smart personThere are loads of people who consider that being smart is something amazing and pleasurable. They claim such misconceptions because they have never been smart. People envy those people who are clever. But does being clever worth it? You have heard many times that genius people are regular clients and visitors of psychiatric clinics. This is true. A smart person is usually more stressed and depressed. Being more self-conscious does not make you happier. Remember that, and do not strive to become a smart person. There is no exact number or percentage of smart people in the world, but the number of enormously smart people is definitely much less than the number of people with average intellectual abilities. Do you think that you are a smart person? You are enough smart because you are reading this blog post. You could simply surf the Internet, watching porn films, or chatting with your friends, but you decided to read this blog. You did it because you may think that my posts may benefit you. You are right and your ability to choose beneficial things for yourself is the first sign that you are a smart person. Let me give you the list of other things that may be signs of your extraordinary intellectual potential.


A smart person is usually in a bad mood. He is not a person who is able to have fun and enjoy their life. No matter how much money or fame he has, a smart person is never satisfied with his condition and status. Usually, a smart person is a maximalist all his life. Some people tend to say that maximalism is a feature of young people. This saying does not apply to smart people. They have a high self-estimation and therefore it is very common when a smart person is very self-demandштп. If a smart person writes a book, he strives to make it a bestselling book. If he does not achieve this goal, he will fall into a deep depression. Clever people are constant thinkers and therefore they realize that our world is not perfect. Sometimes they strive to find their life purpose and when they cannot find it, they may think that their life is useless. Stress and depression are regular mind conditions of every smart person. Sometimes they blame themselves for the things they could not achieve in past and thus, they make their life very sad. 

If you find these features in yourself, you may think that you are a smart person. Stupid people never think too much and therefore, they enjoy their life. A stupid person never cares about his life success, fame, fortune, and wealth. He needs to merely satisfy his basic instinctive needs, in order to be happy. 


Loneliness is the destiny of great souls. This famous saying is absolutely correct. Clever people are predestined to be alone. If you have always wondered about the reasons of your loneliness, now you know, that your intellect may be on of its reasons. There are many different things that prevent clever people from being very communicative. What is the main activity of a smart person? What is the thing clever people do most of their time? This thing is THINKING. Smart people always think and it does not give them any ability to be able to FEEL. Every friendship is an emotional attachment to another person and if you have no emotions, you won’t be able to befriend someone. I have met some people who are incapable of abandoning their own country. When I ask them about the reason, they tell me that they are attached to their friends. I am unable to understand these people because I have never had real friends in my life. I really don’t know what does friendship mean. All my life I am busy with my business and different projects. I merely don’t have any time to befriend someone. For some of you, my situation may seem very weird, but I am sure that there are loads of people who understand me and share my feelings. 

Loneliness is the destiny of smart people. There is a multitude of different reasons that make clever people lonely. 

Having no friends may be one of the signs that you are a smart person.


What are the things that are responsible for our intellectual skills and abilities? All of you will agree that brain is responsive to our intellectual activity. There are two types of people. The first type is inclined to a physical work and the second has a serious inclination to perform intellectual work. These groups of people were created for different purposes. The first crowd was created to perform physical work and the second group is predestined to act in intellectual fields. All of us are aware of our capabilities and talents. If you are extremely lazy when it comes to physical work, but you can easily write a book, that may mean that you are a smart person. I do not deny the fact that there are people who are exceptionally good in both types of activities, but let me state that these people are very rare in every community. I am good at work which needs analytical and logical skills. I am a good thinker and psychologist. Sometimes, it is very hard for me to clean my dishes, but I can easily write a great book. 

Good intellectual skills may be some of the signs that you are a smart person.


Clever people are very individualistic. They always have their personal opinion regarding everything in the world. They may not agree with politicians and famous scientific researchers, they may ignore the common rules and facts. These are the most common features of smart people. There are two groups of people in a whole society. The first group consists of mass people. These are people of a crowd. They never think and consider too much. Such personalities think that it is easier to go with the flow and not to overload their minds with additional considerations and analysis. The second group consists of smart individuals who usually ignore the crowd. They isolate themselves to be more individualistic. These people have their own opinion regarding every aspect of life. Their opinions may be unpopular. Powerful people are always afraid of these smart individuals because their controversial ideas and opinions may influence the crowd. 

You may be very smart if your opinion always differs from others. 

If you are a mature person, you already know whether you are smart or not. The above-mentioned signs will simplify your self-identification. Watch yourself and analyze your behavior because you may be one of the smartest people in the world.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.