should start bloggingBlogging is not the fastest way to make money online and it has loads of different disadvantages and negative sides. Nevertheless, you will find that a number of blogs on the Internet than a number of porn sites and online stores. This means that despite its financial unattractiveness, blogging is highly popular around the world. Every blogger writes his posts for different reasons. However, most of them want to monetize their blogging activity.

I was always hearing a word “blogging” but I never paid any attention to it. I never imagined that one day, I will start blogging myself. So why did I decide to start blogging? To be honest, I was highly inspired by the income reports of famous bloggers. SmartPassiveIncome, Problogger, and NomadicMatt are some of the blogs I got acquainted with in the beginning. These resources make tons of money each month. They did not come to this level of success immediately. After two months of blogging, I understood that blogging is one of the most difficult methods to make money online. It might be good, however, it is the most time-consuming online business on the Internet. Right now, I know that it will take a lot of months until I will start earning by my blogging activity.  

Today, I am very happy to see this beautiful blog full of different awesome articles. I will be happier when it will become a great money-spinning machine.          

In this post, I am going to describe 4 life-situations when you should start blogging.


This is one of the most common life situations when people start blogging. There is a great variety of financial opportunities on the Internet. Most of them require high investments and dedication of your efforts. I have recently stated that online trade is the most effective way to make money online. EBay and Amazon are the best online marketplaces to build a sustainable trade business. However, this type of online commerce requires serious investments. 

The Internet is full of great financial opportunities. For that reason, everyone strives to find a profitable niche in the cyberspace. However, almost every online business requires investments. But what should a person do if he has absolutely no money to start an online business? There are millions of people who have no money to invest in the online industry. 

Blogging is one of the ways to make money from zero. All you need to have to make money by blogging is your knowledge and erudition. A good blog with great content may be a great opportunity to carry out successful affiliate marketing campaigns. You do not need to invest anything in this type of commerce enterprises. It is a hard and very meticulous work. I do not deny that blogging business is extremely difficult. All we know that web traffic is the most important factor that is mostly responsible for your blog monetization opportunities. To get good web traffic, you need to spend a lot of time and efforts. It will take several months until you make your first money from your blog. 

If you have no money but you want to start an online business, launching a blog is the best solution in this situation. You have already considered about different ways to make money online, in the result, you made a conclusion that you have no budget to start any of them. Start blogging. You have nothing to lose. 


If you are an absolutely time-free person and you do not know how to spend your time, blogging is a good way to pass your free time. Blogging is not a mere process to exchange your information. While blogging, you learn a lot of new things. To blog             regularly, you need to learn many new things, and therefore, blogging is very good for personal development. 

If you have nothing to do, start blogging and you will not lose anything. 


Blogging is one of the best tools to increase the amount of web traffic to your current website. It is well-known that the websites with blogs receive much more web traffic than the websites that do not have blogs. Search engines like texts. If your website is text-poor, you have low chances to get good amounts of traffic. Whether you have an online store or you sell your services online, blogging would be a good supplement for your online business. 


Nowadays, the Internet gives us amazing opportunities to express ourselves. Self-expression is necessary for a person’s mental health. Have you ever wondered why Instagram is so popular? Instagram lets people around the world express themselves as they wish. Every person needs to say something to the world. 

Having a personal blog would be a great opportunity to share yourself, your thoughts, ideas, and recommendations with people worldwide. Usually, bloggers feel better when they see that people leave good comments and feedbacks on their blogs. 

If you need to express yourself, launching a blog is the best way to do it today.  

Written by BAHTIYAR
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.