Comparing capitalism with socialism is one of the most popular topics of philosophers, politicians, sociologists, scientists, and other people of knowledge. I enjoy comparing these two ideologies. I am a fan of capitalism and I have never lived in a socialistic country. My nature is more inclined to be capitalistic. Socialism is opposed to human nature. People around the world cannot be the same. Since we have different genes, our capabilities and talents are different. What do socialists claim? They state that everybody should be the same. God decided that people won’t be the same. God decided that some people will be rich and some will be poor. It is God’s decision and socialists opposing it. At the same time, capitalism gives every individual opportunity and ability to develop himself and achieve his personal goals. Capitalism fits my character and temperament.  

I think that I have gone too far because I did not intend to dedicate this blog post to compare Capitalism with Socialism. However, it was very necessary for me to give you this short preface in order to provide you with further explanations. All of us are individuals. Every individual has different goals and ambitions. The main purpose of every government is to provide its citizens with possible career and business opportunities. Everyone should live in a society and environment that let him develop and enhance his skills and talents. You should not serve your society. Remember that your society and your government should serve you. I have been in different situations. I am aware of the fact that the influence of a society on its individuals may be very harmful and dangerous. Consequently, it is necessary to know that there might be some occasions when you will need to exclude yourself from your society in order to self-preserve your soul and remain to be successful. Here is the list of significant signs that you should exclude yourself from your society as soon s possible


Usually, we know and recognize our intellectual prevalence over other people. This sign does not apply to people who tend to overestimate themselves. You should be really cleverer than other people. Do not over-estimate yourself and your academic skills. If you are honest with yourself and you really think that you are much cleverer than other people from your society, it is time for you to exclude yourself from that society. There is nothing more dangerous for your mind than being with stupid people. You will never benefit from communicating with someone silly. You need to be with people who are smarter than you in order to develop and enhance. How will it affect you if you continue being amongst stupid people? One of the common consequences of it is that they will reject you. When stupid people see that you are cleverer than you, they will reject you from their group. It is a common thing. You are not similar to them and therefore you need to be excluded. Rule out yourself before they exclude you. 


Our genes are our base. When your genes are superb, you will be a superb person. Our intellectual abilities and skills are inherited from our predecessors. People have different types of talents. Some people have sportive, musical, intellectual, artistic, and other talents. What does happen when an individual outrun other members of a group? As a rule, such smart personalities become outcasts in the group. Let me tell you my story. I have a very strong inclination for being an extremely individualistic personality. You may think that it is selfishness. Yes, it may be, because some people don’t see any difference between individualism and selfishness. These two words may be synonyms. So let me tell you that I always want to be a leader in everything. This quality did not change since my childhood. The same thing was with me while I was studying at high school. I was the smartest student in my classroom. I was the best footballer in my school. Do you know what was I doing while playing football? I was striving to score as many goals as possible. I never shared a ball with other members of my team. I scored huge numbers of goals. I remember a school football championship. During a match, I have scored five goals and my team won that football battle. Isn’t it good? Every time when you succeed, you will have loads of enemies and enviers. That exactly what happened to me. Since I was the best footballer, other boys decided to exclude me from the team. So what was the result? As a result, they never won a single match. The same thing was happening to me in studying. I was the smarteST guy in my classroom. My homework was always ready and my scores were the best. My individualism helped me to achieve my ambitions but at the same time, I was hated by everyone. I never care about someone’s hatred. Being the best costs a lot of things. Sometimes it is a common hatred, envy, anger, and loneliness. We have to pay for our success and talents. 

If you are more gifted and talented than others, try to exclude yourself as soon as possible. Sticking to your society won’t benefit you. What will happen to you if you do not isolate yourself?  Everyone will hate you and they are already hating you because you overrun them. Hatred is OK since they do not physically harm you. What happens when you are better than others? Others will realize this fact and they will try to destroy you if it is possible. Human beings are very envious. 


How do we usually think? What are the things that formulate our plans and objectives? Typically, our thinking and future plans are dependent on our current potential. It is clear that a billionaire thinks in a different way than a man who earns two thousand dollars each month. The second man’s thinking is limited by his abilities. A billionaire has billions of dollars and it lets him think globally. He is not limited or restricted by any kinds of different financial circumstances. A billionaire is absolutely free in his choice. That what exactly happens with every one of us. Our current potential predestines our future plans and objectives. If you are a handsome and attractive man, you may plan to go to Hollywood and try to become an actor. Why not? It is absolutely possible. Do members of your society have the same charm and appearance that you have? I guess that they do not have. That means that they are different from you. You outrun them. Thus, they are not able to think the way you think, because their potential is very limited. What is communication? Communication is when two or even more people exchange their thoughts, ideas, and plans. So let us imagine you, talking with someone whom you outrun in every field. You may be telling them that your plan is to go to Holywood and they may plan to become guards in some companies. So how does it look from aside? Very funny.  Hence, your plan exchanging may result in hatred. People realize that they do not have the same qualities you have. Sometimes it may cause different conflict situations. If you recognize these signs, you should immediately exclude yourself from your society. It will be easier for you to think individually. If you outrun others, be lonely or with someone who is equal to you. Otherwise, you will cause only hatred, anger, and envy. 

Socialism can be beneficial in dangerous situations like wars, different disasters, earthquakes, and other troubles. However, being individualistic is the best option for someone who wants to be a leader and go beyond everyone else.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.