blog postsToday, I received first guest posts on my blog. Usually, I write everything on my own. I am a professional blogger and writer. I have published several books independently written by me. I have a writing talent. In fact, I have loads of different talents. I sing, dance, analyze, draw, design, sell, and do many other things very well. Therefore, writing is one of the talents I possess. Since I appreciate and value my blog very much, I always strive to produce the best content. All the articles on my blog are not less than 1000 words long. All of them are ideally edited. The images are well chosen. What is more, I am very good at expressing my thoughts in a professional style. For these reasons, I do not trust other writers. I prefer writing myself. Nevertheless, sooner or later, all of the professional bloggers should let beginning bloggers contribute on their web resources. Therefore, I am also learning to use the power of these contributions. No doubts, a professional blogger will write a great article for your blog. On the other hand, you might waste a lot of time editing and correcting articles of amateur bloggers. If you respect your blog, all the blog posts you publish must be of perfect quality. CNN, BBC, The Huffington Post, and other famous web resources accept guest posts. Nonetheless, none of them accept garbage. To have your article published on CNN, Discovery, or Lonely Planet, your writing must be ideal. Your blog posts must be free of grammar and spelling mistakes. What is more, you need to professionally express your thoughts in your blogs. There are many other requirements you need to know and learn in order to start writing professional blog posts.

This post is dedicated to new bloggers and writers who want to improve their writing skills. Professional and experienced bloggers will benefit from my recommendations too. I have written a lot of blog posts covering online business, blogging, affiliate marketing, personal development, spirituality, psychology, philosophy, travel, and other themes. What I want to mention is that I have not written a single post teaching people how to write professionally. Today, I decided to do it. I hope the below-mentioned recommendations will improve your skills, and you will start writing professional blog posts.


This is the first thing I would like to recommend everyone who wants to write awesome blog posts. Usually, I see a lot of posts which titles do not represent the main idea and thought of an article. This may not hurt the quality of a blog post much. However, these types of blog posts will look unprofessional and amateurish.

Before starting to write a blog post, ask yourself about the main thing you want to express in your article. What are you going to tell your readers about? What intentions do you put in your writing? Usually, I chose titles for my blog posts when I finish writing. As soon as my blog posts are over, I read them one more time, and then, I choose an appropriate title. I would like to suggest you doing the same thing.


We use paragraphs in order to separate our thoughts. Usually, a single paragraph narrates about a particular idea. When the idea is finished, we start writing in a new paragraph. Sometimes, unprofessional writers mess everything in a single paragraph. They do not separate their thoughts by using paragraphs. This is a very harmful mistake. Moreover, paragraphs must be enough long. Otherwise, it is unnecessary to divide your sentences. The paragraphs should not consist of one or two sentences. When you are writing your blog posts, you must remember that you are not writing verses. Each of your paragraphs must have a good volume of at least 10 long sentences.


Before you start writing your blog posts, you must make clear what you are planning to write about. One blog post must express one idea. Blogging does not resemble book writing. Even when you write a book, you always separate your chapters according to their meaning and aim. You should do the same thing while blogging. Each of your blog posts must express a single idea. If you try to include too many thoughts and ideas in a single post, you will make a mess. Your readers will be confused. Therefore, pay attention to the things you write.


Sometimes, I plan to write a blog post. When I imagine the things I am going to write about it, I realize that I have a too low amount of information regarding a topic. In this situation, I decide not to start writing. I write only when I am sure that my post will consist of at least 1000 words. Long articles are beneficial for SEO. Moreover, blog posts with a huge amount of information look more professional.


Some people think that sophisticated articles look more intellectual. This might be true. Usually, when we cannot understand a person, we tend to think that he is tremendously clever. How many of you can understand writings of Einstein, Leibniz, Kant, and other genius people? I think only a few of us can fully comprehend their smart thoughts and ideas. Even though, blogging does not resemble writing a philosophical tractate. Usually, people look for ease and readability in blog posts. Try not to complicate your writing with difficult word constructions. As you know, on-page SEO consists of readability. Readable and simply blog posts are more likely to get successful results on SERPs.


Overusing the same words in an article is the biggest and the dumbest mistake amateur bloggers make. Whether it is a noun, verb, comparative, or adjective, use as many synonyms as you can find. Try not to repeat one word twice in your blog post. Using synonyms makes your writing more beautiful and professional.

Professional writing skills is not a natural talent. If you want to start writing professionally, you should write as much as possible. Physical practice is the best way to enhance your writing skills.

Written by BAHTIYAR
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.