a professional seducerSince sex is not given to us without any efforts and hard work, all men are eager to know how to master their seduction skills. First of all, professionalism in the art of seduction does not come very soon. If you started seducing women in your teen ages, at the ages of 25 you will already become a professional seducer. If you spent your teen ages and your youth by doing other things that have no relation to seduction, women, and sex, you will need to work very hard in order to master seductive skills in a very short period of time. In this situation, a man cannot fully rely on his experience. Skills and professionalism are something that is obtained after several years of a regular practice. Nevertheless, theoretical knowledge is also very beneficial. If there was no a good theory, there would not be any effective practice. Therefore, we should never underestimate the importance of theoretical knowledge. My blog gives you purely practical knowledge, tips, and recommendations that can be implemented in any possible life situations. If you apply all the instructions on my blog, you will definitely succeed.

Before practicing in the art of seduction, a man should obtain some valuable qualities. Seduction does not solely consist of some psychological tricks and actions. The way you look, act, and behave are very important to succeed in seduction. For this reason, I decided to write an article dedicated to the necessary qualities every professional seducer must have.


Our appearance makes a primary impact on the people we meet. When you see a person for the first time, you know nothing about his intellect, education, culture, erudition, and behavior. Your first impression is based by the way he looks. If you see a person wearing tidy, expensive, and glamorous clothes, consequently, you will guess that this personality has a good income, manners, and intellect.

In most cases, a professional seducer is a metrosexual. He pays a lot of attention to his style, clothes, and accessories. To succeed in seduction, you should improve your style.


To succeed in seduction, you need to work on your education, ethics, behavior, and knowledge. Of course, visual signals such as your handsome face, muscular body, stylish and elegant clothes, expensive cars, shining rings on your fingers are very important and effective in the art of seduction. All of these things make the first impression on a woman. Nevertheless, after a couple of hours of having a conversation with you, a woman will exactly identify the level of your intellect, knowledge, education, and erudition. Your gorgeous appearance may attract some impressive women; however, without being intelligent, you will never succeed in the art of seduction. A professional seducer is always a very well-read and educated man. If you are not intelligent, and this quality is absolutely unknown to you, here are some of the things you should be preoccupied with for a long time.


Reading books is the best way to train your brain. While reading, you learn how to think and analyze. Reading improves your analytical skills. Books give us new knowledge and information. While choosing from all of the available sources of knowledge and information, I would select books. Your intellect is your power. Without knowledge and information, you are nothing. A gorgeous suit from Versace, shoes from Louis Vuitton, and Ferrari will be absolutely useless if you are a full dumb.


Instead of having stupid friends, it is better for you to befriend smart people. One hour spent with an intelligent individual is better than several months in a company of fools. You might feel uncomfortable with clever personalities, nevertheless, it will be very beneficial for you development.


To spend your time seducing gorgeous women around the world, you need to have some type of passive income. Otherwise, you won’t be able to even think about seduction. Poor men are preoccupied with their hard daily work. They do not have any free time to even think about seduction. On the other hand, women love rich men. A poor man has very low chances to succeed in the art of seduction. Nevertheless, even a poor but a well-educated and professional man can always succeed in the art of seduction. Seducing women is not all about showing your money and buying them expensive gifts. Seduction is mostly dependent on your intellect and professionalism in the art of seduction.

Usually, a professional seducer is rich. He knows that being rich is a great advantage in the art of seduction. Therefore, first of all, this man earns a lot of money and builds a business that provides him with a regular passive income. Thus, he does not have to worry about the money and other materialistic issues. In this condition, a professional seducer can fully devote his time to the things he loves the most.


To impress women, it is always necessary to be very original. Unique thinking is something that makes people dissimilar and unusual. Women love this type of men. Organizing a sweet date in some exotic places requires some imagination. All of the compliment given to women will be exhausted one day. Therefore, a professional always reinvents old things. Moreover, a professional seducer invents new concepts and ideas. Having a good fantasy and imagination is a great advantage in the art of seduction. 


Even though seduction is a game, it is always better to be honest in it. If you do not like a girl, stop dating her. In this situation, you won’t have any success. All of your compliments will sound unnatural and hypocritical. To sound and look essential, it is always necessary to have the feelings you are swearing about. Otherwise, a woman will scrupulously scrutinize your behavior. In the result, you will be exposed and fired.

A professional seducer is always honest. His words, romantic verses, and compliments always sound natural and natural.

Before starting your sexual hunt, make sure you hate all of the above-mentioned qualities. Improving and strengthening your already existing skills will seriously improve your chances to be successful in the art of seduction.

Written by BAHTIYAR
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.