love traveling very much. Nevertheless, international travel is not available for everyone. Air tickets, accommodation costs, and other expenses do not make this type of affordable for an average person. Those, who have enough financial funds, are able to enjoy the pleasure of international travel.

In some cases, your international travel may become one of the biggest troubles of your life. Today’s, the world is tremendously dangerous. Crime is widely spread in almost every region of the world. Only a few cities and countries of the world might be classified as safe places. Thus, international travel might become your leisure, and at the same time, you may regret your decision to start traveling internationally. It all depends on the success of your international journey. Such travel destinations as Brazil, Venezuela, Thailand, the Philippines, and Argentine may seem to be very attractive for international travel. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be very cautious while traveling in these regions. The above-mentioned countries are not the only unsafe spots that exist in the world. I just wanted to give you some examples. If I start describing all the dangerous countries, my narration will be very long. Actually, all South America is very dangerous. Americas, all Asian countries, Balkans, and the Middle East are the most dangerous areas for international travel. Even if we know that it is unsafe to travel in these zones, anyway, we will go there. We are too curious to stop traveling the world. For this reasons, I have prepared some effective safety tips for every international traveler. I am sure it is necessary to memorize, and then, implement these safety recommendations in practice.


All of us have some expensive devices and accessories. They may be golden or silver rings, chains, bracelets, luxurious watches, wallets from Louis Vuitton and Gucci, cameras, bags from Hermes, and many other eye-catching things. While traveling in dangerous regions, it is unnecessary to exhibit and expose your wealth. The above-mentioned accessories may be appropriate somewhere in Monaco, Lichtenstein, the USA, and in all European countries. In these rich regions, nobody will even recognize your items. In Brazil or in some other dangerous regions, these expensive toys may cause you a lot of problems. In poor countries, showing off is a tremendously risky activity. Of course, all men love showing off in front of some beautiful women. You are allowed to do it when you and your girlfriend are absolutely lonely. What is more, you need to be absolutely confident in your girl in order to expose your wealth. Otherwise, she might be a member of a mafia or other criminal organizations. In this occasion, she will find out everything about your possessions, and very soon, you will deal with some more serious and dangerous people.

During your international trip, you are a foreigner. You will not dwell in that region forever. One day, you will leave it, and then, you might never come back. For this reason, looking very rich in front of the local people is absolutely unnecessary. Moreover, exhibiting your wealth might be very dangerous for your safety.


This is the most important safety tip you should memorize and implement during your international travel. During your trips, you will encounter loads of people. They will be both men and women. Usually, local people are always interested in foreigners and tourists. In uncivilized countries, people are extremely curious. What is more, they are not enough to shy and delicate to avoid asking personal questions. When you are in a foreign region, you will be asked loads of diverse questions. Here is what I want to advise you. It can be normal to tell your real name, your native country, your interests, and preferences. However, avoid giving too much personal information. If somebody asks about the place you are staying right now, you should give them a fake address. Whether it is a woman or a man, never disclose your real address. If you ignore this recommendation, one day, you might be robbed, killed, or kidnapped. If you are a millionaire travel blogger, never tell anyone about your incomes. Say that you are a poor traveler, who travels the world for 15 $ a day.


While you are in a foreign country, you are always unsafe. Of course, some countries are less dangerous than others. Nevertheless, international travel is always a very risky enterprise. What are the common things that may happen to international travelers? They can be robbed, killed, raped, or kidnapped. The world was never as dangerous as it is today. Being connected with other travelers would be a very good strategy to guarantee you some safety. You do not necessarily need to travel in a group in order to be safe. You can travel on your own, but be still connected with other travelers. In a foreign country,  do not expect any help from its government. The embassy of your native country might help you in some serious situations. Nevertheless, it will never deal with robbery or other small things. Usually, travelers are very open-minded, communicative, and helpful people. In a case of having some troubles, travelers are the only people who will help you.


International travelers are always very suspicious for local governments. Every foreigner and a tourist might be potential spies. Government agents always pay attention at international travelers. For this reason, do not look too suspicious. Dress like a traveler. Shorts and t-shirts should be your daily clothes. Do not overuse suits, hats, and glasses. These things add a lot of mystery and secrets to your personality. While having conversations with local people, do not ask anything about their local politics, government members, rich and influential citizens living in their country. Local population always cooperates with state security services. Therefore, each of them might be a potential spy collecting information about you.

These are the main safety tips that are effective in any cases. International travel can be both pleasurable and dangerous. Today, the world is enormously hazardous, and therefore, we should do everything in order to protect ourselves while traveling the world.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.