MuslimsToday, Muslims around the world encounter severe difficulties. Islam as a religion is compromised by millions of people around the world. 9/11 attacks made the first impact towards the religion of Muslims. The ISIS is another reason why too many people around the world have wrong opinions regarding Muslims. I am a Muslim and I know this religion very well. I am not a simple man who calls himself “a Muslim” but has no idea about Islam at all. I am familiar with every aspect of this religion.

 I think that you are wondering about the reasons that made me write this article. Let me explain why I decided to write this post. I am a cosmopolitan person. Being International is my lifestyle. I love different nations and cultures. Traveling is my favorite hobby. I am very open-minded. I am sure that a person should have a freedom to decide which lifestyle suits him the best. Diversity in the world is very important. I cannot imagine my life with a single nation and a religion in the world. I never pay attention to a person’s religion because I think that religion makes a small effect on a person’s humanity. Most of the extremely religious people are very selfish. That is true and I think that you will agree with my saying. I perfectly understand atheists and their position. These individuals have a right to choose their beliefs and ideas. 

The things that happen in the world nowadays, make a great impact on lives of all Muslims around the world. Muslims nowadays, are the most vulnerable people around the world. Every Muslim is a potential suspect. I know about the reasons that have put Muslims in this situation. 98% of all terroristic attacks in the world are carried out by Muslims. A Christian terroristic organization is a rarity nowadays. We all know about IRA (Irish Republican Army) and ETA (organizations of Basks in Spain). These groups are local organizations. Their objectives are restricted by the borders of their homelands. If you turn on your TV and hear that someone was killed or exploded, you are 99% sure that Muslims are responsible for that crime. Aren’t you? I am a Muslim but I do accept and agree that Muslims are responsible for most of the terroristic attacks carried out around the world. It is not a discrimination – it is a reality of our life. I strive to be a just person. I won’t defy and blame anyone without any reasons and facts.

Let me avoid blaming some western countries for their policy, because I do not want to discuss political issues on my blog. Muslims around the world have some reasons to hate western governments. Note that I do not use a term “western people”, because people and their governments are two separate things. We should never unite these two dissimilar concepts. There are loads of people in the USA who does not support the US policy and we will be able to find some American citizens who agree with it. The same thing is regarding Israel. Some Israeli people support its policy and others don’t do it. I have made it clear that people and their governments are separate things. Thus, citizens of a particular country should not be responsible for the policy carried out by their governments. Am I right? I think that all of you will agree with me. I love Americans and European people. I say it with a great sincerity in my heart. I appreciate and respect Western ideals and principles. God gave power to the USA because of several significant reasons. I think that the USA is one of the best places to live and make business. People of different religions, races, nationalities, and other features successfully live and make business in the USA. The government protects their rights and guarantees their safety. The same thing won’t ever happen in Saudi Arabia. The policy of this country is utterly discriminating. An American won’t ever feel himself so comfortable in Saudi Arabia as Saudis feel themselves in the USA. So who are more just and fair? Saudi Arabia or the USA? I am sure that I will have more career and business chances in the USA than in Saudi Arabia. Let us look at today’s situation with refugees. The EU is full of Muslim refugees who came there from different continents. These people come from Libia, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Somali, and other uncivilized regions. European countries accept, support, and care about Muslim refugees. All Muslim immigrants are given shelters, regular monthly benefits, and other privileges. I usually ask myself why don’t any wealthy Arab country accept their Muslim refugee brothers? Why don’t Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrein, the UAE, and Oman accept refugees? They name themselves as real Muslims, but at the same time, they refuse to accept their refugee brothers. Europeans are more merciful and tolerant to all people around the world. This is the main reason why I respect the western culture, ideals, and people. 

The terrible things that happen around the world make a great impact on all of us. I am not an exception. I have made it clear for you that the opinion and the attitude of western people regarding me matter much for me. I am a Muslim but I am not a radical, an extremist or something similar to these terms. Sometimes, I recognize very cautious eyes of European and American people when they look at me. I look like Eastern men, even though I am not an Arab. My beard clearly lets you know that I am a Muslim. Usually, I ask myself about the reasons why these people are so aware and scared of Muslims. I do not belong to any radical or terroristic group, but at the same time, I am always suspicious because I am a Muslim. Muslims around the world have the same problem. 

