creativityCreativity is the necessary characteristic of every entrepreneur. Writers, bloggers, singers, composers, designers, and many other people need creativity in order to be productive. I think that creativity is the most important feature of a person who wants to be successful in online business. Building a website and creating its content is impossible without being creative. Creativity is a secret of genius people. Do you know how many books has Balzac written in his life? I cannot tell you the exact number but I am able to state that the amount of books written by him is really impressive. Do you think that he could do that if he was not creative? Leonardo da Vinci, Leo Tolstoy, Alexander Dumas, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and many other successful people are extremely creative. If you want to become a leader in your business, you need to be exceptionally creative. 

Creativity is the feature that changes every time. It is not stable. Sometimes it decreases and other days you find yourself to be utterly creative. Some days, I may write tons of different posts on my blog in a single day. Other days, I write maximally two or three posts. These days, I have no enough creativity to create more. Creativity is like a weather. It might be sunny now, but after an hour it will rain. The same thing happens with your creativity. It is a sort of inspiration. You never know when it comes. It does not need your invitation. Sometimes, when you call it, it ignores you. 

Every creative person has his own secrets on how to be more creative. At the same time, these people are aware of the factors that can decrease their creativity. I am a creative person and I strictly need this quality in order to successfully continue my online business. All my articles are original. I take my ideas from my mind. I do not browse other blogs to find myself some new blog post ideas. I am creative, and sometimes, I have days when I have no ability to be productive. 

You are reading this book because your profession has some relation with creativity. You need creativity to be successful. You are conscious of this fact, and therefore, you want to learn about the factors that may reduce your creativity. Here is the list of the factors that I suggest to avoid if you want to be creative all the time. 


While working on your PC, you should not merely browse on the Internet. This what usually happens with online bloggers and writer. Sometimes you may be writing a post, and at the same time, you recognize some news about a celebrity. You stop writing your article and start reading some rumors. It also happens to me. It is better to turn off the Internet while working. Do not check your email and do not chat with anyone if you want to be creative online. You may be very inspired in the beginning of your project, but then, your interest may be attracted by something else on the Internet. In this situation, a person completely forgets about any creativity. 

Being creative requires your attention, and therefore, go not waste it browsing on the Internet. 


Being lazy is not praisable, but do not become too hardworking because it won’t benefit you. Being preoccupied with your project all the day will exhaust and tire you. That what exactly happens to many bloggers in the beginning of their career. Being lazy is very bad for your successful. Lazy people never have any progress. At the same time, your exceeding hardworking won’t bring you anything good. You always need to divide your time into several parts. It is impossible to work all the time. You will be easily worn-out, and then, you won’t be able to continue working.

Laziness is bad, but exceeding hardworking is more dangerous because it seriously reduces your creativity. Do not work too much. You always need to relax and enjoy your free time. 



I have told you that creativity is your inspiration. You won’t be creative if you are not inspired. Everything that increases your inspiration, enhances your creativity. Thus, everything that reduces your inspiration is very dangerous for your creativity. You need to be inspired in order to create something. Positive thinking is one of the most important factors that may inspire you. Thinking negatively destroys your energy and inspiration. All of us have negative emotions and it is absolutely normal. If someone strives to cheat you by telling you that you always need to be positive, you should never believe such scammers. Fraudulent people use different psychological tricks in order to scam you. Some of this methods aim to make you think absolutely positively. Forget about these ridiculous ideas. Negative emotions are necessary for our life. They let us prevent something that we dislike. What do you feel when somebody cheats you? You definitely feel some bad emotions in these situations. Your negative feelings let you protect yourself in dissimilar hazardous occasions. 


When I say that you need to think positively, I mean absolutely another thing. Usually, people fail their business projects before they start them. Be realistic and try to predict the results of your future business project. Make a deep analysis and obtain some data about your enterprise. Thus, you will have something physical to rely on. You should not be too negative and desperate. Ther are thousands of online businesses on the Internet and all of them have some level of success. Ther are millions of writers around the world but all of them make some money. You will also have your chance, and consequently, you should not give up before you start. Do not dream too much and be realistic in your business expectations. 

Thinking too negatively will definitely harm your creativity. You need to be motivated in order to be creative. So how will you motivate yourself if you already expect your failure? Be positive and realistic. Thus, your creativity will enlarge and you will have more chances to succeed.  


People are very envious creatures. We usually envy people who are more successful than we. It is usual for us. There is a pity amount of people in the world who never envy. Envy have both positive and negative sides. It may motivate you to become better and competitive, and at the same time, it may put you in different troubles. Remember that you should keep your envy with yourself. Your envious feeling motivates you to develop yourself. This type of situation is beneficial. However, you should never do any harm to a person whom you envy. 

Envy is very powerful creativity destroyer. It never lets you feel well. You can never relax when you envy someone. Neither you can concentrate on your business projects. Get rid of these emotions and your creativity will increase. 


What is creativity? Creativity is an ability to create new concepts, ideas, projects, and styles. Imagination is the main tool used to create something new. Look at famous designers. They are inventors. These people create something that did not exist. Your mind is a great idea generator. You don fully understand its power and capabilities. If you want to remain to be creative, you will need to use your imagination. Your imagination develops when you frequently use it. Stop using your own imagination and you will not have any creativity. Projects that require your productivity demand new ideas and concepts.  If you have no imagination, you should forget about participating in projects that demand creative talents.

Stop using your own fantasy and imagination and you will absolutely loose your creativity. 


Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.