withdraw your moneyPayPal is one of the most popular and controversial online payment systems on the Internet. Loads of people face different problems while using PayPal. Some have their PP account frozen, some cannot send payments or make any transactions, some have limited account access. On my blog, you can find tips to resolve all of your PayPal problems.

What are the reasons that do not allow you to withdraw your PayPal money to your bank account? There is only one reason and it is your inability to link a bank account to your PayPal.

There is only one official way to withdraw money from your PayPal account. This step is to link your bank account. You may not have a bank account or your country may not be allowed to use this option. Sometimes some technical PayPal issues restrict you from linking a bank account. You may see different errors while trying to link your bank.  In this situation, you should use other methods to withdraw your money from PayPal. These tools are not well known.

EroAdvertising is online advertising company for adult websites. This company is based in Netherlands. Everyone can open a publisher or an advertiser account on EroAdvertising. In order to withdraw your PayPal money by using EroAdvertising, you will need to follow the next steps:


Go to www.easyXsites.com and register an account there. Thus, you will be able to build your own porn site in a few minutes. Choose yourself a free subdomain. Remember that all this is done with a purpose to withdraw your money from PayPal. After you have successfully registered on easyXsites and chosen yourself a free subdomain, you should upload some porn videos by using easyXsites automatic mass video importer. Import some videos so that your website looks like a real porn site. You will need it because your website will go through the process of verification on EroAdvertising. It will take you a few minutes to import hundreds of videos to your porn site. When you are done, follow the next step.


Go to www.eroadvertising.com and register there as a publisher and an advertiser. Insert the URL of your porn site in the required field. We will use this website to withdraw your money from PayPal. There is a function on EroAdvertising which lets buy traffic to your website. You will need to use this service in our project. To start buying traffic, you will need to load some funds to your account. The main problem that EroAdvertising requires making the first load from your bank account. After you have loaded the amount of 50$ from your bank account, you will be able to load your funds from PayPal account.


Load 50$ from your bank account to your balance on EroAdvertising. Thus, you will be able to load your funds from PayPal. After you have successfully done this, EroAdvertising will let you transfer your Paypal money to your EroAd balance.


Transfer all of your money from PayPal to EroAdvertising.


Spend some money on your EroAdvertising balance. Buy some traffic. You may spend 5$,10$ or 15$. You must spend some money there, because they may suspect that you are using their service to launder or simply withdraw your PayPal funds.


After some time (one day or more), start an online chat with EroAdvertising customer support and tell them something to convince that you urgently need your money. Tell them that you will use their service soon or something else. It’s up to your fantasy. Just make it clear to them that you want your money back and request to transfer your money to your Payoneer account or your official bank account. They will do it. They don’t care if you load your money using one way and withdraw it using another option. EroAdvertising is the only company which lets you do it. Tell them about your preferred method to withdraw your money, and they will do whatever you request.

This is a good way to successfully withdraw your money from PayPal. Keep in mind that sometimes you may face different errors in your PayPal account while trying to send money or make payments. Sometimes PayPal won’t let you transfer your money to EroAdvertising due to different technical issues. PayPal is a very risky online payment system and you can never rely on your detailed plan. You should never transfer your money to your PayPal account if you have not linked a bank account. There are many ways to withdraw your money from PayPal without linking a bank account, but you cannot be 100% sure that they will work smoothly. As I have previously said, even PayPal member cannot predict whether your transactions and payments will be successful or PayPal will display you one of its famous errors.

Written by BAHTIYAR
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.