Do you smoke? Thanks for your sincere answer and let me tell you something about myself. I don’t smoke. Like everyone, I have tried smoking and fortunately, I didn’t like it. I did not enjoy smoking and until nowadays I don’t see any advantages of smoking. There are several reasons why people smoke and I perfectly understand them. There are different groups of smokers who prefer smoking because of several reasons. Teenagers start to smoke because in their teenage they have a very weak self-estimation. They think that smoking is something cool and beneficial. Smoking for them is a sign of a non-formalism. Try to remember yourself when you were a teenager. How many times were you lying about your real age? You may have been honest all your life but let me tell you something about myself. I was a very tall and strong teenager. My beard and mustaches started growing when I was only fourteen years old. At that time none of my friends and classmates had a beard or any other type of facial hair. I grew up very fast. When I was a teenager I was very interested in girls who were older than me. For example, at the age of fourteen, I had girlfriends who were seventeen, eighteen, or twenty years old. I remember that I had some relations with women who were over thirty. So what do you guess I was telling them about my age? None of the women wants to befriend a man who is younger than them. Usually, I was lying about my age. I was telling them I am something like twenty or twenty-five. Teenagers expect being young to be something shameful and they strive to grow up as soon as possible. But when you grow up and your age is closing to the border of thirty, you want to come back to your teen ages. It is really true. Usually, teenagers think that smoking is a privilege of adults. Smoking gives them a feeling of being an adult. This is one of the reasons why teenagers are inclined to smoking. There are a couple of other reasons but let us look at this problem more globally. Why does a mature man or a woman smoke? There is a multitude of reasons why they get addicted to this harmful habit. If you are a smoker let me give you a list of reasons why you should never get addicted to smoke. 


Smokers tend to think that their terrible habit reduces their level of stress. This dangerous activity lets them relax and forget about their daily problems. This is what they think about smoking. This is not my position and opinion. Psychologically strong people do not smoke because of this purpose. Usually, they find more beneficial and helpful ways to reduce their stress level and relax. So is smoking really stress relieving? No. I do not agree with this common misconception. It is absolutely the opposite. Smoking increases your stress level. You may feel some relaxation but this condition won’t last long. You will have to smoke more and more in order to obtain some pity amounts of relaxation. I have witnessed situations when people get really very nervous when they cannot find a cigarette to smoke. They feel so awful that they become more stressed and depressed. The same thing happens with people who are addicted to heroin, cocaine, or any other serious drugs. So let us put the point. Smoking cannot be stress-relieving or relaxing. This harmful addiction increases your stress level.


Some people who are easily influenced by TV propaganda and advertising, tend to think that smoking is something cool and prestigious. Usually, advertisement gurus and promoters strive to show us that smoking is a habit of successful and wealthy people. All this is done because different corporations want you to buy their products, poisoning yourself, and give them more profit. Cigarette manufacture is a multi-billion business. None of its influential hosts and bosses want to lose their huge incomes. Smoking cannot be something cool and it is not a privilege of smart and successful people. You may also have watched different music clips where you see famous singers and rappers smoking huge cigars. This fact may have made you become an active smoker. Remember that smoking has no relation to your financial success. Your wealth depends on many other reasons which I will discuss in a new blog post. When you understand that this habit is not a cool thing, it will be easier for you to give it up. 


It is widely known that smoking is a very harmful habit. Smoking has become a global epidemy and disaster. Let me give you some statistics about smoking and its terrible impact on your health.

A smart person understands that smoking has no benefits for his health. The process of smoking is self-poisoning yourself.  Do not poison yourself by being addicted to this terrible habit. Smoking slowly kills every smoker. This fact is the most important and significant reason to stop smoking.


Have you ever calculated how much money do you waste annually to buy yourself cigarettes? Usually, we do not even consider such things. But let me give you some statistics. Look at these meaningful pictures. 

Let us make some calculations.  Modern researches and statistics show that an average smoker smokes one package of cigarettes a day and usually every package consists of twenty cigarettes. As we see in the picture above, one package costs 22.80 $. Let us make some multiplications and define how much money is spent by an average smoker annually. 22.80$ multiply by 365 = 8 322$. There are millions of people who smoke more than one package a day. If he finishes two packages every day the final annual cost will be 16 644$. Imagine how much money will you be able to save if you stop this terrible habit. Your money may be more beneficial if you stop wasting your money.  Waste of money is a considerable reason to stop smoking. 


I am talking about your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband. It is clear that your life partner is the closest person to you. He is very close to you physically and psychologically. You have to be physical, mentally, and hygienically attractive to your partner. We have to respect our partners and avoid things that are hated and disliked by them. The majority of people hate the smell of tobacco. I am one of them. I really hate this smell and I don’t like when smokers approach me. Let me avoid thinking about how terrible is it to kiss a girl who smokes. Kissing with a smoker is terrible because of two reasons. Firstly, you will feel a terrible smell of tobacco, and secondly, you may spot the damaged teeth of your partner. Smoking seriously damages our teeth. You can easily identify a smoker if you look at his teeth. Usually, their teeth are disgustingly yellow. It looks really awful. A smoker can never be sexy or seductive. Your love and sexual relationship can be completely ruined just because your partner hates the odor of tobacco.  This reason is a very significant factor that may motivate you to stop smoking. Get rid of this terrible habit and you will become more attractive.

Smoking has no benefits and usually, smokers are deceived by popular misconceptions and TV propaganda.  Be smart, think individually, and care about yourself. 

Wish you stop smoking!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.