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travelingNo doubts, traveling is a wonderful thing. Millions of people enjoy their travel lifestyle. At the same time, there are loads of people who realize benefits and advantages of traveling but they do not have enough courage to start traveling. Travelling is not a thing that may require you to be a very brave person but there may be some situations when a person cannot start traveling. Some really serious reasons may exist or a person may be afraid of different issues that are imagined in his mind. So is traveling so scary and dangerous? Do you remember your first travel on your own? There are two ways of traveling. First of them is when you exactly now that someone will meet you at the airport, you will go to a particular place, and do something you want to do. This type of traveling is a planned trip. There is also another way to travel and I call it a blind trip because no one will meet you at the airport, you have no idea what hotel you will choose, and so on. Usually, we book our hotels before we arrive at a country. Have you ever had an experience in a blind travel? You may have not, but let me tell that I have traveled to some countries using a blind method. Sometimes I even did not book a hotel to stay. You may think that it is a common thing to visit a country where you don’t know anyone but there are people who afraid of this. Travelling is a life-changing activity and therefore lots of people afraid of it. Let me give you the list of common reasons preventing people from traveling.


Usually, this is one of the most significant reasons preventing people from traveling. All of us have people whom we love. They are our parents, relatives, friends, girlfriends & boyfriends, and of course our children. It seems impossible to leave them and start traveling. People who have no emotional attachments usually travel with a great ease. They do not have anyone to worry about and therefore it is not difficult for them to abandon their place of living. I am still not married because I am conscious of the responsibility I will have if I marry. First of all, I will be responsible for my wife and secondly, for my children. Having a family is very serious dependability and therefore, if you adore traveling, you should not hurry up with it. There may be a group of people who says that it is possible to travel the world with you family. Well, I do not deny this fact but let me tell you that traveling alone and traveling with you wife and children are different things. I am a fan of traveling lonely because I see a lot of advantages in it. Will you be able to have sex with local women if you travel with your wife? You may do it very stealthily but if you have such intentions, it will be better for you to travel without your family. There are people who love their friends and cannot imagine their life without them. Another thing preventing people from traveling is their children. It is very difficult for people to abandon their children. A person who has children has two choices if he wants to start traveling. The first option is to travel together with children and the second is making short trips. Thus, a traveler may satisfy his eagerness to traveling and at the same time he won’t abandon his children for a long period of time

Emotional attachments may be one of the most powerful factors preventing people from traveling.


Travelling means moving and usually, during our trips, we have to move from one country to another and from one city to another. Transportation costs money. Plane tickets are not cheap. We do not exclude finances spent to hotels, hostels, or flats. We need to have enough money in order to travel. While we travel, our money decreases in its amount. If your income is not passive, you won’t be able to travel much. We know such things called “vacations.” What does it mean to have a vacation? Usually, a person works a whole year and in summer he goes somewhere to have a rest. These trips do not last long. Most of the perpetual travelers are freelancers, or their income does not depend on a regular job. They do not need to go to an office and sit there for 8 hours every day. 

The absence of funds is one of the most significant factors preventing people from traveling. 


There are people who have never left their country. For me and you it may sound ridiculous. It is not my personal opinion. There are people who have never abandoned their own city or A country. I have met such people several times. It is absolutely common that these people do not want to travel. Imagine that all of us are very poor people and there is no such a thing called “wealth”. Imagine that we do not understand and realize this conception. Would you have any motivation to get rich? Would you want to eat a banana if you do not know what does a banana mean? Of course, you won’t. This what exactly happens with people who have never traveled. They have never felt the pleasure of being free. Their worldview and thinking are limited by the borders of their own country. Usually, these people adapt themselves to this parochial lifestyle. They do not wish anything more. There are millions of people who have never traveled and therefore they do not have any motivation to start traveling.


American and European people are very open-minded. Curiosity is in their blood. They are very excited to visit new places, get to know with different cultures and nations, customs and traditions. Remember that people are different. There are people in the world who prefer another lifestyle. Their life begins and ends in one particular country and city. They do not want anything else. These people may think that traveling is a mere waste of time. Terms like “good” and “bad” are very relative and therefore we have no rights to judge them.

A parochial national mentality is another factor preventing people from traveling.

I did not intend to mention all thing that may prevent a person from traveling. However, I have already mentioned the most common of them.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.