There are two types of people in the world. The first group of people is those who are satisfied by their native land and they never abandon it. People from the second group are more open-minded. Thye is explorers. Nothing may be more boring and stressful for them than staying in the same city for a long time. These people realize that our life is too short to live in one country lifelong. I belong to this group. I am not a patriot and I do not understand those people who are enormously nationalistic regarding their homelands. I find it more interesting to travel the world and enjoy varieties which are given us by nature. There are loads of benefits traveling can give you. How often do you leave your country? Oh, you may not love traveling. I am aware of the fact that there are people in the world who hate traveling. I have written a blog post describing the reasons why people may not like traveling. Do you think that traveling is the only reason to leave your country for a short period of time? There are many other reasons to leave your country. Traveling is not the only purpose of abandoning your native land. Let me list some of the reasons why you should say “GOODBYE” to your country.


One of the reasons why you may leave your country is that observing your country from outside will let you make a lot of conclusions. When you are inside your country, you do not realize and understand its advantages and disadvantages. If you go abroad and visit other places, you will better understand your own country. Do you think that people in your country are very kind and generous? You may think so, but if you compare them to people from other countries, you will understand that your people are not enough kind and generous. Do you think that women of your city are the most beautiful and gorgeous women in around the globe? Visit the Philippines and South America, and you will realize that your opinion was wrong. We understand things when we compare them. Leave your country and you will understand it better.


When you leave your country to visit other foreign countries, you will definitely enrich your knowledge and experience. You will be able to meet new people, see different historical monuments, and places, eat new food. Traveling changes our personalities. I do not know anything more effective to develop yourself than traveling. You may stay in your country and read thousands of different books and blogs, but it won’t give you such good effects as traveling. When you stay in your homeland, you lose a lot of things. Living in a megapolis may be more advantageous because it is very interesting to live in a multinational country. If you live in a mono-national country, I may understand your boredom. Usually, one single nation has the same national mentality. It is really tiresome to live in such communities. If you belong to these societies, you have a very good reason to leave your country and visit other wonderful places around the world.


I know how annoying may be living in a single country for many years. Usually, people do not travel if they have no motivation to do it. When you have a good job or positions in your country, you may merely enjoy things that are available for you in your homeland. Thus, you forget about the fact that there are lots of wonderful places around the world. Sometimes, we want something that is not beneficial to us. Adventurous and versatile life is the best option for open-minded people. There are some types of people who do not need their country due to some of their personal qualities. You often see government members. These people are predestined to spend their lives in a single place. This may be perfect for them because their lifestyle and values are different from travelers. Travelers appreciate their freedom. I belong to a group of people who are easily bored by staying in the same country for a long instance. My curiosity won’t let me stop exploring the world. I am aware of so many pretty places in the world which I have not visited yet. So will I be able not to travel? Oh, no. I do not imagine my life without traveling. 


Do you think that living in a particular country does not influence the quality of your sex life? If you think so, my next sentences with crush down your misconception. I can confidently tell you that if you want to have a great sex life, you will need to choose an open-minded country. There is a big likelihood that you live in one of the developed and liberal countries of the world. Living in these countries may give you great sexual opportunities. There are loads of other countries that negatively influence the sexual lives of their citizens. Let me give you some examples. For example, Muslim countries are not the best place for you if you want to have a good sex life. In Egypt, you cannot visit a hotel with a girl if you are not able to prove that she is your wife. The same thing is in Uzbekistan. You will need to provide a hotel with your government documents that prove the fact that a girl is your wife. It is ridiculous and I cannot imagine my life in these countries. I would rather kill myself than live in these close-minded countries. I have met some Egyptian men who were virgins at the ages of 30 or 40. It may sound very funny for an American man because the USA is one of the most liberal countries in the world. There are other problems in different places of the world. The national mentality of people may be one of the most powerful barriers to having a rich and versatile sexual life. A country may not be a Muslim country but some of the national customs and principles may prevent its citizens from having a liberal sexual lifestyle. 

Look at your place of living and if it limits your sexual life, you should immediately leave your country.


There is no need to explain to you that some countries have more opportunities for making a more successful business. Usually, developed countries are the best playgrounds for ambitious people. Living in a country of the third world may not give you enough opportunities to develop your potential. There are millions of people who did not become famous and rich just because they are limited by the borders of their countries. At the same time, governments of diverse countries are different. Some governments care about their citizens and strive to provide them with the best career opportunities. Other governments merely rob their citizens. For members of these corrupt countries, coming to power means new opportunities to enlarge  their bank accounts. 

Analyze your country and if you don’t see any career or business opportunities for yourself you should abandon it as soon as possible. There are no reasons for you to continue staying in that terrible place. 


There are people who are very sensitive to changes in climate. I belong to this group. When I don’t see the sun outside, a bad mood is guaranteed for me. Usually, autumn and winter are the most stressful seasons for me. That means that 6 months of a year are stressful for me. Should I continue dwelling in a country that makes me stressed 6 months a year? Your answer is very predictable. Our mood is one of the most important factors for our life-success. Being always in a bad mood won’t let you succeed and achieve something. Thus, all your life may become terrible. If you hate the climate of your country, take some actions and go to a country that has a suitable climate for you. Some people like cool weather and some are fans of hot weather. Brazil, Thailand, and the Philippines are the best places for me.

Do not think that the climate is not much important. Remember that it influences your mental health. A bad climate may depress you all the time. Choose a country with a suitable climate and leave your country as soon as possible.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.