Businessmen and people who practice the ‘Perpetual traveler’ lifestyle, need to be mobile all the time. If you have huge amounts of money in your bank accounts, you will have loads of things to worry about. I never tire of repeating that your assets and possessions may be seized at any time. Have you ever wondered why there are so many movements like ‘International men’, ‘Perpetual travelers’, ‘Theory of six flags’, ‘Bye Bye Big Brother’, and other philosophies around the world? Have you ever asked yourself about the people who established these movements? Do you think that they intended to create something utopic? All the people who suggest us change our lifestyle have encountered different life situations. Their movements are solutions to the multitude of problems that exist around the globe.

I accept and support the idea of being a ‘perpetual traveler’. This is the most appropriate lifestyle for the people who have money and they do not want to lose it. Living in any country in the world has become too risky. Numerous governments rob their own rich citizens. Police, special agents, and politicians cooperate with criminals. Being wealthy is very dangerous in particular areas of the world. 

Only those who are absolutely mobile will survive in our wild world. A rich person should be always ready to abandon his place as soon as he feels some danger. Those who cannot do this, are at great risk of losing their money. I have already explained to you the theory of ‘Six flags’, and therefore, in this post, I will give you some tips that will make you mobile. 

First of all, you need to understand how it is important to be mobile for a millionaire. If you are a mere office clerk, I think that you won’t need to continue reading this article. No one pays any attention to a person who has average earnings. People of the middle class may not worry about being mobile. Usually, these people buy a good house in a particular country and live there all their life. These people have nothing to worry about. Their situation is not dangerous. Millionaires and people who possess huge amounts of money are usually recognized by powerful people around the world. There is a type of people who are naturally unable to earn money in honest and independent ways. These personalities have no born talents and skills, and additionally, they are not good at any type of communication. Unfortunately, in most cases, these individuals have power.  

Let me narrate the story of one rich person. He is not my friend because he is actually 20 years older than me. I can tell you that I was in good relations with that businessman. I respect him for his professional and humane qualities. I won’t mention his name and origin. The man is a technological guru. He was managing several communicational companies and organizations around the globe. The guy has made lots of inventions and they are used in numerous countries around the world. Nowadays, he is in a prison. It has been 5 years since he is locked up. The country where he is imprisoned belongs to the third world. Thus, the laws in that area do not function. His case is political and top officials of that government are responsible for his imprisonment. Do you think that he has committed something very serious? Actually, he has not done anything criminal and forbidden. The man invented a product and sold it to Chinese businessmen for 6 million dollars. He received that amount of money and transacted it to offshore zones. That is all he has done. The government states that he had to pay income taxes from those 6 million dollars. This is the issue. Millions of politicians rob their countries but none of them is caught. Governments around the world should respect their citizens. The man told me that he has a bank account in Switzerland and in Hong Kong. When the government requested Switzerland to freeze his money, the Swiss bank did it immediately. The bank in Hong Kong ignored the request, and thus, one of his bank accounts is still available for him and his family. The man is still in prison and I have no idea about how much additional time he will be locked up. 

These things may happen to every one of us. To avoid these problems, we need to be mobile. A rich person must be ready to abandon his current country at any time. 

Let me give you some tips that will make you more mobile.


Most people believe in such concepts as “a motherland”, “a homeland”, “patriotism”, and other things. I am too experienced to believe in these artificial terms. Why should I love my homeland if it does not offer me anything? I’d better love another country that is more appropriate and convenient for my success and life. This is how I think, and I am aware that there are loads of people who will disagree with me. Please, write your opinions in the comments. I will carefully read and analyze them.

Lots of people have different types of emotional attachments. We may like a country or some people, and friends who live in that particular destination. Wealthy people are usually very rational and less emotional than other people. Too much emotional and sensitive people do not understand the reality of our world. The world is really tough! This is the statement that everyone should memorize and understand. The world and our life are tough! Forget about psychologists who tell you that our world is ideal and we always need to be positive. Being positive is the most popular idea used to deceive masses of people around the world. Negative emotions and feelings are necessary for our life. 

