detox dietThe most common and popular detox diet lasts a week. Photo models, movie actors, and just people who’d like to stay healthy do it from time to time in order to lose weight. However, it doesn’t only help you lose weight but makes you a lot healthier. A detox diet can help you lose 10-15 pounds but at the same time give you more energy and make you more active. Read the following tips to know how to make it right because you might hurt yourself otherwise.


Your detox diet actually starts earlier. You should plan your meals beforehand. That is the only way to get ready and avoid such usual reaction as headaches and nausea. First of all consider removing caffeine, sugar, and processed foods from your diet during days leading to a detox week. You can switch to beverages that contain fewer amounts of caffeine like green tea. You should have your eating plan carefully mapped out. Therefore, you should buy all the necessary products beforehand and make a schedule. It would also be wise to clean your kitchen from those kinds of food you need to avoid. That is because its presence might be tempting. Finally, for those working during the week, it may be better to start a detox week on Friday. First days are usually the most difficult. Working and starting detox at the same time might just be too much for you.


detox foodSo, what do you eat? To be honest, it is completely up to you. There are no strict rules and hard conditions. However, you need to focus on the antioxidant-packed vegetables and fruits. Next, your primary task is to use high-fiber foods like nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Protein drinks are also quite useful. Visit to know how protein shakes can benefit you. You should also eat probiotic-rich fermented foods like miso.


Locally-grown seasonal vegetables and fruits are the best. They are good in any form. You can make smoothies, juice, salads or eat whole fruits.

The meals you have must include protein, healthy fat, whole grain carbs, high-fiber, fruits, and vegetables. You can find a lot of recipes on the internet. For example, you can try Chickpea Buddha Bowl

Variety is the key when it comes to a balanced, moderate, and effective detox diet. Don’t stick for cucumbers, cabbage, and tomatoes. The more various your diet is, the better. Go for broccoli, artichokes, carrots, beets, onions, etc, avocado, etc.

 Potato and rice are the best options. They contain a lot of protein and are generally healthy. Brown rice is the best and you should boil your potatoes. Protein, fiber, and fat are the most important components that your body needs. For example, google this recipe: Sweet Potato and Red Cabbage Slaw.


breakfastBreakfast should be light. The best thing about your breakfast is having some oatmeal. But it is even better to combine it with a smoothie of some kind. Fresh berries are also good or you can make a chia pudding.

You can have a good snack with such recipes as White Bean and Cashew Dip or Roasted Red Beet Hummus. 


Here are some recipes for your dinner: Butternut Squash Soup, Baked Honey-Mustard Salmon or One-pot Vegan Chili.


Your 7-day detox diet doesn’t only depend on what you eat. It also depends on what you don’t eat. Besides coffee and sugar, you should also avoid dairy and wheat.

You shouldn’t drink alcohol in any form or quantity. Avoiding alcohol for a week will break down your habitual drinking and can also make a healthy effect on your liver.


Water is essential. You should drink no less than 1.5 liters of still water per day. Juices and smoothies don’t count. Water helps your organism to flush down toxins. Consider making yourself a goal to drink 10 glasses of water daily. Make a schedule in which it is said to drink a certain glass at a certain time. Try to have a bottle of water on you wherever you’re going. The important thing does not depend on your thirst alone. Sometimes, your organism needs water but you can’t feel it. Finally, have a glass of water each morning right after you woke up.


exercisesDetox diet doesn’t only require you to eat some kinds of food and avoid other kinds. You need to do light exercises to keep your metabolism working. Consider having a walk after lunch or visiting a yoga class. Exercises also help your organism to get rid of toxins. You might stretch a little or do something else. Remember that walking and standing is better than sitting.


Move people who are not used to detox diets have digestive problems in the first days. That is normal and you shouldn’t be afraid. You can drink herbal tea with ginger, peppermint or cinnamon in order to feel better. On your third day, you’ll notice the improvements.


Good night sleep is also very important in order for you to stay healthy. Good sleep allows you to avoid stress and depression. Anxiety and discomfort from bad sleep can make you want to end your diet. Don’t eat right before you go to sleep. It worsens your digestion. It also disallows you to lose weight because metabolism works slower during sleep.


You should also treat yourself a little in order to lose weight. To get through your first detox diet week takes an effort. It might be stressful and difficult. Therefore, you need to relax. Consider having a massage or going to a sauna. A sauna can really benefit you because it also improves metabolism and helps your organism to flush toxins.

All in all, now you know what it takes to have a successful 7-day detox diet. You should prepare beforehand and make a schedule. You should all the necessary products in advance. You should also clear your kitchen of harmful products you usually eat. Focus on protein-rich food. Stick with fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget about water. Keep in mind that you should drink about 1.5 liters of still water per day. Do some exercises and sleep well. You’ll definitely see the result. Good luck!

Written by Bahtiyar
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