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need online businessDo you pay attention to the signs given to you by your destiny? You may not do it, because anyway, you will be there where you are predestined to be. Sometimes we strive to move against the flow because we dislike our current life situation. After some time, we realize that the situation we hated before, was very beneficial for us. The same thing may be happening in your life right now. You may be reading this article because you are considering about making some changes in your life. I can assure you that you are at the right place. Keep reading and I hope that this post will change your life. 

Our financial condition is one of the most significant factors that determines the quality of our life. Sometimes a person may even lose his family because of some financial problems. You may call yourself a spiritual person. However, you should never forget about the importance of materialistic things in your life. All of us want to make business because it is the best way to improve your financial status. Being preoccupied with a regular job is not the best way to have a happy life. There are loads of disadvantages of working for a BOSS. Thus, making business is the best option for the person who wants to improve the quality of his life. 

You may have already read some of the posts on my blog. I write about online business because I prefer it over offline enterprises. I have already dedicated several blog posts to explain the benefits and advantages of making money online. Usually, people who start an online business, already have some experience in making a physical business. Most of them doubt about the effectiveness and reality of online business. Some people are already convinced that online business is the best way to make money. You may belong to any of these groups and it does not matter much because I will give you the list of the life occasions when you need to start an online business as soon as possible. 


There are a lot of reasons why people hate offline business. A person may be an introvert and his willingness to contact with different people may cause this feeling. I do not like participating in offline enterprises. I am a little bit lazy and I know that making a physical business is very difficult. Online business is easier for smart personalities. Additionally, while making offline business, you will need to deal with loads of people. Some of them are policemen, criminals, and other unintelligent people. Most of them have very bad behavior and manners. I have a very sensitive nature and a simple conversation with a tough person can cause me a severe stress. These are the main reasons why I hate offline business. 

I do not know your personality. You may have very diverse reasons why you hate offline business. I do not even try to guess them because there is a large multitude of factors why people abandon the physical business. You need to earn money, and you need to make business in order to do it. If you hate offline business, you have no other options rather than starting your online business. 


I do not know any type of physical business that is able to be launched with no investments. Tutoring may be absolutely free because you will use your skills and knowledge to teach others. However, this type of offline enterprise is becoming less popular due to a growing popularity of online courses. Let us agree that a physical business cannot be launched if you have no money. Perhaps every offline company needs an office. Rent is not the cheapest thing. Additionally, you never know whether your business will be profitable or you will merely lose your investments. Thus, offline business is available to people who already have some funds.

What can you do if you want to make business but you don’t have any money? Online business is the best solution for people who are put in this situation. There are some types of online enterprises that do not require any investments at all. Others may be launched at about 100$. Online business is very cheap and it gives you a great opportunity to have an infinite income. 

If you want to start a business with absolutely no money you need to choose online business. 


It may sound very weird but the situation when a person hates his country is not a rarity. Usually, when people hate their countries they hate their societies too. If you hate a country it is very probable that you hate its government and citizens. Do you think that a person can be successful in a society that he dislikes? No, it is absolutely impossible. This person has great chances to become a felon in that hated place. Adaptation in the place that you like is very easy. You do not even need to make any efforts to adapt yourself to new people if you like them. When you hate your country and its citizens, it becomes impossible to make any offline business in it. Of course, you may start it, but every day you will be stressed and depressed. When you hate people, you need to avoid any communication with them.

There are some circumstance when a person is not able to abandon the destination that he hates. There is a great multitude of different factors that may restrict your physical freedom. What should you do on this occasion? You need to earn money in order to live. You want to buy yourself new clothes, gadgets, good food, visit different entertaining places. All these things require money. You need to earn it but you are not able to adapt yourself to the hated community. 

In this situation, you unquestionably need to start an online business. This business is not restricted by geographical borders. You may avoid dealing with people from your country. Making online business is the only possible solution in this terrible condition. Isolate yourself from the community of your country and dedicate your time to your online business projects.  


Online business is growing day by day. All physical stores and companies enlarge their presence in the cyberspace. Have you ever paid any attention to your actions when you want to visit some stores in your city? What do you usually do? Let me tell what do I do in this state. Usually, I try to find websites associated with a physical store in my city. I look up their online catalogs. I will visit only the stores that have something that I want to buy. This strategy saves my time. I think that almost every modern shopper does the same thing nowadays. We do not phone to a company in order to acquire their prices. Instead of doing it, we visit their websites and learn about their prices with a great ease. 

If you want to develop your offline business, you will need to enrich your presence in the online sphere. 


Introverts feel very comfortable in the cyberspace. Introversive personalities are more successful in online business than extroverts. Online business requires a lot of patience and dedication. Introverts have all the necessary qualities to be successful in online business. 

If you are an introvert, I suggest you not to waste your time in the offline area. Online business will definitely improve your financial status.  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.