lonelyLoneliness may be very fearful and frustrating. Everything is relative in this world, and therefore, your approach is the most important thing. Loneliness can be bad or good for you. It depends on how you approach and treat it. Every trouble has its benefits and advantages. You should stop your initial feeling and emotions. Look deeper and try to recognize some positive effects in your loneliness. There are some types of people who are lonely. Usually, their loneliness benefits them very much. If you are lonely, do not be upset. Learn how to use your lonely time to develop and enhance your personality. Loneliness may be a great advantage for you if you use it wisely. I have prepared the list of the most beneficial things you may do when you are lonely.


I know that it may sound very banal but reading is the most favorable hobby for your personality. Reading is the main and the best source of information. Nothing changes in our life without a new knowledge. Your personality and spirit won’t develop without a new knowledge and experience. There are many ways to obtain some new knowledge.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may have already read some of my posts dedicated to reading. Nothing can be more pleasurable for your mind than reading. Addict yourself to read at least a few book every week. 

Loneliness gives you a lot of free time. When you are lonely, you are a BOSS of your time and you can spend it doing whatever you want. When you are alone, spend your time reading cognitive books and your lonely time will be very beneficial for your personality. You often see successful and unsuccessful people. The main difference between them is how they spend their free time. Successful people know what benefits them. Unsuccessful people simply waste their precious time. 

If you are lonely, spend some of your time reading some books and you will find that your loneliness may be very useful for you.


This tip may not be appropriate for all lonely people. Reading is more popular amongst people. However, not all people have an inclination to writing. Some people have no writing talents, and consequently, this tip may be useless for them. Writers and bloggers have already understood the benefits of loneliness. Loneliness is the most productive and creative time for every person who loves writing. Some people say that writers are the loneliest people in the world. I absolutely agree with this saying. Writers may have families and tons of friends, but at the same time, they are predestined to spend most of their time in absolute loneliness.  Writing requires a lot of concentration, and as a result, writers need to be alone. So what is the difference between writers and bloggers? I do not see any difference between them. Both of them write. Bloggers write short articles and writers write books. I am a writer and a blogger. I have already written several books and I publish my posts every day on my blog. There is no difference between bloggers and writers. There is a small difference in the tools and the instruments they use, but their activity is the same. Both of them write. Thus, lonely bloggers spend their lonely time writing new blog posts and making their blogs more powerful. 

Your loneliness may be beneficial for you if you like writing. Use this advantage and spend all your lonely time to write something helpful. 


Usually, when we read, we think about the topic of a book. Thus, we may think about different things that have no connection to our life. Some people won’t like this fact because they like practical things. Let me tell you that you can simply think and contemplate about your life. Loneliness is the best condition that gives you a great opportunity to think about everything in the world. Thinking may be utterly pleasurable. Intelligent people enjoy thinking and contemplating. You may not emphasize your attention on your personal life. Consider about different ideas, problems, concepts, and everything that is valuable for you. Analyze your personality, life, and density. Think about your future plans and real intentions. Look at your life direction. Sometimes thinking may be very advantageous. While thinking, we realize different things and make valuable conclusions. 

Spend some of your lonely time thinking and you will definitely benefit from your loneliness.


Every one of  us has own business, commerce, or something that gives us profit. As we know, the business sphere is changing every single second. We need to develop and improve our commerce models. The competition on the global business market is really huge, and for that reason, it is necessary to develop our projects. Loneliness can be very beneficial for ambitious people. Loneliness gives you a lot of  free and independent time. You can use this time to enhance your professional activity. Think about your project and try to find some of its disadvantages. After you have found them, you will need to fix them. Loneliness gives you a great chance to concentrate your attention on your projects. Value this opportunity and try to use it as more productive and effective as you can.

If you are lonely, do not be too upset. Emphasize your efforts on your projects and your will find loneliness to be the best assistant.  


Everyone has hobbies and interests. Loneliness gives you an ability to be fully preoccupied with the things that you really love. You may simply enjoy your lonely time. Watch some new films or listen to your favorite music. Play your lovely video games, surf on the Internet. Do anything you want to do. You are familiar with your interests, and hence, you make your choice. I would dedicate my lonely time to read some book because I really like and enjoy it.

Enjoy your time when you are lonely and remember that your loneliness will not last forever. There may be such moments when you will wish to be lonely again. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.