the sexiestThe importance of sex is extremely high for every man and woman. However, it is widely known that men are in need of sex more than women. This is due to a high level of testosterone hormone in the blood of men. Women are less interested in sex than men. Let me tell you something about myself. Usually, I am very easy to get bored with a single-sex partner. I cannot have a single-sex partner for a long period of time. Therefore, I do not know how can some couples still be sexually attracted to each other. My statements may sound very controversial for some family men and women. May they excuse me. I am a single man and I enjoy my freedom. Thanks to GOD I am very good looking and attractive. I have a born talent to easily seduce any woman. My speech is very splendid and eloquent. I am predestined to be successful in every sex hunt I enterprise. That’s why I adore sex travel. I don’t want to dedicate myself to one single woman. I enjoy the variety of my sexual partners and therefore sex travel is my favorite hobby. If you are a newbie in sex travel let me give you some suggestions on how to start traveling sexy.


You may live in the USA or in Europe or anywhere else. What do we usually do before a departure? We try to find some information about the country that we plan to visit. All of us use the Internet for these purposes. Today we are talking about sex tourism and therefore every tip will be connected with sex travel. Take a notebook and write a list of the sexiest countries around the world. How to find the list of the sexiest countries around the world? You may always use the Internet in order to make your searches. I may suggest to you some of the hottest places to visit. These areas are Brazil, Cuba, Argentine, Chile, Venezuela, Chile, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, and Germany. You may continue the list yourself. Identify for yourself which countries will you visit first. I advise you to go to SouthEast Asia and start visiting all countries there. That area is the sexiest zone in the world. After you finish with it, you should go to Latin America and start your sexual hunt there. It is up to you.


As soon as you arrive at your hotel. Take the same notebook, make some searches in Google, and write down the sexiest spots in the current city. You may also ask some local men about the best brothels and places where you may find good prostitutes and easy girls. Write down the list of saunas, brothels, and other sex playgrounds in the city. Visit each one every day. If you have enough time, you may visit several places during the daily time and at night. When you finish visiting places from your list, you may move to another city and repeat the same thing. Make a new list and start visiting the sexiest spots in your location. Use this method in every country and continent in the world. Thus, your sex travel will be more effective and productive.    

Sex travel is really amazing. It makes our life more interesting, exciting, and open-minded. Making sex with local girls in our own country is very boring. Sex travel is essential for every man. I hope you will successfully use and implement my tips and your sex travel will become more effective!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.