the wrong country


the wrong countrySensitive people are easily influenced by different external factors. I belong to this group of people. I do not feel well everywhere. It is necessary to be in the right city in order to feel comfortable. Cloudy weather causes me stress and depression. I know a lot of people who do not pay any attention to the weather and other external circumstances. These people are not much sensitive. They are more adaptive and flexible.

I am very demanding to everything in my life. I require everything that better fits my personality. My geographical situation is one of the most significant factors that impacts my mood. I cannot feel well in the places that I hate. My flexibility and adaptivity do not let me feel comfortable in the cities that I dislike. Even though you are successful, you won’t feel yourself good if you live in the wrong place. You may dislike local people, local climate, local government, and everything else that has any connection to the city where you live. Do you feel that you are unfit to your current geographical situation? Aren’t you sure? This blog post will let you clarify your thoughts and decide whether you live in the wrong country or not.


Usually, when you are unfit to the country where you reside, you will feel very uncomfortable. You may be unaware of the reasons that make you feel so, but you sense that there is something that badly impacts your mood. You do not feel happy while dwelling in your city. You may have no significant reasons making you sad and unhappy, but you feel that there is something wrong with you.

This feeling may be one of the signs that you are living in the wrong country.


When you have an appropriate situation, you strive to abandon your country as soon as possible. You might feel a great relaxation when you are out of your country. We usually, adapt ourselves to a particular level of stress while living somewhere. Your country may be extremely stressful and terrible. When you live in it, you may not feel it. You start recognizing how terrible is your country when you leave it. Your city may be full of evil people but you won’t spot it if you never leave it.

You might be sure that you are living in the wrong country if you usually want to abandon it.


There might be thousands of different reasons that may cause your stress. You may hate local people and their faces may seem disgusting for you. You might hate the climate and it always makes you utterly depressed. Trees that grow in your city might look ugly to you. Women in your city may be frigid or disgusting. There is no need to make my narration too long by giving you the full list of different reasons that may cause your stress. They are infinite.

Do not pay your attention at the reasons that negatively impact your mood and psychological condition. If you feel stressed in your country, you should be confident that you are living in the wrong country. Abandon it as soon as possible.


The climate of your city is extremely important for the quality of your mental health. The person who loves the climate of Brazil will definitely hate the climate in England. These climates are opposite to each other. England is too dark and cloudy for the people who love tropical weather I hate cold weather and I am always depressed during winters. The tropical climate is the best option for me. I prefer living in countries with no winter. Brazil, Egypt, UAE, the Philippines is the most suitable countries for me.

If you hate the climate in your country, you should know that you are living in the wrong country.


All countries give different opportunities to its citizens. A person who lives in North Korea has loads of different reasons to hate the government of his country. I agree with it and I am sure that his criticism will be fair. North Korea is one of the worst countries in the world. It is ruled by a dictator who exploits his own nation. Exploitations are very usual to this country. There are loads of other countries of the third world that do not care about their citizens. Look at the Middle Asia. Ther are several countries that are ruled by dictators in that region. The person who lives in the USA or in China has more chances and opportunities to get rich rather than a person who lives in Mozambic or Kenya. That is correct. The USA has the biggest amount of career and business opportunities in the world.

You might be living in the terrible country that does not care about your preferences and needs. If you realize this sign, you should abandon that terrible place as soon as possible.


You may like something in your country, and at the same time, you might hate the government. It is not a shocking or amazing fact. Hating your country is an absolutely normal thing. People who rule your government might be very corrupt and that is the main reason why you hate them. You may also hate their ugly and disgusting faces. I browse the Internet a lot, and usually, I see loads of complaints from people around the world who hate their governments. The nation of your country may be good but its government might deserve nothing than a great hatred.


There are two types of countries in the world. There are multinational and mono-national countries. Living in a megapolis crowded by people of all nations and cultures may be very advantageous. I love megapolises because it is never boring to live in one of them. You always may find people of different nationalities, and thus, your life will be always interesting. Living in a mono-national country may be really terrible. I cannot bear living in a country with a single nation. Usually, people of the same nation have one national mentality and very similar characters. If one of them is a total bastard, there is a great likelihood that most of them are bastards too. I have lived in the countries whose local people were terrible criminals and robbers. There is nothing more terrible that can happen in your life than living with people whom you hate.

Hating the nation of your country is the sign telling you that you are living in the wrong country.


When I talk about your needs, I mean all kinds of requirements and preferences. Everyone has personal interests in food,  sex, transportation, climate, and other things. You may want to have sex with a black girl, but your country consists of only white ones. What should you do in this situation? You become frustrated when you are unable to satisfy your needs. What if you want to eat paella but your country is too stupid, and therefore, no one cooks paella in it. What should you do? What if you want to drive a Ferrari but your country does not have good roads to drive sportive cars? Should you forget about your dreams and adapt to your country? No, never. You should never adapt yourself to external circumstances. It is better to change your location and find the circumstances that satisfy your personal preferences.


Your country may be too small or too parochial, and therefore, you may be bored with it. If it is a moon-national country, you have more chances to sink in a deep boredom. There is a multitude of different countries around the world that may offer you a variety of different opportunities and variations that will make your life more motivating. Why do you bear living such a tiresome and boring life in your country?

Abandon your country if you are bored with it.


Your hatred may be caused for different reasons. All the above-mentioned signs might cause your hatred. Do you hate any countries in the world? There are tons of terrible countries in the world that deserve our hatred. Your country may be internationally recognized and respected, but you may still have different reasons to hate it. It is impossible to have any success in the country that you hate. You have some great chances to become a criminal in that country but forget about succeeding  if you hate it.

It may be the great sign that you are living in the wrong country if you find hatred in your heart towards it.

Explore yourself and decide whether you live in the right or in the wrong country. Living in the wrong country can entirely spoil your life, and for that reason, I strongly recommend you to abandon it as soon as possible.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.