onlineThere are many options on the Internet if you want to start an online business. Every business is a trade. When you make a business, you sell something. You may sell your physical, digital products or services online. There are a lot of different marketplaces where you can build your own business. However, it is important to remember that there are always some steps needed to be performed before you start your new online enterprise. You may start anything you wish to launch, but are you sure that your business will be effective? Do you really think that people need your products? I won’t talk about different kinds of online entrepreneurship that exist on the Internet because I think that it should be the theme of another blog post. In this article, I will mention only the most effective methods to make money online. Your personal business entrepreneurship will be the most profitable and effective business-style for you. Look at Microsoft, Apple, Google, Samsung, and other huge corporations. They make billions of dollars every year. Do you know what do all these companies have in common? All of them develop their own products and sell them through their personal trade channels. Microsoft for example does not sell its software somewhere on Amazon or eBay. These marketplaces are not serious for such gigantic corporations. They know how to make a great profit and they use all the available tools to make their business maximally effective. 

Let me give you some tips that will let you follow the business style of these huge transnational giants.


Many entrepreneurs make a common mistake. They start their business with developing a new product. I do not support this business model because I think that it is necessary to explore your potential market before you start developing your items. You may create something really great. What will you do if people do not need your product? Even though your goods are perfect, no one will buy them if they are useless. 

Making a good marketing research is utterly necessary for the success of your new enterprise. Do not emphasize your attention at your products. You will have a lot of time for developing and enhancing your items. In the beginning of your online business, you will need to carry out a detailed marketing research. 

Visit different websites, social networks, and forums. Read them very carefully. Pay attention to the needs of people. There are masses of different problems that are still not resolved. Look for them and try to find a solution. I will give you a small example. People who make business with Amazon had a serious problem. Non-US and non-EU citizens were unable to withdraw their royalties to their local banks. As you know, Amazon cooperates only with the banks from the developed countries. Therefore, there was no a solution for people who lived in the countries of the third world to receive their royalties without a US or EU bank account. Do you think that this problem is still unresolved? No, this problem does not exist anymore. There were some smart people who found a solution in this problematic occasion.  These people are the founders of Payoneer. If you are not aware of Payoneer, you should find our more about this awesome company. 

Make keyword researches on the Internet and try to find what people are looking for in the cyberspace. What are their needs and problems? Find a solution and you will become a millionaire. 

Start your enterprises from a good marketing research and you will succeed.


If you went to find your niche in online business, you will need to have a platform, to sell your products. When you plan to make a serious business, you will definitely need a good e-commerce website. First of all, choose a good domain name since. Select a short and memorizable domain that fully represents your business. It should be short, descriptive, and serious. Choose a good platform. I advise you to use WordPress because it is very functional and flexible. Purchase a good e-commerce theme. It is preferable if you choose a light one. White templates are the best choice for e-commerce websites. If you have a web developer who will participate in your enterprise, you may not worry about managing your website. However, if you plan to do everything on your own, I advise you to use WordPress. It is very easy to configure and manage a website on WordPress. You will be able to do it without a web specialist. One of the most important advantages of WordPress is that it supports a great multitude of different plugins.   


Determine the main purpose of your website. Your intention is already clear. You have built it to sell your products online. Consequently, your content should be appropriate to the main purpose of your online resource. Here are some of the tips to make your website more effective.


The headline is the main text that represents your website. Make it very attractive and descriptive. Every heading consists of a slogan. Consider about your slogan and choose something that is more appropriate for your online business. Your heading and slogan should be logical and rational. 


You have created a product that solves problems of thousands of people around the world. If you have followed my tips, I can be sure that you did the rightest thing. Firstly, you made a good marketing research. You found a significant problem that people have. Then, you developed a product that resolves their problems and satisfies their needs. It is the best strategy if you want to make a profitable online business. 

Write your visitors about the problem and suggest your solution. Make it clear to them that your product resolves their problems. Tell your visitors that your items will definitely satisfy their needs. Assure them that your product is functional and very effective. 


Show your visitors the benefits of your products. Tell them about their advantages and positive sides. Your clients will spend their money, and therefore, it is very important for them to be sure that your item is 100% effective. Assure them. Suggest them some facts. Make visual graphics and statistics in order to make your words more influential.


Display testimonials and positive reviews of the people who have already used your products. Positive reviews and feedbacks are very important to be successful in the online business sphere. They have a great importance. A huge amount of positive feedbacks will unquestionably boost your sales. At the same time, bad testimonials can ruin your enterprise. Your website lets you control all that reviews that you receive from your buyers, and for that reason, negative reviews will not hurt you much. Ther are some people who have already tested your products. Ask them to write a review. Make a video interview with them and ask about your product. Upload these videos to your website and millions of your potential customers will watch them. 

Testimonials are one of the most influential factors that make people buy your products.


Tell people that your products are limited and there are only a few items that are available for sale. Create an urgency and people will buy your goods.   


You need to have a good traffic in order to sell from your website. It is absolutely clear that you won’t sell anything if no one visits your website. Traffic is the common problem of everyone who opens a personal website to sell something. Ther are a lot of traffic sources on the Internet. 


Let me advise you not to buy traffic. Paid traffic has a lot of disadvantages. You should remember that 60% of traffic on the Internet is bot traffic. When you buy traffic, sometimes, you may receive bots to your website. Thus, you will waste your money and have no results. Do not buy traffic. What are the most effective traffic sources? 


Usually, organic traffic is the best one. People type their problems in Google search, and then, they are referred to your website. This traffic is 100% targeted.  People who visit you website through this traffic source are very likely to buy your items.  To receive a lot of visitors from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines, you will need to work on your SEO. Hire someone who will fix all your SEO errors and enhance your rankings on Google. 


Social networks may be one of the best traffic sources on the Internet. Post the description of your products on you Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, and other networks. Share your posts publically. You will see that social networks will drive tons of traffic to your website. 


Spend some money to run ad campaigns on Facebook. I think that advertising on Facebook is more effective than the advertising on other social networks. Google advertising is good too. Test both of them and decide which one drives you better traffic. 


There are loads of other online resources that make the same business as you. These websites are definitely more popular and visited than your online resource. Spend some money and place your banners on them. It will undeniably drive you some targeted traffic. 


Buyers need a good customer support. A person won’t buy anything if it is very difficult to contact with you. Email communication is not satisfactory enough. I really don’t like it myself. When I see a resource that does not have an online chat or a live call support, I think that their support is not good enough. Usually, if a person writes you a message via email, he will receive your answer after a few hours. He will already forget about your product when he receives your feedback. An online support via chat or a live call is necessary if you want to run a successful online business.  


People are eager to buy during promotions. Use this tool to boost your sales and you will see how powerful it is.


 Tell your potential buyers that you provide them with a money back guarantee. If they are not satisfied with your product, they will be able to return it and have their money back. That what exactly Amazon does. This guarantee will add credibility to your online business and your customers will start trusting you. Do not underestimate the importance of this feature. 

Follow these steps very carefully and I am sure that you will build a successful online business. Business is changing every single minute. The online sphere is not an exception, and therefore, you need to develop and enhance your online business every day. Look at your competitors and try to recognize their advantages. Give your clients something special and they will prefer you to others. 

Written by BAHTIYAR
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.