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travel the worldFor some people, travel is a mere hobby. For others, travel is the most important life priority and passion. I belong to the second type of people. For me, travel is much more than a simple interest. I treat this passion very seriously. For me, travel means much more than wealth, fame, fortune, and success. Of course, all people have different intentions and stimulus that motivate them to travel the world. Some people travel the world in order to make their life more interesting and exciting. A number of individuals travel the world to merely satisfy their sexual desires. Sex travel exists for this purpose. Other people travel the world for educational and cultural purposes. Thus, all of the travelers have different things motivating them to travel the world.

As I have told you, for me, travel means much more than a sole interest or a hobby. If I was choosing between a family and travel, I would definitely choose the second option. This shows how important it is for me to travel the world. I am not a fully materialistic and mercantile person. Of course, I love expensive and luxurious clothes, accessories, cars, elite hotels, and restaurants. Nevertheless, I pay a high attention to my spiritual, intellectual, educational, and cultural developments. Personal development is one of the most important priorities in my life. If you ask me about the things that motivate me to travel the world, I will give you several reasons stimulating me for perpetual travel.


Since I am a tremendously curious person, I am always eager of learning and exploring new things. I cannot live without new information and date. My intellect always needs to digest something. Otherwise, I feel very uncomfortable. Intellectual stagnation is extremely dangerous for our development. Therefore, I always feed my brain with some useful and helpful information. Of course, there are loads of ways to obtain new knowledge. Reading books, listening to audio lectures, watching education videos are some of the best ways to gain new knowledge. Nevertheless, reading a book cannot be compared with your individual explorations. Therefore, for me, it is better to travel the world in order to explore in the best way possible.


Sex is one of the things that motivate me to travel the world. All countries of the world have different people. All the people around the globe have dissimilar national and sexual mentalities. Consequently, the quality of sex in different regions of the world differs very much. In some regions, women are hotter and more passionate than girls in other areas of the globe. There is no need to prove you that Latin women are more sexually aggressive than Asian girls. Spanish women are more passionate than Russians. Sex in the Southeast Asia is billion times better than sex in the Middle Asia. Brazil is definitely much hotter than Poland. I can give these types of examples an infinite number of times. Thus, to fully enjoy the pleasure of sex, it is obligatory to travel the world. You may be living in the country where girls are tremendously shy. In that region, do not expect to have a high-quality sex life. This means that your country was not created for sex adventures. Visit Thailand, Ibiza, the Philippines, Caracas and you will see what being sexy means. Most of us waste a lot of time and efforts by sex hunting in absolutely wrong places.

Sex means much for me. Therefore, I will do everything in order to have the sexiest and gorgeous women of the world. If a particular country is not capable of satisfying of satisfying my sexual desires, I will definitely move to the sexiest spots of the world.


enlarge horizonsTravel is a life-changing activity. It changes our worldviews. While traveling, we expand our horizons. In a trip, loads of new ideas start coming in our mind. This is one of the best advantages of travel. Expanding my knowledge and worldview is one of the things that motivate me to travel the world. We encounter thousands of new people in our journeys. We interact and communicate with most of them. Of course, while communicating, we obtain some new knowledge and information. New experience always expands and enlarges our horizons.


I am a very sensitive person. I easily get annoyed and depressed by the things I hate. I am incapable of adapting to a place that I dislike. If I hate a country, I will merely isolate myself from its society. This is what I will definitely do. Boring and monotonous lifestyles provide me with loads of depressions and negative thoughts. For these reasons, I need to travel the world in order to be mentally healthy. I get heavily depressed while living in the same place for a long time. 6 months are enough for me to get annoyed and bored.


travel is pleasurableThis thing might sound obvious. Nevertheless, it is absolutely true. I travel the world because I enjoy and love this activity. If you ask me about the reasons why I make sex, I will tell you that I enjoy this pleasurable activity. I want to say the same thing about travel. Traveling the world is an extremely pleasant thing. Even if there are no purposes to travel the world, people will never stop traveling the world. It gives us satisfaction and joy. Travel is a reviving hobby, and therefore, I love traveling.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.