trustFriendship is a very relative concept. There are people who believe in real friendship. I don’t know about your position, but most of people have friends. Friends embellish our life to some extent. A person who has no friends is very lonely, and loneliness has never made somebody happy. There are millions of people who suffer from loneliness. At the same time, being lonely have several advantages. Loneliness is the destiny of great souls. These are the words of a famous philosopher Artur Schopenhauer. For some people, loneliness may be very beneficial. Others suffer from it. Insightful and smart people usually have fewer friends. A good psychologist knows people very well, and therefore, he does not befriend everyone.

I believe that everything in our life is temporary. Every relationship between people will end. The attitude between a parent and his child is more permanent. That is why I do not believe in real friendship. Maybe I have not encountered the appropriate people whom I would befriend? Maybe I do not need any friends because I am too ambitious, and consequently, I do not have any free time to share with my friends. There may be loads of other reasons why I do not take friendship so seriously as other people do. 

It does not matter whether you believe in a real friendship or not, you must be aware that everything in our life is temporary. A person’s attitude towards you can change anytime, and you must be ready for that. Sometimes, it may be very dangerous to trust the people whom you consider to be your friends. You may befriend anyone you wish. However, I suggest you keep your secrets to yourself. 

Here are a few reasons why you should never trust your friends.


That is absolutely true. Everything in our life is temporary. A parent may love their children all the time, but friends, change their attitude very frequently. Your friends stick with you because they have some motivation to contact you. It is always necessary to talk to someone. You may visit clubs and restaurants together. It is not comfortable to visit these places alone. People have many different reasons to befriend you. All of us have different secrets. It may be some data that we do not want to share with other people. Most people trust their secrets to their friends. It may be OK until your friends are still your friends. 

Usually, there are many things that unite different people. Friends are united by something. It may be a hobby or an interest. We change all the time. When the things that were uniting you with your friends disappear, you will see that your friends are not your friends anymore. When you are more successful than your friends, you will recognize that your friends look at you with evil eyes.

I had loads of friends who turned into my enemies. It is really unpredictable. Human nature is the most sophisticated mechanism in our life. You never know how a person will behave. Thus, you should never trust anyone.

Your best friends may become your worst enemies. Believe in my word and be more cautious.


That is true. Envy is one of the most common qualities of people. Only dead souls do not envy anyone. There are many different reasons why people may envy you. A good-looking appearance, a high intellect, a good salary, a huge income, and many other advantageous factors may cause envy in the hearts of your friends. Your friends change their attitude as soon as you outrun them in your life success. Do not believe in clean feelings and devotion. These things were popular several centuries ago. Nowadays, we live in the age of capitalism. Everyone is eager to make as much money as possible. Everyone wants to become richer than his neighbors and friends. I think that real friendship does not exist today. People became too selfish, to be honest, and devoted friends. Most of our time we consider our earnings. We are always not satisfied with our income. These are the main problems that we worry about all the time. Do you think that your friends will be utterly happy when you say that you earned 10 million dollars last month? He may smile or make other fake actions. However, be sure that deep inside he hates you and wishes you a great failure. What do we feel when we hear about someone’s success? Usually, we feel very frustrated because we could not achieve the same level of success. We love people who make us happy, and we hate people who cause bad feelings in our hearts.

Our life is too materialistic. People chase money all their free time. There is almost nothing noble in our societies. Real friendship exists somewhere. However, I do not suggest you fully trust your current friends. Most of them may have very envious souls. They will never show it to you. If they have some opportunities to harm you stealthily, they will definitely do it. 

Never trust your friends and keep your secrets in your heart!     

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.