You may like the country of your residence but you should be always ready to abandon it. If you leave it, you won’t betray it. Your departure will be the necessary action to preserve yourself, your family, and your financial possessions. 


 Do not buy any real estate. If you are willing to have a lifestyle of an International man, you should understand that this way of living differs much from the lifestyles of most people around the world. Perpetual travelers are permanent nomads. They never dwell in a single place for a long period of time. What does usually happens when we buy some immovable property? Thus, we build a strong emotional attachment to the country where our property is bought. We love our money because it is not easy to earn it. Consequently, we value everything that worths some money. Do you think that you will forget about a mansion that was bought by you for 500 000 dollars? You won’t ever do it. Therefore, it will be very difficult to abandon that country. When you have nothing in a country, you can easily leave it and forget about everything that happened to you while living in it. Your expensive properties will never let you escape, and thus, you will lose your mobility. 

I perfectly understand that every rich person wants to live in a good mansion or in a luxurious flat. Do you necessarily need to buy it? It is always possible to rent some real estate for a particular period of time. You should understand that our presence on this earth is temporary. One day we will die and go to another world that is infinite. I do not believe in reincarnation and other silly things. I believe in another world that will last forever. Our life on this earth is temporary. There are loads of wonderful places around the globe. Why should you spend all your life in the same city with the same people? 

Buying immovable property is one of the silliest ideas I have heard in my life. International men are mobile, and therefore, they do not invest their money in real estate.  


For me, ‘a yacht’ sounds like a synonym for freedom. A yacht is definitely one of the best tools for transportation. It is very practical and swift. Yachts and millionaires are very close friends. It is said that every millionaire should have a good yacht. I agree with this saying and let me tell you about two reasons why every wealthy man should have a yacht. Yachting is a luxurious hobby, and therefore, it is very suitable for rich people. Secondly, yachting makes you very mobile. It is better than a car. There are no borders between different countries while traveling on a yacht. 

Buy yourself a yacht. A good yacht may cost you from 500 000 $ to 1$ million dollars. For this money, you will be able to buy yourself a yacht with all modern conveniences and technologies. 

Spend some days living on a yacht. There are a lot of people who live in yachts. It is not worse than living in a flat or in a house. If you buy an expensive yacht, it will definitely have everything necessary for living. 

A yacht makes a person very mobile, and therefore, all rich people will be satisfied with this purchase.


I do not suggest you buy a big plane. A small business jet will be enough for you. Store it in a private airport and you will be always ready to depart from dangerous places. Flying above New York city or some European cities may be very expensive. The US airspace costs nearly 5000 $ – 10 000$ / hour. Flying above the EU is more expensive. The most appropriate option is to fly to South America and Asia. Air space above these locations is very cheap.

A business jet may be a very good place for living. Rent a car and drive it to your airport and you will be able to move into your city. At night, you will come back to your airport and sleep on your plane. If you recognize something dangerous towards your personality, you will be able to depart from that country at any time. 

Having a personal business jet is a good solution for people who are afraid of political and other types of persecutions. 


Being a citizen of several countries is a great tool if you want to become absolutely mobile. A cosmopolitan person is a free individual. Possessing passports from different countries is very advantageous, because, in most cases, you won’t need to obtain visas and other types of official permissions. 

There are loads of web resources that are dedicated to foreign passports. Some passports of European and Caribbean countries can be bought for a particular amount of money. Other countries may request you to invest some of your funds in their economics. Both of these options are good and it is up to you what to choose.  

Being mobile is a complex of different qualities and features. Not everyone in this world can become absolutely mobile. Independent and rich individuals have more chances to achieve significant levels of physical mobility. Your freedom starts in your mind, and first of all, you need to become mobile in your soul!  

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.