Some people may think that the title of my blog post is incorrect but let me assure you that it is absolutely proper. I do realize that there are lots of smart people who have some friends. Let us agree with the fact that there are some superbly smart people who do not have any friends. Do you agree with me? There are millions of very clever personalities who have no friends and you may be one of them. Smart people are divided into two groups. The first group has some friends and the second has no friends. Is it possible for a smart person to have a lot of friends? No, it is absolutely unfeasible. I state this and I can prove my saying. Today I dedicate this article to explain to you why some smart people have no friends.


What is the difference between having a friend and a girlfriend? Your girlfriend is your close friend, you may have sexual intercourse and other intimate activities with her, you spend some time, and you demand her devotion. Your friend is a mere person whom you like but you don’t have an intimate and sexual activity with him, you spend some time with him, and your friend does not have to be devoted to you. These are the main differences and similarities between having a girlfriend and a friend. The same thing about them is that you need to spend time with them. That is true. You need to be with them from time to time. Your girlfriend needs your care and support, and she wants to date you a few times a week or maybe every day. The same thing happens to your friends. You need to spend some time with them in order to remain to be friends. Let us imagine what will happen if you do not have sufficient time to spend with your girlfriend. She may accept your refusal one or two times but if you decline her invitations and you never invite her, her patience will end up one day. That what habitually happens when we do not spend enough time with people who are close to us. Your girlfriend is not your mother and she will search for someone else who would be able to satisfy her needs and demands. There are millions of men around the world who are absolutely free and may devote all their free time to women. After you give your friends two or three refusals to participate In their parties or other events, they will wholly forget about you. This is a rule. You won’t have any friends if you are not able to spend some time with them.    

Let us see what are the main interests of smart people. Usually, every clever person is a fan of reading. Do you need someone in order to read a book? Surely, you don’t need anyone. I am a fan of reading and I spend the majority of my free time reading some interesting and beneficial books. I may spend all my days alone reading books and I will be satisfied with my lifestyle. Books give me new knowledge and it is very rare that some of your friends will give you the same thing. Usually, smart people are very busy with their projects. They always make plans, project something, and, try to achieve their ambitions.  A superbly smart person has more needs than an average person. Clever people want to invent something new or start a new enterprise, write a book or a blog, earn a billion dollars. These are the interests of smart people. They need more than an average person. Smart people are too busy with important and exalted things. They have no time to spend with their friends and therefore they do not have any friends.   

Smart people are very busy with their personal ambitions and ideas, and as a result, they think that chilling with their friends is a mere waste of time. 


Who are your friends? If you have no friends, you may not have to answer my question. If you have some, let me answer my question myself. Typically, your friends are people who have the same interest as you have. If you are a football fan, it is more likely for you to have friends who are also fans of football. This rule applies to every interest of yours. If you are interested in cars, it is very probable that people interested in cars may become your friends. We like people who have the same interest and hobbies that we have. At the same time having the same interests, lets us perform our hobbies together. If you are a fan of swimming, it would be very great for you to have some friends who enjoy swimming. It is more interesting to swim together. The common interest is the thing that unites different people. 

Do you have the same interest as smart people have? Do you have some smart friends? If you haven’t got any smart friends, that means that you are not smart enough because clever people befriend only with smart people. Let us see what are the interest of really smart people. 

Smart people are fans of reading. Their interests are very large. Smart people may be interested in different sciences such as chemistry, maths, geometry, biology, spirituality, history, ethnography, neurobiology, cybernetics, Roboto-technics, and other advanced fields of knowledge. Do you have the same interests? Some people say that the percentage of really smart people is 2% of the whole population of the world. That means that smart people is a rarity and therefore it is very difficult for them to find themselves friends with the same interests. As I have said, smart people befriend smart people. Clever people are very rare in our society, and therefore, it becomes extremely difficult and sometimes even impossible for a smart person to find someone with the same interests that he has. Smart people hate stupidity and they never waste their time.

It is very difficult for a smart person to find someone with the same interests. Even he finds these people, he is too preoccupied with his own goals and ambitions.


This may not apply to all clever people. However, the majority of smart people feel very well without any friends. I am writing this blog and I have some free time to do it. If I receive a call from someone who invites me to a party, I will refuse the invitation. I know what I want. Now I want to write my blog and I don’t need anything else. I do not need to have any friends at the moment. Even if I have some friends, I will refuse to communicate with them because I am superbly busy now. I have my personal ambitions and goals, and they are my main priorities. This what happens with every smart personality. Clever people think that having fun means simply wasting your precious time. They are too smart to do it. As I have mentioned above, usually smart people are preoccupied with their projects and they may not need to have any friends. If you ask me who were my best friends, I will tell you that my best friends are books. Books are very beneficial and helpful. 

Regularly, we get frustrated when we don‘t have anything that we need. Smart people are not sad because of the fact that they don’t have any friends. They are not sad about the things that they do not need. 


Some people may need to have friends just because they feel very lonely. Smart people are self-sufficient. Most of them never feel lonely. Clever personalities do not believe in such things as love and friendship because they understand that everything in our life is temporary. This understanding makes smart people self-sufficient. Usually, every clever person has tons of different thoughts and ideas in his mind. He is always preoccupied with his considerations. His best listener and speaker is himself. 

Being self-sufficient prevents smart people from being dependent on someone’s understanding and friendship.


Clever people are very good thinkers. They always look at the heart of every event and situation. Clever people constantly understand that friendship is a temporary thing. They know how the behavior of your friends may change when you are in a trouble. Their deep analysis and sagacity do not let them believe in friendship.


Usually, emotional people are those, whose emotional part prevails over their logical and intellectual parts. Emotional people are bad thinkers. At the same time, smart people have fewer emotions, and sometimes they don’t have any. Being less emotional or unemotional lets you become a good intellectual and analytic. Friendship is built on emotions, and those who have no emotions cannot befriend anyone. This is the rule. It is very common for a superbly clever person to have no emotions. Feeling and thinking are different things. A good thinker cannot be a good feeler. A good feeler is unable of being a good philosopher. Clever ones have intellectual advantages over other non-smart people but at the same time, their ability to feel and have strong emotions is absent or reduced. We cannot claim that all clever people are insensitive creatures but it will be true if we say that they have fewer emotions than people with average intellectual talents.  

These are the main reasons why some of the smart people have no friends. There are loads of other reasons that make them friendless. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.