gloves in the gym


gloves in the gym A few months ago, I used to train without gloves in the gym. For me, wearing gloves was something unimportant. I thought that there will be no difference between training with gloves or without them. At the same time, training without gloves caused some problems. Finally, I defeated my laziness and bought myself gloves. Nowadays, I always wear gloves. Even on leg days, I still wear gloves.

I see loads of men in my gym training without gloves. When you tell them that wearing gloves in the gym has loads of positive benefits, they understand it very. However, none of them hurry to buy a couple of gloves. Now, when I always wear gloves in the gym, I can compare my experience of training without gloves and practice of exercising with gloves. I am sure that absolutely everyone should wear gloves in the gym. Here are some of the major advantages of gloves for heavy lifting.


As I have told you before, I started wearing gloves due to several problems. Firstly, I was unable to hold heavy barbells and dumbbells. I know that you need to hold them very tightly in order not to drop. This was exactly what I was doing. I was holding barbells and dumbbells very tightly. However, due to the pain caused to bare hands, I was forced to put them on the floor. This was the first problem I faced while training without gloves.

This issue did not let me perform such exercises like deadlifts, shrugs, and some isolated exercises with dumbbells. Bench press was also causing some problems.

When I started wearing gloves in the gym, my performance improved. Nowadays, I hold heavy barbells and dumbbells with absolutely no problems. Hence, I can say that enhancement of physical performance is the biggest benefit of wearing gloves in the gym.


If you are enough strong, you will easily hold heavy dumbbells and barbells. However, you will inevitably get some terrible scabs on your loofs. They are annoying, painful, and unesthetic. What is more, these scabs are regular. As long as you hold heavy barbells and dumbbells in your hands, you will get chronical scabs.

I had the same issue while training without gloves. Now, when I wear gloves, I forgot about scabs on my palms. There are no scabs anymore on my palms. Even when I perform heavy shrugs or deadlifts, a thick layer of leather protects my hands from scabs.

Written by Bahtiyar
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