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online shoppingToday, I was making physical shopping. Let me tell you about it. I went out from my house at 9 o’clock, and returned back at 14-00 o’clock. Do you think that I bought myself something? I am really very exhausted today. I hate my day. I didn’t buy myself anything. I spent 5 hours going from one shop to another. My demands are very high, and therefore, I could not select myself anything. There are some shoppers who may be happy with things that are available for them. Nevertheless, I am a very capricious shopper. I need high-qualiy products with brand names. So let me tell you that shops of my city could not satisfy my demands. I am really very frustrated and nervous now. I started this blog post because I want to share with you some of my emotions, feeling, and conclusions I have made today. Spending 5 hours visiting different stores, and being unable to find something that you really like, is a very frustrating thing. I wish I didn’t go today anywhere. Now, when I am writing these sentences, I will myself more comfortable. I made a decision today, not to make a physical shopping anymore. It is really very exhausting. From today, I will shop only online because it has more advantages over a physical shopping. Let me explain you something that will encourage you to shop online and forget about wasting your time walking from one store to another.


One of the most important advantages and benefits of online shopping is that it saves our time. You do not need to go somewhere and spend your time walking from one boutique to another. The Internet offers us incredible and extremely comfortable conditions to shop online. Today, we can save a lot of our free time if we prefer online shopping. Thus, we are able to spend our free time making other beneficial things. How much time do you spend shopping in different markets, stores, and boutiques? Usually, it may take 5 hours a day. How will you feel yourself shopping while the weather is extremely hot in your area? Today, the weather in my city is extremely hot and my shopping has almost killed me. The fact that I was not able to buy myself anything, makes me more frustrated. Online shopping is very advantageous because it saves your time. 


Customer support in different boutiques may be superbly awesome. Though, if you decide to shop in different trade markets or other places, you may meet some people who are not polite enough. If you are an introvert, it will be more convenient for you to shop online. Thus, you will avoid thousands of people with negative auras and emotions. I have met lots of people today and I still feel their negative aura. I will be honest and tell you that I have not taken a shower yet. I want to write my blog post in this mind condition. If I take a shower, my frustration and stress will disappear. Let me finish this blog post and I will visit my bathroom. I would not decide to write this blog post if I was in a good mood. As I have told you, online shopping saves your nerves because you won’t need to deal with loads of different people who may be very negative. What do you usually do when you shop online? You select the items, buy them, go to checkout, and that’s all. There are some people who hate exceeding much communication and therefore they try to avoid it. Online shopping home is very advantageous because it is very good for your mental health. 


Merchants in your city may not be stylish and fashionable people. Consequently, they may not sell something that you might like. Today, I have visited different stores and trade markets. I have made a conclusion that all merchant in my city are dummies and they don’t know what to sell. All of them sell the same terrible things. I would not wear their clothes and shoes even for free. They are really disgusting. Today’s shopping was a mere waste of my precious time. Now, when I am writing these sentences, I have calmed myself somehow but a few hours ago I was really very nervous. When you make a physical shopping, usually, your choice is limited by the variety of clothes that are offered to you by your local stores, boutiques, and trade markets. There are some cities where you may find everything that you want. Let me give you some examples. Boutiques of New York may provide you with all possible options of shopping. I mean in New York, you may find everything you might wish and even more. If you want Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Prada, you can easily find their official boutique and enjoy your shopping. Dubai, New York, Paris, Moscow, Los Angeles and other advanced cities may be perfect for physical shopping. Do you have many shopping options if you live in Delhi, Cairo, or Reykjavik? Surely, your choice will be very limited by the lack of available opportunities. The geographical situation of Reykjavik is very far from the rest of the world and therefore shipping to that area is very sophisticated and expensive procedure. In result, your shopping options in Reykjavik are very limited. Have you ever been to Cairo? You may find some famous boutiques in Cairo but their number is very limited. I do not advise you to visit central trade market of Cairo because it is very dirty and crowded. At the same time, you won’t be able to find anything precious there.

0nline shopping does not limit your shopping opportunities. It lets you purchase different products from different countries of the world.  Your choice won’t be limited to online shopping. You can find everything you want on the Internet, choose your size, make a payment, and receive your item.  Online shopping lets you buy clothes and accessories of different worldwide known brands.  It is possible to find almost everything while shopping online.  This is one of the most valuable advantages of online shopping.


Online shopping is more convenient and comfortable than physical shopping. If you are tired today, you don’t need to go out from your flat. Open your laptop, search for your desired items, and make purchases online. Online shopping is a very convenient thing. You do not need to go out, spend your time visiting different boutiques and stores. All you need is your Internet access. You do not need to cash your credit card money and you don’t need to make any efforts. Will you be able to shop when you are ill? I strongly doubt this. Usually, ill people are unable to walk. I am talking about severely ill people. It is necessary to state that any kind of physical or psychological illness makes us very weak. You may be able to walk but you won’t be able to feel very comfortable. Would you be able to shop in this situation? Yes, you would be able to do it but there is only one option that may let you do it. This option is online shopping. Online shopping lets you shop and make purchases even if you are severely ill. Since you are shopping on the Internet, you don’t need to walk and make other activities that may require you physical or psychological efforts.


Habitually, your local boutiques and stores buy clothes or other items from abroad and sell them in your country. Local merchants buy them by a very cheap price and then sell you for a higher price. Thus, they make their profit. Let me give you some examples. If you shop in Dubai, you may find there some authentic clothes and at the same time, Dubai is full of counterfeits. The majority of merchants in Dubai buy their items in China and then sell them at a higher price. China is the world’s largest manufacturer of everything. It is clear that the country of a manufacturer will offer you minimal prices that may exist in the world. For example, visit eBay and try to search for crocodile leather wallets. You will find dozens of authentic crocodile leather wallets there. They are authentic and most of them are from Thailand. Why from Thailand? Thailand is full of crocodiles and therefore the manufacture of clothes and accessories from crocodile leather is extremely profitable in Thailand. You see that the prices of these wallets on eBay are not less than 60 dollars. That may mean that their official cost in Thailand may be 30 or 40 dollars. If you want to buy these wallets in some boutiques of your own city, you will find that their prices are extremely expensive. The cheapest way to make shopping is to buy your items directly from a manufacturer.

Online business opens new opportunities for you. Today, you are able to buy yourself clothes or any other products directly from a manufacturer. You do not need to buy Louis Vuitton shoes in your local boutique because you know that their prices in your city are enormously high. Instead of it, you may visit the official web store of Louis Vuitton and order yourself these shoes by their minimal price. Hence, online shopping saves you money. You economy your funds and make cheaper shopping. You do not need to pay money to resellers and other merchants.

This is one of the most significant advantages of online shopping.

Today, I decided to stop making physical shopping. I will buy everything through the internet and I think that is the most appropriate option for every modern shopper. Online shopping has several benefits and advantages. It definitely outruns physical shopping. Influence and popularity of online shopping increase day by day.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.