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get richDo you want to get rich? Of course, you want, and therefore you, are reading my blog right now. There are many factors that make people rich. Not only your efforts are responsible for getting wealthy. A multitude of different criteria needed to be considered before you start your way. If you go to a library or browse the Internet to find some information on how to get rich, you will find that every writer gives you some tips to do in order to get rich. None of them tells you about the things you must stop doing if you want to get rich. There are several habits that do not let people get rich. You may have enough money or you may earn a lot, but you still may not become wealthy if you continue sticking to these terrible habits. What does getting rich mean? Being rich means to have so much money that you spend it and its amount does not decrease. Some billionaires who have a huge passive income may spend millions of dollars every day and their net worth does not decrease. Do you know why does that happen? These people earn more than they spend. That is the secret. You may be tremendously gifted and educated, but if you have some terrible habits, you won’t ever get rich. Let me tell you something about these dangerous practices.


That is the most dangerous habit that prevents people from getting rich. Let me explain you this in details. Sometimes, I recognize this addiction in myself and I try to get rid of it. You may earn thousands of dollars every week but if you stick to this habit, you will never become wealthy. What happens when you earn ten thousand dollars every month? There are some necessary things that you will need to spend some part of that money at. Usually, they are food, paying for your flat or a house, and transportation. If you have a family, you will need to spend some of that money on your wife and children. These costs are really necessary. You may not save your money by not spend your money on these emergency needs. There may remain a good amount of money after you spend some of it on necessary things. Let us think that six thousand dollars still remain after you have spent four thousand to necessary issues. What do people usually do in this situation? A person that has some additional money will definitely spend it buying himself something that he was dreaming about for a long time. It may be a gadget, a smartphone, a pair of luxurious shoes, a laptop, or anything else. When a person has some money, he hurries to spend it on some desired products and items. This person is confident that next month he will receive the same amount of money. Thus, he will be able to maintain his life for the second month, and definitely, buy himself something that makes him very happy. This is the lifestyle of those people who will never get rich. The same thing will happen if that person earns 100 000 dollars every week. Do you think that a person with such thinking will get rich if he earns 100 000 dollars monthly? Let me tell you what will happen. This person will spend a particular amount of his money on something necessary and then he will spend the rest of it to something more expensive and exclusive. As a result, he will get rid of the remaining amount of money. Even if you earn one million dollars every month, you won’t get rich if you have this lifestyle. 

Usually, I browse different online stores and see some products that I really like. These items are different expensive and luxurious rings, clothes, accessories, technical devices, and other seductive things. I have enough money in my bank account but I avoid spending my money buying myself everything I want. Remember that there is no a limit for a person’s ego. You will always want to buy yourself more and more. If you have ten Lamborghinis, you will definitely want to buy yourself some Ferraris, Porches, and Maseratis. Remember it. Our desires have no limits. If you are not enough rich, you should not immediately spend all the money that you earn. Your income sources won’t always be so profitable as they are now.  

You need to earn more that you spend. You will get rich if you memorize and understand this rule. Save some of your money and invest it. Investing is the only way to get rich. Invest that money in your current business or start a new business.It is very important to increase the amount of your monthly income by investing. You won’t get any result if you immediately spend everything that you earn. Investing some of your money is very important in order to build a regular passive income. 


There are many people who have some money to start a new business. What prevents them from starting it right now? Launching a new business may give you infinite financial opportunities. Making a business is the only possible way to get rich. You may have a good salary but working on a BOSS is not the best way to get rich. These people fear to invest their money in a new business enterprise because they think that it may be risky. Let me tell you that all our life is a pure risk. When you go out from you flat, you face loads of different dangerous risks. You may be killed, robbed, or raped. Yeah, that is true. We live in a dangerous world, and therefore, all our life is an uncontaminated risk.

Every business is a potential risk. You have good chances to generate a good income, and at the same time, you have good chances to lose all your money. All of us are aware of these advantages and disadvantages. If you are afraid of risk, you can stop fancying about getting rich. All millionaires are risky personalities. They could not become rich if they were not risky. The only way to avoid a risk is to find yourself a regular job. You will have an average monthly salary and you will be sure that the next month you will receive the same amount of money. Even a regular job has risks. You may be fired or a company may become a bankrupt, and you will lose your job. Our life is a whole risk. Do you know that at the moment when you are reading this blog post, your life is at a great risk? It is very probable that you are inside a building right now. An earthquake may happen now and you may die with your laptop.

Every business enterprise requires some investments. You won’t start a business if you are not capable of investing something in it. Simultaneously, your future business does not guarantee you anything. You may make a great profit or you may lose the money you have invested. People who are very scared of financial risks won’t ever get rich. Every business is connected with a risk, and therefore, entrepreneurship is not their profession.  

Our life is too short, and as a result, it is necessary to make some risky actions. If you see some business opportunities, you should definitely use them. I understand that you will have some financial risks. Having them is unavoidable. Learn to be courageous. Even if you loose your money, your life will continue and you will have more money to invest. Have you ever seen a person who died because of bankruptcy? There are some people who committed suicides because of it. I am aware of this fact but I have never seen someone died because of losing his money. Even if you lose your money, your life will continue. You will still earn some money and you will be able to invest again.

The fear of  financial risks is one of the most dangerous habits that won’t let you get wealthy. Get rid of it as soon as possible. 


Pessimists are usually realists. They see the reality of things. These people do not feed themselves with different fairytales and try, to be honest with themselves. This quality may be very helpful because it lets you make very accurate and exact plans. Optimists are usually too self-confident. They may think of themselves to be superbly exclusive. An exceedingly high self-estimation is not the best quality in business. 

 Pessimism  may be beneficial in some cases, but usually, being too pessimistic may be a very dangerous habit for your prosperity. There are thousands of businessmen that fail before they start. They make so pessimistic estimations and conclusions that they do not even start an enterprise. I am aware of the fact that it is very necessary to make a detailed analysis and plan before you start a business. However, it is impossible to predict everything in our changing world.  Failing before starting is a terrible thing.  People who are too pessimistic will never get rich. It is necessary to be optimistic and realistic. Let us be honest with ourselves. Do not encourage yourself with something imaginable. Be practical and forget about your fancies. 

Being too pessimistic in your business predictions is the habit that always prevents you from becoming a rich person. Be realistic and forget about being too pessimistic. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.