money to travelTravelling is an extraordinary activity for everyone. All of us love to travel. On the other hand, only a few of us have an ability to travel the world. There are a lot of different factors that prevent people from traveling. Some of them are children, a regular office job, a husband or a wife, old parents, and of course, some people have no enough money to travel the world. There are many travel bloggers who say that traveling when you are broke is the best thing that can happen in your life. These bloggers mean that traveling with a very low budget is very pleasurable and advantageous. To be honest, I have never traveled without any money or on a low budget. I think that it is always better to travel the world when your bank accounts, wallets, and pockets are filled with money. This is my personal opinion and I do not want to make you think the same way. In my further articles, I am going to prove that traveling with truly unlimited financial capabilities is the best way to travel the world. In this post, I will make some calculations. There are a lot of people who wonder about the exact amount of money needed to travel the world. For this reason, I decided to write a helpful article covering this topic.

We may be very romantic and spiritually developed individuals; however, we should always accept that we live in a materialistic world. Today, money is the head and boss of everything. With a lot of money in your bank account, you will be always respected and appreciated. Without these bucks, you are a pity tramp. Money predetermines everything in our life. The quality of your life fully depends on the quantity of money you have in your bank account. A regular life in the same region of the world is always cheaper than permanent traveling. When you travel the world, you will meet a lot of additional expenses. Some of them are transportation, rent, hotels, motels, attractions, eating foreign food, visiting famous places, and so on. Therefore, traveling around the globe is a very expensive pleasure. Almost everyone around the world loves to travel the world. In most cases, the only thing that prevents them from traveling is a lack of money. At the same time, some people overestimate approximate costs of traveling. Let us make our independent calculation, and conclude how much money is needed to travel the world.


visa and air ticketBefore you leave your city to travel the world, you will need to obtain two things. They are a visa and air tickets. If you live in the developed and civilized regions of the world such as the USA, the Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Germany, Sweden, Canada, and all the rest of the western world, it is very probable that you won’t need to obtain a visa. Citizens of respected and powerful countries are always welcomed everywhere even though they do not have a visa. If you live in some Asian or Latin regions, you will definitely need to obtain a visa to travel the world.

Whilst some people do not need to spend their money to obtain a visa, air tickets are not free. It does not matter which citizen you are, you will always need to pay for air tickets. When a person travels locally, air ticket might not be necessary. When you travel within a particular country or a continent, you can always use trains, cars, and other means of transportation. Anyway, in most cases, travelers use planes since they are quicker and more comfortable.


The average cost of visas ranges from 50 $ to 200 $. The average cost of air tickets ranges from 200$ to 1000 $. Of course, if you prefer the 1st or a business class, the air tickets will cost you much more. Finally, we can conclude that a traveler needs approximately 400 $ – 800 $ to cover visa and air tickets costs. These costs are inevitable when a traveler moves from one country to another country, or from one continent to another one. A traveler will avoid these expenses during a local travel within the same country. 


lodgingsNo doubts, when you travel the world, you will need to dwell somewhere. These might be hotels, motels, hostels, or you may rent a flat, a mansion, a villa, and so on. It all depends on your preferences and on the amount of cash you have. Whilst it is possible to save some money on a visa, you will definitely spend some of your budgets on lodgings. No matter where you are from, lodgings will never be free for you. Of course, if you are a worldwide known blogger, you may get a free hotel room if you agree to write a great review about that hotel. In this case, you will save some of your money. Anyway, I am writing this article for simple travelers who have no such huge privileges as famous bloggers do. Therefore, let us be realistic. We should make some approximate calculation of the money we will spend for lodgings.


I always try to use everything in its average. I do not expect that you will stay at Burj Dubai which hotel room costs near to 7 000 $ per night. If you are reading a blog post dedicated to this topic, it is very probable that your budget is limited and you are not a super millionaire. Therefore, let us say that you will stay at an average 3 or 4 stars hotel. The average cost of these hotel rooms is about 50 $ to 150 $. Let us say it is 50 $ per a day. How much time does your travel in the same city continue? Let us say it is 2 weeks. Thus, you will need to spend 700 $ to stay in a good hotel for two weeks. You can save some money if you rent a flat. A good flat in a good district might cost you at least 500 $ per month. Renting a flat is an adequate option for a traveler. Sometimes, you may like to stay in a hostel. The average cost of staying in a hostel ranges from 20 $ to 40 $. If it is 20 $, you will spend 280 $ to live in a hostel during two weeks. Finally, 500 $ – 700 $ will be absolutely enough for you to live during 2 weeks in almost every city in the world.

3) FOOD 

foodFood is necessary for everyone. Nobody can live without food. Whether you are a budget traveler or a millionaire traveler, you will always want to eat something. In different countries of the world, food costs differently. For example, In Thailand food is much cheaper than it is in Sweden or in Iceland. Asian countries are always cheaper than Scandinavian regions.


If you are not planning to eat at luxurious restaurants, the average cost of food will be approximately 200 $ – 300 $ per a month. These are very rough estimations. In most countries of the world, eating will cost you less than 200 $ per a month. I make my calculation for an average traveler who has some good cash in his bank account and wallet. Therefore, these expenses for food might seem a little bit overestimated.


entertainmentIf you travel the world, you will definitely want to visit all the famous places and attractions. If you go to Paris, it is extremely probable that you will want to have a dinner at the Eiffel tower. While visiting Rome, you will want to see Coliseum. If you are in Singapore, you will find loads of very attractive and seductive places to visit. Thus, every country has wonderful places for sightseeing. I am not a fan of traveling without money because this type of traveling will be a severe torture for your soul. Of course, if you travel with no money, you will still have an ability to enjoy the nature and landscapes of the visited countries. However, you won’t be able to let yourself enjoy all the incredible attractions and sightseeing. If you are a fan of night clubs, restaurants, pubs, and public houses, you will definitely need to have a very serious budget to spend on these types of entertainment. Let us make our calculations on how much the entertainment will cost.


I assume that the entertainment will cost you from 500 $ to 1000 $. These are my approximate calculations. If you are a very active fan of nightlife, your entertainment might cost you several thousands of dollars. It all depends on your preferences and your rolling style. Thus if you want to fully enjoy all the entertainment, you will need to have at least 1000 $ in your wallet.


shopping and souvenirsNo doubt, when we visit foreign countries, we will want to keep that memory during all our life. For this reason, we buy different souvenirs. Sometimes, we shop in local stores and boutiques. All of the clothes and accessories we buy can be also classified as souvenirs. When you tell your friends about the cap you bought, you will, definitely mention that you bought it in Italy or in France, and so on.     Hence, we always associate our items with the countries where we purchased them.


There is no exact way to make concrete calculations of how much money you will need for shopping. It depends on your net worth. If you are a millionaire, you can spend thousands of dollars in local boutiques. A simple traveler has a more limited budget. For this reason, his financial capabilities are also restricted. I can say that 1000 $ will be enough for a good shopping. If you are a rich person, you can spend as much as you need. I think that at least 1000 $ will be enough for a comfortable and enjoyable shopping. Of course, you won’t be able to buy luxurious and brand clothes, however, with 1000 $, you will be able to buy some high-quality accessories and souvenirs.


As you have already seen, you need to be a financially stable person in order to travel the world with pleasure. There are loads of things you will want to spend your money at while traveling. This is why I always think that it is better to travel the world when you are already rich. Nonetheless, if you are sure that you will never get rich or it will take a long time until you get wealthy, you can start traveling the world right now. Do not waste your time! Do not feed yourself with sole illusions and dreams! Something is always better than nothing!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.