self-confidentSelf-confidence plays one of the most important roles in our success. I am enough courageous to state that self-confidence is 50% of your life success. You may be knowledgeable and educated enough, but if you are not confident in yourself, you won’t achieve any progress in the field of your daily activity. At the same time, someone who has less knowledge and education than you may seem more intelligent and competitive just because he is self-confident. If you ask people what is the most important tip to be always successful, most of them will tell you that self-confidence is the major factor of any progress.

Now when we know how it is important to be a self-confident person, let me suggest you some tips to become self-confident.


It is very popular to become a fan of someone famous. Being a fan is inevitable in teenage because at this time a person has a very low self-estimation. Usually when people grow up their self-estimation increases and they give up making themselves different icons, idols, and heroes. Television, Hollywood, and other entertainment agencies embellish singers, actors, sportsmen and other celebrities.  These industries want you to overestimate celebrities. As long as you are a fan of somebody, the industry has its financial income. This is the main strategy of show business. You should not overestimate anyone. Those people whom you see on TV are just like you and you may be even more attractive and beautiful than famous people. Make some researches on Google and try to find photos of celebrities when they have no makeup. You will see that some of them are extremely ugly and disgusting. You see them on TV only when they have tons of makeup on their faces. The only difference between you and celebrities is that you are not famous. You may be more talented and gifted than famous people and you should be conscious of this fact.  When you consider about the reality, you will find out that there is no a single reason for you to adore and be a fan of someone. When you do so, your self-estimation decreases and you are not able to be a self-confident person. 

In order to become self-confident, you need to get rid of your idols, icons, heroes and all celebrities whom you adore. 



Usually, people tend to compare themselves with others. We compare our height, beauty, financial status, talents, the attractiveness of our bodies. In order to feel confident, we always need to know and remember about our advantages over other people. Someone may be physically very week, but at the same time this person is a millionaire and this factor compensates his low self-estimation. A girl may have a small breast, but her butts size is amazing and eye-catching. Look at Jennifer Lopez. She has a very small breast but her ass is worldwide famous. Look at Tom Cruise. His height is not sufficient to make him attractive but at he is internationally famous and rich. Live compensates our disadvantages with other advantages that let us feel very comfortable. 

Discover your advantages. They may be your beauty, seductive shape of your body, sexy voice, different talents which are rare in your society. You need to know and remember your advantages over other people in order to be a self-confident personality.     


All of us have a self-estimation. Sometimes it increases and sometimes it decrease. Its growth and descend depends on many factors. The major problem is that usually people’s self-estimation and self-confidence is based on how other people estimate and value them. This is a common mistake. Let us analyze this situation. Should you ever care what people think about you? Some of your closest people may tell you the truth and they will be honest. One of these people is your mother and even she may be insincere with you on different occasions. So what is your relationship with other people? Do you trust your girlfriends? People are envious and they are happy when you have problems. Don’t hope that someone will try to make you feel self-confident and happy. You will find that most of the people will try to do the opposite thing.

If you don’t want to give up on your way to becoming a self-confident person you should have your own independent self-estimation which is not dependent on other people’s opinions regarding you!

Implementing the above-mentioned tips and always remembering that you are unique and there is no one in the whole universe who resembles you, will let you become a self-confident personality.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.