avoidYour psychological skills may save you time and your nerves. How often do you deal with women who do not suit your preferences and needs? I think you are often disappointed and frustrated by your choices. This may be possible because none of us is able to identify a woman’s personality at the first sight. You need to spend some time thinking about and analyzing her words and behavior. You will undeniably need some time to study her.  I have a huge experience in communicating with women, but I also make some mistakes. There are loads of women in the world and all of them are of different psychological types. Thus, all women have different intentions and objectives. Why do we need and want women? All men have different inclinations, and therefore, let me answer this question from my personal point of view. I am never interested in a woman’s money because I have enough of it. I want a woman to enjoy my life with her. We want women because it is very pleasurable to be with them. Men are naturally attracted to women and this is our nature. However, women may have very diverse intentions. There are masses of gold diggers and other fraudulent women around the globe. Women are usually very mercenary and that is their nature. Those women who do not need a man’s money are usually rich and some of them do not need men at all.  The financial independence of a woman makes her very emancipated and some of these women have already become feminists. 

Let us avoid this long narration and come closer to the main topic of my blog post. Men and women have different aims and objectives. You want to find yourself an emotional and sweet girl to have a strong and serious relationship. Let me help you to do this. I will give you the list of different women types that you will need to avoid in your life. These women won’t bring you anything good, and therefore, do not waste your time with them. 


These women are very ambitious. Usually, they are selfish. Careerists concentrate their efforts on their life ambitions. Romantic relationships are secondary to them and they do not care about them too much. Some of these women are gifted or have a gorgeous appearance. Their self-estimation is very high, and therefore, they think that they deserve to have great success. Careerist does not value human relationships. They may be attracted to men when they see some career opportunities in their attitude. These women seek new financial opportunities, and everyone who can potentially help them may become their boyfriend or a husband. This type of woman is parasitic. They use men. Some men may be needed to help them in achieving their career goals and ambitions. 

Men want to be loved by their women. I guess that you want to find yourself hot women who will truly adore you. If I am right, you should avoid careerist. They have a pity amount of empathy. These women are incapable of feeling other people. These women are never satisfied because they think that they deserve more. A careerist will agree to be alone in order to achieve all her goals. She won’t take care of you and she does not need you. All she wants and loves are money, wealth, fame, a successful career, a business, and all other materialistic things.

Pay attention to her words and you will certainly identify her true intentions. She may talk too much about money, fame, being a star, wealth, and other things. If she does it, you may be sure that she is a careerist. Do not waste your time with her. Avoid these women and you will meet someone who will truly love you. 


Do you know the main difference between a careerist and a gold digger? Both of them want the same things but they use different tools to achieve their ambitions. A careerist does not need a man in order to succeed. Usually, these women are very smart and gifted. Most of them are well educated and they are very hardworking. A careerist thinks that all success depends on herself, and thus, she does not rely on anyone. Her main life goals are money, wealth, success, and other materialistic things. Gold diggers are usually very gorgeous and they use their attractive appearance to manipulate different people.  A gold digger is fully dependent on a man. She usually seeks for some rich victims and uses them to get what she wants. Gold diggers are usually not eager of a successful career. They will be fully satisfied if they have enough money to satisfy their daily needs. Careerists are more idealistic, hardworking, and intentional than gold diggers. 

Gold diggers may give you some pleasure because they are specialized in it. They are very good psychologists and they know how to make their men feel well and comfortable. Let me tell you that she will be good with you as long as you have money to spend on her. If you are bankrupt or you refuse to buy her a new toy, she will abandon you. That what happens when you deal with a gold digger. These women are not interested in your handsome face or your muscle body. The only thing she wants from you is your money. Do you need this type of relationship? You may need it if you are very old, sick, and ugly man. You may have no other options in your life. If no one may love you except for money, you can have some attitude with a gold digger. Though, if you want to have a serious relationship and you wish your woman to love, you need to avoid gold diggers. 


A frigid woman can be your greatest trouble. I usually pity those men who were so unlucky to marry emotionally cold women. What can be more terrible than this? These women do not express their emotions and feelings. I do not know their internal world but it is very probable that these women do not have any emotions. So should we blame them? No, we definitely should not do it. It is not their fault. Frigidity is inherited from their predecessors. Look at Asian women. They are Internationally recognized to be the warmest and the most emotional women in the world. Women in South America are also very sensitive and hot. European and American women are cold and emotionally poorer than Asian and Latin girls. These are widely accepted and recognized facts. Do you know the main reason why so many European men visit Southeast Asia? They do it because they are seriously tired of frigid European girls. I do not claim that all European and American women are emotionally cold and I hope you won’t be insulted. I make average conclusions. I am aware of the fact that there are some exceptionally hot and emotional women in Europe and the USA. There are always loads of exceptions around the globe. I know a lot of frigid girls and I have had serious relationships with some of them. Let me tell you that it is not the best thing a man may want in his life. Sex with a frigid woman is really terrible. The whole attitude of frigid girls is very poor and cold. Her kisses and hugs will be very cold and you certainly will want to stop your relationship.  

 Emotions are the most important factor in any human relationship. We may make business with no emotions and it will be more beneficial. However, in a relationship between a man and a woman, emotions and feelings are utterly significant. I wish you have a hot and emotional girl who will always make you happy with her warm smile and passionate kisses. Avoid emotionally cold women and you will be happy. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.