boring lifeDo you have an exciting life or are you bored? You may find loads of blog posts that will teach how to make your life very interesting and versatile. The title of my post may be very funny. I realize the fact that there aren’t any people in the world who want to have a boring life. Most of the people already have tremendously boring life. If they don’t do anything to change it, they may like and enjoy it. I hate everything boring and annoying. This article will represent you some factors that provide you with a superbly boring life. 


That place may be a country or a city. Just live there and do not change your location for a long period of time. This is the best way to make your life very boring. There are different countries in the world. Some of them give their population a huge variety of interesting opportunities and playgrounds. Other cities are very small and people in these towns are usually familiar with every corner in their area. Can you stay in a single city for one year or more? I cannot do it because I won’t be patient enough to survive in this tiresome situation. Do you remember you emotions and feelings when you come to a new place? You are full of positive expectations and you want to explore your new country or a city. That is what exactly happens to me when I arrive at a new destination. This joy and happiness cannot be compared with anything in this life. The ability to explore new geographical locations is a great luck.

Keep staying in a single country for a long period of time and you will guarantee yourself a superbly boring life.


People change themselves but these changes happen once in a few years. Sometimes they do not change.  It is a common thing when a person has the same ideas, plans, and thoughts during his whole life. I am not a conservative person. I thrive to change and see more changes around me. What will you get if you have the same people to communicate with? I think that your dialogue won’t be interesting and it definitely won’t give you any new data. I like comparing people with books. When you see a new book, you are very excited to read it because you do not know its content. When you read it, you will immediately lose your interest. What do you do with your books? My books are staying on my bookshelf and I never read them again. The same thing happens with people. People are books. New people are new books and it is always interesting to read and learn them. When you communicate with the same person, you read one book many times. Keep doing it and you will have a superbly boring life. 


Why our life becomes so boring? The main reason of it is that we stop learning something new. Do you now why your childhood was so interesting? When you are a child you do not know anything and therefore everything is interesting for you. Children explore the world and learn new things. This is the main reason why they have so much interest in their life. Have you ever thought that it is not interesting anymore for you to live?  How often do you have this feeling? I usually have it. It is very dangerous to lose your life interest. Learning new things make our life more exciting. What are the best tools which you may use in order to learn new things? Reading is the best method to obtain new knowledge. Watching different scientific TV programs is also very helpful. 

Do not learn new things and you will definitely have a superbly boring life.  


I see some people who spend several decades doing the same work every day. What can be more boring that this lifestyle? Do you feel very comfortable in your office where you have already spent at least ten years? I may be wrong and I understand that all people are different  and have different opinions and worldviews. My lifestyle and worldview do not let me do the same things day by day. I am very easily tired by any kinds of routine. Sometimes people have no other options. They were born in a poor country. They graduated from a university and chose themselves a profession. These people are not entrepreneurs by their nature. They won’t be able to build a business, and therefore, a regular job is the only option in their situation. They may be bored by the same work but  they are not able to change their destiny.

Keep doing the same work all your life and your life will be superbly boring. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.