sex blogLaunching a sex blog might be a very good idea if planned very well. As you know, sexual instinct is one of the most powerful instincts that exist in our life. All people are interested in sex since it is very important for all of us. Reading about sex is very interesting and engaging. I recognize that most of the blogs on the Internet duplicate each other. All bloggers write about the same things. These topics are blogging, travel, money making, online business, SEO, affiliate marketing, online trade, and other similar niches. I think that quantity of sex blogs is much less than the quantity of blogs dedicated to blogging. Therefore, sex blogs have less competition in the blogging industry. All of us are interested in sex. Consequently, launching a sex blog would be a good decision. As for its monetization, there are loads of different options that will let you earn money by sex blogging. In this post, I will give you some of the most effective tips that will let you launch a cool sex blog.


sex experiencePeople are already tired of different tips and recommendations given by famous bloggers. Readers want to see something unusual and original. If you give someone 10 effective tips, be sure that thousands of other bloggers recommend people the same things. Therefore, giving tips and teaching your readers can be very boring. It is crucial to make your writing interesting. Otherwise, your blog won’t survive in the blogging industry. Provide your readers with unique content.

For all of the above-mentioned reasons, I recommend you to start writing about your personal sex experience. I ask you a question. What types of travel blogs you will prefer much; travel blogs that recommend you specific travel destinations or travel blogs where a travel blogger is writing about own travel experience? I bet that the second type of blogs will be more exciting to read. Am I right? People love stories, and therefore, narrate them your personal sex stories. Tell them about your first sex experience. Sex blog won’t be interesting if a blogger does not share a personal experience with his readers. The Internet is full of different web resources that are dedicated to sexual education and other sex-related topics. To launch a cool sex blog, you must make it original. Make it easily distinguishable from a huge crowd of boring sex blogs. Your personal sex stories will make your sex blog seductive and captivating for all types of readers.


Since sex is a very important part of our life, all of us are interested in having a high-quality sex life. For this reason, billions of dollars are spent on sex pills, aphrodisiacs, sex toys, prostitutes, and many other things. Sex is a great motivator. Do you know why men are so eager of driving gorgeous cars? Women love cars and the men who drive them. When you have a luxurious car, all women will be available for you. Thus, a good car will improve the quality of your sex life. In this situation, you see that sex can be a good motivator in all spheres of our life. Consequently, people need effective tips that will enhance their sex life. Your sex blog must have truly useful recommendations. Try not to duplicate other sex blogs. As you know, there are thousands or maybe millions of sex blogs on the Internet, for this reason, your sex blog must be unusual and 100% original.


In my previous articles, I have written that an online store is a good addition for a blog. To maximize your blog’s profit, a good online sex store would be the best option. For this purpose, you can use dropshipping. I have recently looked up inventories of the world’s most famous dropshipping companies. Most of them have a huge amount of sex products. On all of them, you will find sex pills, sex toys, lubricants, condoms, strapons, sexy lingerie, and many other things. List some sex products on your online sex store.  On your sex blog, write detailed product reviews and redirect your readers to your store.


No matter where you live, your region has good specialists in the field of sex. Take interviews from them. Do not forget to record the interviews on your camera. Upload the videos on your blog. This will add some excitement to your sex blog. Under the videos, write your personal opinion regarding the interview. Share your thoughts and ideas with your readers.


Since your website is a sex blog, you should avoid publishing any porn materials on it. Otherwise, it will be transferred to a porn site. Disadvantages of making business on a porn site are truly big. Most of the advertising and affiliate networks will refuse to cooperate with you if your sex blog has some nudity. Porn materials will fully destroy the authority of your sex blog. Erotic videos and photos are acceptable. However, I recommend you to avoid explicit porn content on your sex blog.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.