foreign languagesNo doubts, knowing and being fluent in multiple foreign languages is extremely beneficial in the age of globalization. Being bilingual gives you fantastic business and life opportunities. Some people are scared when they hear that I speak eleven languages. You may also think that it is superbly difficult to learn multiple languages. Let me crush these misconceptions. I will try to simplify the process of learning by providing you with the following recommendations which I use myself.


Yes, motivation is the most important factor in every activity. Motivation is a beginning of every life activity. Your success will equal to the level of motivation you have. You should be strongly motivated in order to reach your intellectual aims. Sex is one of the factors that has the strongest impact on a person. Am I sexually motivated to learn foreign languages? Yes, sometimes I am sexually motivated to learn foreign languages. I love Brazilian women and I think that they are the most passionate and the sexiest women in the whole world. I have not visited Brazil yet but I am planning to do it. I Know that I will need to build strong communications with Brazilian women in order to be successful with them. As you all know, Brazilians speak Portuguese language and this fact made me learn this beautiful language. I don’t need the Portuguese language in my business activity or in my daily life. The only motivation I had while I was learning Portuguese, was my dream about Brazilian women. Just imagine how cool it is when you give your women some beautiful compliments in her native language! Of course, there are some Brazilians who speak English language but it is better to speak with them in their native language. I had a sexual motivation to learn the Spanish language because I like South America and I think that it is the sexiest region in the world. Venezuela, Argentine, Chile, Uruguay, Cuba, Paraguay and other latin countries have the largest concentration of beautiful and gorgeous women. As far as I know English is not the most popular language in the South America and therefore it is necessary to be fluent in Spanish if you live or travel in this region. As you see, I was sexually motivated to learn Spanish because I like Latin women. Sex is the best motivation for any activity. Let me tell you what motivation I had when I was learning the Italian language. It will be very funny to hear that sex again motivated me to learn the Italian language. Italian women are known as one of the most passionate women in the world. So I should not lose my chance to have some relationship with the Italian girl. In order to be able to communicate with them, you need to be fluent in Italian. It was the best motivation for me. I was imagining myself giving Italian women beautiful compliments and reading love verses in their native language What can be more awesome that this opportunity! As you see, sex is one of the most powerful motivations which you can use in order to learn a foreign language. Look at the globe and make a list of the sexiest women in the world. If you are a passionate man, you will probably want to visit those countries and have some intimate relationship with their women. This is a perfect reason to learn a foreign language.

Money can be one of the most effective motivational factors you can use in order to learn a foreign language. As you know, being multilingual gives you  great career opportunities. If you are fluent is some of the most used and popular languages of the world, you will be able to launch a successful global business.   

There are a lot of other born instincts which you can use in order to motivate yourself.


Every foreign language has its grammatical rules. As we know, all languages have a past tense, a past continuous tense, a present tense and a future tense. Some of the international languages have several present tenses and many future tenses. The point is that every language has its own unique grammatical construction. This knowledge is the most important thing in the process of language learning. Learn how to make sentences in all three tenses: the past, present, and future. This is the first thing you need to learn if you want to become fluent in a foreign language. Repeat grammar rules several times until they become a part of your knowledge in long-terms. 


Now, when you perfectly know how to construct sentences in three tenses, you  will need to learn new words. Learning new words will enrich your vocabulary and let you construct complicated and beautiful sentences. More new languages you learn – more fluent you will become. 


This tip is the fastest method that improves your grammar and spoken language. Take a book on your desired topic and take a dictionary. Start reading. In the beginning, it will be extremely difficult to understand something. Be patient and try to understand the meaning of your text. Every time you see a new word open your dictionary and look up the word. After two or three hours you will see that the process of reading became very easy. Day by day you will see more good results. After two or three months of reading, you will understand your foreign texts as well as you understand texts in your native language.   


Let me tell you how I became fluent in the Arabic language. To become fluent in Arabic I did the same things which I have already advised you: I motivated myself, studied grammar rules, learned many new words and I had lots of conversations in the Arabic language. When I arrived in Egypt I found myself many local Arab friends and was having conversations with them. I can tell you that at that period I was spending at least seven hours a day talking with my Arab friends. Of course, in the beginning, I was encountering several difficulties. I was making many grammatical mistakes. I was confusing a present tense with a past tense and was committing other mistakes. I was not frustrated because I knew that it is absolutely normal to make mistakes in a foreign language in the beginning of your way. So do you want to hear what happened in the result? After a single month  of my living in Cairo, I became absolutely fluent and it was very difficult to distinguish that I was a foreigner. Conversation in a foreign language is the most effective way to enhance your language capabilities.  

I find these tips to be sufficient enough for a beginner. Follow my recommendations and you will definitely succeed in foreign languages.


Written by BAHTIYAR