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husband betrays his wifeIn my previous article, I have explained the reasons why a wife betrays her husband. Today, I will describe some situations that lead to betrayal from the side of a husband. Some people tend to think that male betrayal is an absolutely natural thing. People assume that betraying is the second nature of every man. To be honest, I do not agree with this assumption. If a husband betrays his wife, there must be a lot of significant reasons that make him be disloyal. I am not married yet, however, I am absolutely sure that I will never be satisfied by a single woman. Making sex with the same girl every day will fully exhaust me very soon. What is more, if your wife is not so blossoming and beautiful as she used to be a couple of years ago, you will have a lot of motivation to start betraying her. Women and men have different thinking, worldview, and psychology. We can say that men and women think in different ways. It is absolutely clear that sex is less important for women than for men. Some people assume that men are obsessed with sex. I agree with this opinion to some extent. However, it is necessary to mention that not all men are obsessed with sex. There are loads of men who do not even think about sex. These individuals are preoccupied with more important things than sex. Usually, these are careerists and maximalists. I belong to their group. Today, when I am a mature man, sex is not as interesting for me as it was when I was 18 or 19 years old. Anyways, sexual dissatisfaction is the main reason why a husband starts betraying his wife. I do not like overgeneralizing different things, and therefore, let me give you some detailed explanations on this topic.


As I have previously mentioned, sexual dissatisfaction is the main factor causing a husband to betray his wife. For men, sex means much more than for women. Women do not have that high level of testosterone that would make them think about sex for several hours and even days. The level of testosterone in women is much less. This factor makes women be less eager of having sexual desires and fantasies. Nonetheless, it is necessary to mention that women are not deprived of lusty thoughts.

A husband might be sexually dissatisfied because of several reasons. Let me describe some of them.


This is one of the common reasons why a husband starts losing his interest towards his wife. Women are not always beautiful and seductive. Usually, they look gorgeous with tons of makeup. Without makeup, most of the women are not even beautiful. Therefore, I claim that a handsome man is much more attractive than a beautiful woman. If a woman is beautiful, she is usually so gorgeous by the help of her makeup. Mainly, if a man is handsome, his attractiveness is natural. A handsome man does not use any makeup to look gorgeous. This is why I think that a handsome man deserves more attention than a woman who merely looks so beautiful.

Usually, after a few months of getting married, a wife starts losing her beauty. A husband and a man are already adapted to each other. Therefore, a wife thinks it unnecessary to look sexy. Before the marriage, she was strongly motivated to captivate her potential husband’s attention and desire. Now, when everything is done, she lost all of her stimuli to be in tonus. During the pregnancy, most of the women lose most of their appeal. After the pregnancy, most of the women get their bodies spoiled. I have seen loads of women before and after their pregnancy. To be honest, their bellies and hips look truly disgusting after the pregnancy. I made sex with a girl who was 18 years old. He body was better than bodies of the famous models, female singers, and actresses. She was like a sweet cherry. Making sex with her was a pure pleasure for me. I made sex with the same girl after her pregnancy. To be honest, her baby spoiled the look of her belly. She is not as beautiful and sexy as she used to be before her pregnancy. Therefore, when a wife loses her appeal, her husband will definitely give up being interested and attracted to her sexually and emotionally. I am a man and I know what every man wants to have. All of us love curvy and shaped bodies. If a woman is not beautiful anymore, she will stop being attractive to a man. This is the famous law of a man’s nature.

When a husband realizes that his wife is not beautiful anymore, he will start looking for someone who looks prettier and sexier. This situation is absolutely inevitable. Therefore, if you are a woman and you are interested in having your husband loyal, pay attention to your look. Go to fitness centers. Be always in tonus.

Beauty is not the only factor that satisfies a man in bed. To be honest, I made sex with loads of girl who were not truly beautiful and pretty, but at the same time, our sex was truly awesome. For this reason, I conclude that being beautiful is not enough to give a person some sexual satisfaction. Thus, there are loads of other reasons that might make a husband sexually dissatisfied. Here is some of them.


For men, oral sex matters very much. Almost all men love watching porn videos. All of us are impressed by oral skills of porn stars such as Aletta Ocean, Tori Black, Asa Akira, Christy Mack, and others. Almost every husband wants to get such awesome blowjobs as we see in porn. Of course, it is not correct to demand the same professional blowjobs from a woman who is not a porn star. Nonetheless, a husband always wishes his wife to be professional in the oral job. It might be good if a woman loves oral sex. Otherwise, a husband will definitely find someone else to satisfy his sexual desires. Thus, if a wife is bad at oral sex or she simply does not life doing it, it is very probable that her husband will betray her.


Marrying a frigid woman can cause a lot of problems for men. An unemotional and frigid woman is the last thing I would like to have in my bed. A woman might have a gorgeous body, however, if she is not emotional enough, sex with her will be the worst thing you have in your life. Thus, a husband needs emotions in bed. If his wife does not give him what he wants, he will definitely betray her as much as possible.

As you see, sexual dissatisfaction is one of the main reasons why a husband betrays his wife. I have divided this section into three parts, and have not described all the reasons that might cause sexual dissatisfaction yet.


diversityIf you have read my article dedicated to the reasons why a wife betrays her husband, you already know that women love sexual diversity. Since men are more obsessed with sex, they are eager of sexual diversity more than women. In some cases, this inclination to diversity causes betrayal. Even if your wife is the most beautiful and the sexiest woman in the world, you will definitely want to try something new. Her gorgeous breast, sweet butt, and hot vagina do not look so attractive to a husband anymore. He starts looking for something new. All of us are human beings, and therefore, we get tired of old things very soon. Diversity in everything makes us healthier.


a husband hates his wifeI have told you, that sometimes, a wife starts hating her husband. In this situation, her betrayal is a sign of her hatred. A husband, who hates own wife, does not betray for the sake of revenge. This man is stressed and depressed. He looks for some warmness and love. If his wife does not give him what he wants, a husband will start to betray her.

These are some of the common factors making a husband betray his wife. Of course, I did not intend to give you a full list of the reasons that cause disloyalty among the married couples. This would be a very long narration. I hope to continue this theme in my future articles.

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