guy likes youUsually, girls are very curious about the real feeling of their boyfriends. In fact, they are not curious; they are truly passionate about it. To tell if a guy likes you, you will need to become a perfect specialist. Since I am a man, for me, it is very easy to identify if a man loves a girl or not. Sometimes, it may seem like a man loves you. On the other hand, you will find that our assumptions are always wrong. When it comes to guessing men’s real emotions and feelings, you will find yourself absolutely impotent to know whether your guy likes you or not. Also, none of your girlfriends will be able to tell you whether a guy likes you or not. In most cases, girls envy their girlfriends. Thus, you might find the majority of your girlfriends assuring you that your guy does not like you, Even though, I will provide you with the most effective ways to tell if a guy likes you or not.

Why do you need to know if your man likes you or not? First, when you clearly know if a guy likes you, you will also adjust your behavior accordingly to his intentions. If your man has serious plans regarding you, you will do everything to make him happier. If your man plans to merely have some fun with you, you will give up dating him, or at least, you will start treating him less seriously. Thus, it is always very important to know if a guy likes you or not. Some people might tell you that you do not need to bother yourself with deep thinking. Hence, they may prevent you from analyzing your boyfriend’s behavior. If this happens, you will not need to get rid of bad advisers. Half of your friends are not your real friends. 90 % of your girlfriends envy you. Therefore, you should expect absolutely everything from them. They may look kind and generous; however, you should never judge a book by looking at its cover. Here are some of the most important signs to tell if a guy likes you.


If a guy really likes you, he will do everything in order to date you every day. This is what I know by looking at myself, and other men. When a boy likes you, he will phone you every day, and then, ask for a date. This is what every man does when he likes a girl. Usually, when men love girls, they will think about them all the time. When I like a girl, it is a great pleasure to think about her. What is more, it is much more pleasurable for me to see her with me. This is why when I like a girl, I will want to see her every day. I am not the only man who cannot live without a beloved one for a long period of time. Almost every man becomes happy when his girlfriend is with him.

If your man does not phone you and does not make you regular appointments, this is the first sign that your man does not like you. When a guy likes you, he will do everything in order to hear your voice. In addition, when a man likes you, he will try to see you every day. When your boyfriend likes you, he will become addicted to you. Therefore, it will be very difficult for him to live without you for a long time.

At the same time, there are some occasions when regular dating does not mean anything serious. For example, if your man is a hypersexual guy, it is very likely that he will want to have sex every day. If it is difficult for him to find new sex partners, it will be probable that you will be his only sex opportunity. Thus, if he is hypersexual, he will have a very high libido. Consequently, a high libido needs to be satisfied. Usually, men with high libidos need sex every day. Hence, if your man dates you to have sex, this won’t mean that he likes you. In this situation, you will need to be more insightful with him. If a man likes having sex with you, this does not mean that the guy likes you. Sometimes, men might girls some girls, at the same time, they will never refuse to make sex with these disliked women.


When your man likes you, he will give you loads of different gives. These gifts might be both expensive and cheap. When your man likes you, he will do everything in order to make you happy. We know that girls love different gifts. Women love flowers, jewelry, beautiful clothes and accessories, and other things. This is why gifts always make girls happy. When a man really likes you, he will give you regular gifts.


Giving beautiful compliment might be one of the signs that a man likes you. At the same time, we should realize that not all men are enough talented. Giving wonderful compliment is a real art. Not everyone is capable of this type of arts. I am a great master of giving amazingly seductive compliments. 95% of men do not know how to speak beautifully. This is why you should not be amazed if your man is silent like a fish. If your man admires you, he will try to convert his emotions in wonderful words. Thus, if you hear your man praising your beauty and splendor all the time, this is one of the signs that your man loves you.


If your man betrays you, there will be something that he cannot find in you. If you do not fully satisfy him in bed, he will definitely betray you. If your man does not like the shape of your body, butt, breasts, and other parts of your corpse, he will find other girls. Otherwise, if a man could find everything he wants in you, he would not betray you. Betrayal if a direct sign that man does not like you. Hence, if a man does not betray you, be sure that this guy likes you.


We want to be with our beloved ones all the time. Usually, we miss someone we love. If you don’t miss a person, this means that you do not love him. Also, people are always afraid to lose their beloved people. Accordingly, we can say that if a man loves you, he will afraid to lose you. Consequently, he will try not to hurt your feelings. When your guy likes you, he will strive to make you happy. We always want our enemies to suffer. Also, we want our beloved people to be happy and satisfied. This is why if a man loves you, he will avoid hurting you.

These are some of the most significant signs of your man’s love. When a guy likes you, he will do everything to show his love. On the other hand, there are a lot of men who are naturally shy. These men might not straightly tell you about their love. In this case, you will need to use your analytical skills in order to clarify if your guy likes you.

Written by BAHTIYAR
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