abandon a countryBeing successful is not so easy as some people think. You have already heard that you can become successful wherever you live. This statement is the most ridiculous saying I have ever heard in my life. You may find some books that will claim to teach how to become rich wherever you live. Yes, your business opportunities may not depend on your location in some cases. What are these occasions? If you make business on the Internet, you don’t have to worry about your physical situation. The Internet gives us opportunities to make an online business from different areas of the world. However, there may be some limitations for particular countries. For example, there are several online payment services that may not allow using their service in different countries of the world. However, if you are smart enough, you will find different solutions to every possible problem and situation. Another significant factor of your success is your good mood. Have you noticed that when we are in a good mood, we succeed? When we are depressed we usually fail all our projects and enterprises. Does the place where you live impact your success or the quality of your life? You may think that it does not, but let me tell you something. Place of your living can surely make you a happy or a very unhappy person. How often do you have an idea to abandon your country?

Some people are fully satisfied by the place of their living and there are some people who have a different opinion regarding their country. Let me be sincere and tell you that I do not belong to the first group. I am not a patriot and I do not stupidly adore the country of my birth. I always try, to be honest, logical, and adequate. So do you want to abandon your country? You may have no exact answer to my question. You can have some doubts. I wrote this blog post to help you figure out your feelings and situation, in order to decide whether you should abandon your country or you won’t leave it. Here are some signs that you should abandon your country. 


There are some people who may love their governments. These people usually are very active voters. I never vote because I don’t like the government of my country for a long list of different reasons. If you live in a country with a self-consistent government, you may have lots of reasons to be proud of it. You may love its members. But what should you do when you hate your government? You may think that its members are really silly, and selfish people who do not care about your nation. There is no need to tell you how many people in the world hate their governments. Love and hate are rights of every person. I do not encourage you to love your government and neither I ask you about the reasons for your hatred. 

What happens when you hate the government of your country? You never watch TV news because you hate their disgusting faces. You hate the way they think. Hatred to the members of your government may cause you to hate the whole country. When you hate your country, you may start hating the whole community. Thus, you will have serious socialization problems. In  this situation, you may forget about any business opportunities. Every career success requires social adaptation and socialization. Otherwise, you won’t achieve your personal goals. Of course, there may be other options such as online business, but it does not fit every personality. The majority of people prefer doing real physical business without any cyber features in it. 

If you want to have a good and happy life, you should abandon your country if you hate its government. If you don’t leave it, you will  see how your life situation will start to worsen day by day. It is very good to live amongst the people whom you respect and appreciate. There is no need to tell you how it is important to like your government in order to respect the whole country. Hating your government is of the most significant signs that you should abandon your country as soon as possible.


How easy can you be influenced by something external? How often do you wake up and look at your window? I do it every morning. The first thing I see when I wake up is my window. I look at the window to see what is the weather like outside my flat. When I see no sun outside, usually, I have a very bad mood all my day. However, there may be some people who are not so sensitive. They don’t care about climate or weather, sun or clouds, rain or snow. I do not belong to this type of people. Usually, weather impacts my psychological condition very strongly. In winters, I have depressions. I hate snow and winter. I hate cold weather and winds. I love living in countries that do not have winter. I am happy to see the sun every morning.

Look at your preferences. Do you like the climate of your country? Do you prefer cloudy or sunny weather? Do you like winters or you are a great fan of summer? You should live in a country that suits you and satisfies your preferences. There is no other way to be happy. If you are a fan of summer, living somewhere in Siberia will be your HELL. At the same time, if you adore winter and snowy weather, you should not move to Brazil or Cairo. Choose a country with a suitable climate. Hence, you will always be happy. A good mood will be your permanent satellite. Living in a country with a terrible climate will make you depressed. Every morning you will wake up with a horrible mood and your whole day will be the same.

If you hate the climate of your country, you should abandon that country as soon as possible. Do not torture yourself in a terrible climate. Hating the climate of your country is one of the most significant sign that you should abandon your country.


Usually, there are two types of countries in the world. The first type is a country that has a multinational population. Its citizens consist of different nations, races, and cultures. Typically, megapolises have multinational populations. Such cities as New-York, Dubai, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, and many others places are multinational cities. You may meet people of more that hundred different nationalities in these cities. Frequently, it is very interesting to live in a country with a multinational population. You may find yourself anyone who meets your preferences and taste. What if you are a fan of black women but your country has no a single black girl? What should you do in this situation? Will you restrict your desires and wishes? As a real man, you should never limit yourself. Do whatever you want. If your country cannot offer you things that you wish, you should go somewhere else and satisfy your desires. Living in a mono-national country may be very difficult. It is very boring to live amongst the people who resemble each other. If those people are nationalists, your life may become very terrible. It is very difficult to survive in a racist, a nationalistic and a radical community. I would abandon that society as soon as possible.

If you hate people of your country you should immediately abandon that country. If you do not do it, you will see how your life worsens day by day. Hating the population of your city is one of the most significant signs that you should leave that country.


Developed countries are better for those people who want to develop their talents and skills. Countries of the third world do not offer its citizen opportunities to build a good career. Of course, I realize that it is possible to make a good career and business even if you live somewhere in the Third World. However, you have fewer chances to achieve your goals. Developed countries have a huge multitude of all necessary tools to become internationally famous and rich. Let us count all international celebrities in the world. We will see that the majority of them are from the USA.

The absence of career opportunities may make your life terrible. You may be very beautiful, seductive, and talented person, but if your country does not offer you anything to develop your skills and make a good career, you will be filled with frustration. Frustration and bad mood will be your permanent satellites. If you live in a country and it does not satisfy your demands, you should abandon that terrible places as soon as possible.

The absence of career opportunities is one of the most important signs that you should go out from your country.


Your country may be very good place for living but if you stay too much time in a single place, it may become very boring for you. No matter how good is your country, you have to travel in order to make your life more exciting and interesting. Go somewhere and you will see many interesting things that are not available in your motherland. You will see that people around the world have different mentalities, ideas, religions, cultures, customs, and traditions, worldviews and principles. Travel makes our life more versatile. No matter how powerful and rich you are, you would know that living without moving and change is very tiresome.

If you are bored and you don’t have any interest to live in your country, you need to abandon that place as soon as possible. Your boredom is a sign for you to start traveling and visiting different geographical destinations.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.