newsBlogging is extremely popular on the Internet. There are almost 290 million blogs in the cyberspace. There are some websites that are not included in the category of blogs but their main content is news. You may already have your blog or you may have been about starting your blog. Your intentions may be different. Some people blog because writing is their hobby, and some people blog in order to make some money online. There are some people on the Internet who make millions of dollars by blogging. For example, look at Huffington post. It makes 2,5 million dollars every month. For some people, blogging may seem to be the most profitable online activity on the Internet. Let me tell you some words about Huffington post blog. What are the key factors of its success? First of all, Huffington post is not a new blog, and its owner Ariane Huffington is not a newbie in the online business sphere. She is enough experienced writer and blogger. That means she knows how to build and choose the right business strategy and plan. Secondly, do you know how many people write for Huffington post? I don’t know the exact number of people who posts daily on Huffington post blog. All I can tell you is that Huff Post has thousands of different writers who spend their daily time to write and blog for this service. There are some very famous, authoritative, and influential personalities who frequently write for Huff Post. All these factors have made Huffington Post so successful. We can tell that after some time HP’s authority may compete with such online giants as Washington Post and Forbes. It is possible. We already know that Huff Post is contributed by thousand of different knowledgeable people every day. That means that this online resource has a huge amount of posts and news written every day. So is it possible for a single individual to post so many articles as Huffington Post does? It is physically unfeasible to do it, and therefore a single individual should not hope to repeat Huff Post’s success. You may be even more successful than Huffington Post, but in order to achieve that level, you have to be a superbly unique person. Your blog should give people some very precious information. 

As I have already mentioned, Huffington Post is not a mere blog because it also publishes news. Can a blog remain being a simple blog and post news? Yes, it can. So let me tell you how a blog remains to be a simple blog even if it publishes new information. When you publish information about new events and express your opinion about that news, we can certainly tell that your writing is a blog post. You make your own contribution and express your ideas, and opinion regarding the news. So this writing cannot be considered as a simple news posting. 

Usually, I have to write more in order to explain and analyze my blog post theme in details. Therefore, I apologize for some information that may seem for you as unrelated to the title of my blog post. You will see that everything, that I provide you, have a great connection and relation with the main topic of my blog post. Let me return back. So you are very interested in blogging and you have already decided to start your personal blog. What are your next steps? After you have already made a decision to start, you will need to choose yourself a niche to blog about. That niche is usually one of your main life interest. Why? Because you will need to provide your potential readers with a high-quality content and in order to do it, you will need to write about something that is very familiar to you. Therefore your interests may be your blog niches. All successful bloggers write about the things that are important for them. Look at “Nomadic” Matt. He likes traveling and it is his favorite hobby. Matt is not blogging about technologies or cars. He is blogging about traveling because he enjoys travel. It is clear for you that your niche must be very interesting for you. 

You may have been thinking of starting a news portal or a news blog. The news is very important for every person and we read them every day. These reasons may motivate you to open a news portal or a news blog. So let me give you a list of some reasons why you should forget about this enterprise.


This statement is really true. This type of business requires tremendous work and efforts. We are not talking about inserting an RSS feed in your website and continue enjoying your life. RSS is very easy way to launch your news portal or a news blog. Let us see how does RRS work. First of all, you should know that launching your business in this style won’t be unique. You merely take news from other huge news portals and display them on your website. Do you think someone will be motivated to read it? You have to know that you should produce your own information, and in order to do it, you will need to have a huge staff of workers. Reporters, interviewers, video operators, and video editors. All this cost a lot of money. Do you have available funds in order to start it? If you have enough money to maintain your future enterprise, you may try your luck. If you are not rich enough to launch a news portal or a news blog, I’d Suggest you forget about it. There are tons of other available business opportunities on the Internet. News portal will require fresh rumors every hour. It is not like a simple blog when you post five articles every day and enjoy yourself. Launching a news portal or a news blog is an extremely difficult business. The news appears every single minute and you will have to provide your readers with fresh information every single minute. It is a very hardly achievable task. 


This factor is very significant in every business sphere. Before launching a new enterprise, you should look at companies that are already involved in that sphere. There are some giants that may not leave you any chances to succeed. Are you capable of competing with CNN, BBC,  or Huffington Post? I strongly doubt it. If you are a multi-billionaire, you may have success in this competition, but if you are a newbie, you should realize that you are a small fish in a huge ocean full of gigantic sharks that will eat you. You have no chances to compete with major Internet giants. Tell me why should a reader forget about Forbes or Washington Post and read news from your news blog? Do they have any motivation to do it? Will you give them something that is unavailable on other famous resources? You have no chances to survive in this field.   

Launching a news portal or a news blog is the most difficult enterprise on the Internet. It is not so easy as you expect it to be. If you really like an online business and you want to find your profitable niche on the Internet, you should completely forget everything that has a connection with the news. News production is the most sophisticated business that exists on the Internet. The news appears every single second and therefore it is extremely hard to publish all of them on your resource. This business cannot be launched if you are alone and you don’t have any workers and specialists. 

Forget about it and don’t waste your time. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.