promote your bookWriting your book and publishing is very easy. It does not require any professional skills and experience. Mos of the writers have financial intentions and they write their books in order to make some money. Other writers treat writing and publishing as a way of spreading and sharing their ideas and thoughts. The majority of writers strive to sell as many books as possible and make a business. Usually, beginning writers are very inspired and they think that they need to merely publish their books and money will start coming to their bank account. These expectations are unreal. You may write a great masterpiece but if you do not promote and advertise it, no one will buy it. There are thousands of books on Amazon which are not visible in the huge crowd of different books. I have met people who tried to write and self-publish their books but they still have not sold a single book. It may seem very easy to make money by writing, but do not be deceived by your first impressions and expectations. Those who have already written and published their books may be interested in the methods and tips that will help them to effectively promote their books. A good promotion may boost your sales and build you a regular passive income. Today, we are talking about books and let me give you the list of the most effective tools to promote your book.


Amazon is the best place to sell your books online. I publish my books only on Amazon and it is definitely the most effective place for online trade. No matter what you sell, Amazon will let you make a good business. I have a big experience in this field. Publishing my books on different online stores such as SmashWords, LuLu, and BookTaango did not give me any results. I didn’t sell even a single book using different stores, and I know a lot of writers who have the same situation. Most of my sales come from Amazon, and therefore, I do not advise you to waste your time trying to sell your books somewhere else. If you have already published your book on Amazon, you will be able to use its free promotion tools. Amazon gives its writers an ability to promote their books during 5 days in every 90 days period. You will be able to promote your book for free once in three months. That means that your book will be available for free on Amazon during a short period of 5 days. It is not enough to merely set up your promotion and expect that you will make millions of sales. Most of the new writers do not know how to appropriately use this promotion tool. It can be really effective if your book is included in KDP (Kindle Direct Select) because every page read by people will give you money. More people read your book, more money you will earn. If you are not aware of KDP terms, you should learn about them as soon as possible. Let me give you some effective tips in order to use this promotion maximally and money tons of making.


When your promotion is already set, you will need to tell people that your book is available for free on Amazon. Your promotion time is very limited. You may promote every book during a short period of 5 days once in three months period. Therefore, you should use it correctly. Share your news with people and let them know that your book is free on Amazon. Thus, more people will be aware of your promotion. Usually, when a promotion time is limited, people struggle not to lose their chance, and hence, they will get it as soon as possible. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, and other networks to tell your potential readers about your free book promotion. This will drive people to your Amazon book page and they will get it for free. If your readers are subscribed to KDP, every single page read by a reader will give you money. 

No one is aware of your free book promotion, and consequently, you will need to deliver your message to your potential readers. You may use every possible tool in order to promote your book. Advertise your book on GoodReads during your promotion or place your banners on different bookstores and sites. It is exceptionally important to advertise your book promotion in order to make more sales. Using the Amazon’s free book promotion tool won’t be effective if you do not advertise your promotion. 


Social networks are visited by millions of people in the world every day. Do not underestimate the importance of social networks in your promotion strategy. You may want to promote your book on a specific website which may have a huge traffic. Are you sure in the quality of this traffic? Be aware of the fact that 60% of the Internet traffic is generated by bots. Bots are not real visitors, and therefore, they are useless. You may visit a website, look at its Alexa rating and become amazed by its popularity. Alexa can be very easily tricked and cheated. Do not rely on this factor. One of the advantages of social networks is their traffic. Social networks have a high-quality traffic and you won’t have any doubts whether your advertisement is shown to real people or to bots. There are many Kindle groups on Facebook. Join these groups and regularly post your promotion message there. Thus, your potential readers will be aware of your books. Post information on your timeline. Use all social networks in order to promote your book. You may also use paid ads advertising. This type of promotion may be CPM or CPC and it may be very effective. I think that advertising on social networks is better than advertising on other websites, and as a result, I recommend you to use it.


GoodReads is Amazon’s project. It is a social network that connects readers with writers. Register there and open an author page. Upload your photos, write your biography, and tell people about your books. GoodReads offers an advertising service. You may promote and advertise your book on GoodReads and it won’t cost you too much. GoodReeds has the same CPM and CPC systems. Your book will be visible to millions of book-lovers on GoodReads. I think that it is one of the best ways to promote your book online. This web portal has a huge traffic, and therefore, your promotion will be very effective.


Giveaways is another effective way to promote your book online. A giveaway itself does not give you any profit because you are giving your books for free, and additionally, your will spend your money to make these gifts. Giveaways create a buzz amongst your potential readers. It delivers them a message about your book and they may buy it in future. A giveaway is a kind of a hidden and stealthy promotion. Usually, people hate advertisements and promotions. Consequently, business marketers have created different types of promotions that are less officious. Stealthy promotions are more effective and they will easily boost your sales. If you have never tried making giveaways, you should do it. Spend some money and spread your books for free. Watch the results. If your giveaways are effective and they have improved your business, you should use this method on a regular base.   

Promotions must be the necessary tool of your marketing strategy, You won’t be successful if you don’t promote your books. You need to advertise them in order to sell. I have mentioned the most effective instruments you may use in order to carry out a very successful promotion. There are plenty of other promotion methods which I have not explained in this post. I do not advise you to use them because they are less effective than the methods which I have already suggested you in this article. Practice. Try every possible method to promote your book. Watch the result and choose the most effective tool that seriously boosts your sales. Emphasize your efforts on it. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.