What can I conclude from all the above-mentioned information and facts? The world is ill by  Islamophobia! This is my conclusion. If you watch the news and local TV channels of different countries, you will find that all of them talk about the same thing. I understand that every day someone is killed by a Muslim, but we should never generalize all Muslims in the world. If there are some Muslims who explode themselves, that does not mean that all Muslims will do the same thing. Let me give you some examples. There are extremely radical and religious Jews in Israel. These Jews even frighten the local population of Israel. I have never been to Israel but I know that these groups of orthodox Jews live in separate districts. All of us know that there are also loads of modern, liberal, open-minded, and very friendly Jews in Israel. The same things should happen when we talk about Muslims. There are loads of types of Muslims in the world. No one should generalize all Muslims. 

I am writing this post with a clear purpose. I want European, Americans, and Muslims to live in peace and friendship. I love western people, and therefore, I do not want to lose our friendship because of some people who explode themselves. Let me tell you something that will definitely change your opinion about Islam and Muslims. I hope that my next sentences will let you understand important things and you will get rid of your Islamophobia.


This is the main thing that you should remember and understand. First of all, let me state that there are different types of Muslims in the world. Muslims in Saudi Arabia are more conservative and religious than Muslims who live in Kuwait or the UAE. Arab Muslims differ from Muslims who are not Arabs. The differences are very significant. Muslims who live in the Central or Middle Asia barely even know something about their religion. They call themselves “MUSLIMS” but they know nothing about Islam. These people do not know Arabic knowledge, and thus, their knowledge about Islam is very limited. Muslims in these regions are not radical. They treat all people the same. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, and countries of the Persian Gulf are the most conservative and religious. Indian Muslims are more religious than Muslims who live in Malaysia or Kazakhstan. There are 72 sects in Islam. That means that there are 72 types of Muslims in the world. Can you imagine it? There are 72 huge groups and communities of Muslims who have different beliefs, ideas, and creeds. All of them claim to be on the right path, and therefore, they hate Muslims who does not belong to their sect. It is very difficult to generalize all Muslims due to the above-mentioned factors. Some of them have radical and extremist positions. These Muslims hate non-Muslims, and especially, the western civilization. 

You should remember that there are Muslims who want to live in peace. These individuals love Americans and European people. They want to interact with your culture and community. Let me tell you that I belong to this type of Muslims. I am a cosmopolitan and I want to communicate with the whole world. There are Muslims who enjoy living in the USA more than in any of the Arab countries. Ther are Muslims who have built successful careers in the USA. These people have reasons to love the USA. Let me tell you that all my income comes from the USA and the EU. I cooperate with American and European countries. Arab countries or Muslims have done nothing good for me. Thus, I have more reasons to love and appreciate western civilization because it gives me great opportunities to develop myself and my business. Millions of Muslims are happy in the USA and in the countries of the European Union. 

Islamophobia is the biggest illness of the 21st century. We should never judge people by the way they look. I accept the fact that the first impression is the most important factor in the whole process of communication. However, you should study a person more carefully in order to make any conclusions regarding his personality. Do not afraid of beardy Muslims and women who wear Hijabs. Some of them may be more friendly, generous, and kind for you than your western friends. There is a small group of Muslims who are inclined to terrorism and other violent activities. These people have not come to their condition because of a good life. Most of them have their parents, relatives, and friends killed in well-known wars.

I hope that this article will change opinions of some western people who are Islamophobes. All prejudices and misconceptions are the results of our ignorance. It is very easy to generalize. People are prone to overgeneralizing because it saves our time and intellectual energy. There are some ethnicities and religions that are unknown to me. I have heard loads of bad rumors about these people. Do you think that I have already built my opinion regarding them? No, I have not done it. I want to be very just and fair. I do not believe mass media and rumors. Television is a great tool to manipulate huge masses of people. Most people around the world are brainwashed by some small groups of smart and cunning people.     

I hope you liked this post. Share it with your friends, colleagues, and members of your family. I hope that my writing will help to build a long-term friendship and cooperation between all religions, races, and nations around the globe.      


Written by BAHTIYAR