Muslim countriesAll countries have different governments, and accordingly, different customs and laws. Usually, laws and customs fit the national mentality of local people living in a particular country. Thus, if the majority of a country’s population agrees with a law, that law usually becomes active within that very country. Let me give you a simple example. If there are ten people in a room and they have to live in that room for a long period of time, they will definitely implement some rules to keep everything in order. These rules will represent the mentality of the majority of that group’s people. If there is one person who does not agree with a low, his opinion won’t be counted as long as the remaining nine people accept the law. The same thing happens when a country develops and implements different laws. Of course, I am not talking about dictatorships where a single person dictates his personal will to millions of people. Democratic countries brainwash their citizens in order to accept and apply necessary laws.

Muslim countries usually have very strict rules. No doubts, not all Muslim countries and conservative. There are a lot of differences between such Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Morocco for example. Differences between Turkey and Malaysia are very significant. Nevertheless, al Muslim countries have many things in common. Usually, our Western friends are not well-acquainted with life in Muslim countries. This topic is usually surrounded by a great number of strange rumors and prejudices. You do not need to study Islam and Muslim culture before visiting a Muslim country. However, it is strongly recommended to learn about the things you will need to avoid doing while traveling in Muslim countries. This knowledge will give you safety and peace in your trips to unknown territories. I have prepared a small list of the things you will need to avoid in order to stay safe in Muslim countries.


mosquesIf you are not Muslim, I strongly recommend you not to approach any mosques you encounter on your way. If you have a Western appearance, it is likely that 99% of Muslims you see in your journey will be sure that you are not Muslim. In Islam, it is forbidden for non-Muslims to enter mosques. Muslims might be kind to you on your trips. However, nobody will like the idea of you approaching or entering a mosque.

When I was in Dubai, I saw a lot of American and European travelers who were fascinated by the architecture of beautiful mosques. They were approaching those mosques and looking at them with amazement. The reaction of Muslims who were staying near the mosques was not too friendly. They were looking at the tourists with evil eyes. Keep in mind there are loads of radicals who hate the USA, Americans, European people, and all Western civilization. Therefore, I strongly recommend staying away from mosques. Yes, their architecture is gorgeous. You can enjoy it. Nonetheless, I warn you from trying to enter mosques in Muslim countries.

So what will happen if non-Muslims enter a mosque? Nothing tough will happen. Nobody will hit you, and nobody will shout at you. I am sure it will not cause any types of conflicts. However, your entrance might seem very provocative. This is why I am warning you.


One day, in a famous Muslim city, I entered a store. There was a woman who was wearing the niqab (a black cloth that covers a woman’s face). She was dressed as a typical Saudi woman. By listening to her voice, I could guess she was in her forties. She was very communicative and energetic. She began a conversation with me. I supported it, and then, we started flirting (All the conversation was in the Arabic language). After a few minutes, I recognized an Arab man who was looking at me with evil eyes. I am sure he would hit me if I continued smiling and flirting with that Arab woman.

This happened to me whilst I look like an Arab. So what would happen to a person with a typical European appearance?! Flirting with women in Muslim countries is extremely risky. If you manage to find a nightclub or a naughty entertainment playground in a Muslim country, you can flirt there as much as you want. I strongly doubt that religious men and women would visit these shady places. Therefore, there is no reason to restrict yourself from flirting in Muslim countries. However, do not try to do that on streets, stores, libraries, malls, buses, and other public places. Otherwise, you can get into some troubles.


If you plan to visit a Muslim country with your girlfriend, lover, or someone else, you will need to be less sexually active in public places. Of course, there are no idiots who would think about having public sex in a Muslim country. In Netherlands, you can comfortably make sex in public parks. In Muslim countries, even kissing your girlfriend in public can cause you some problems. This reminds me of a Western female celebrity who was arrested for kissing on a street in Dubai. So this happened in such a liberal and democratic Arab country as Dubai, what would happen to her somewhere in Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Egypt?!

If you have a girlfriend or a lover whom you adore, try to control your emotions in public places. When you are back to your hotel room, you will o whatever you wish. Just for safety reasons, try not to kiss in public places while traveling in Muslim countries.
These are the main things you will need to avoid doing while traveling in Muslim countries. Also, there are additional undesired things such as splitting, cursing, wearing too explicit clothes, and other activities that are negatively tolerated in almost every society. It is better to avoid them wherever you are.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.