relationshipSex is definitely one of the most important things in a relationship with the opposite sex. At the same time, we should realize that sex is not the only thing that makes a relationship steady and pleasurable. There are loads of other things that beautify connections between men and women. In this blog post, I will talk about the most wonderful things I love and appreciate in a relationship.


deep conversationsActually, sex gets only a small part of our relationship with our partners. The major part of it consists of communication. We communicate with our soul mates all the time. I find that a conversation with an informative and erudite interlocutor is one of the most amazing things in this life.

To be honest, I prefer mature women to young ladies since experienced women make very interesting interlocutors. I really appreciate deep and frank conversations. I love this stuff very much.

A few hours ago, I broke relationship with my 22 years old girlfriend. Actually, there is almost nothing I can talk about with her. There is a really big intellectual gap between us. This is why I decided not to waste my time.


sexual relationshipEven when everything is absolutely ideal in a relationship, sex matter very much. Sex can either improve or spoil everything. Two sexual partners need to have the same sexual temperament. Otherwise, when the partners are too different, bot of them will be dissatisfied.

I have a very passionate and hot temperament. I go very well with hot women. I don't like sexually inactive, cold, and slow women. 


genuine attitudesI hate fake emotions and insincere attitudes. Also, I dislike parasitic women who only aim to manipulate and use their boyfriends. This is definitely one of the worst things that might happen in a relationship between men and women. Fortunately, I scan this type of women very quickly. On their hand, they immediately see my killer intellect, and therefore, we don't waste time with each other. 

I really don't care about a woman's social status, her money, fortune, and other materialistic stuff. As long as I like her physical appearance, character, temperament, and her attitude toward me, I will like whatever her professional position is. I like emotionality and real senses. 


fidelityBeing jealous is an absolutely normal thing. What is more, being jealous is abnormal. It is a stupid thing to think that only unconfident people are jealous. It is required to be jealous if you love your partner.

I don't accept friendship between men and women. Actually, this type of friendship does not exist at all. Sooner or later, any relationship between men and women lead to sex. Therefore, I will never accept my girlfriend having male friends. This is an absolutely ridiculous thing. I always demand my girlfriends to cancel and stop all communication with men if they want to be with me. There is no a second option. An absolute fidelity is a must!


staying in touchDating a few times a week is an option. Neither do I respect nor like this types of relationships. Having an affair means being together all the time. Of course, some time should be given to work or make business. However, I love being together with my girlfriends all the free time and unfree time I have. Constant and regular communication embellish and improve any relationship.
Nowadays, with such popular and convenient apps like WhatsApp and Skype, you can stay in touch with your partners all the time. Living together is much better than meeting from time to time. Nevertheless, it is not always possible to live together with your soul mates. However, if there is a chance, you should never lose it. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.